Thursday, August 24, 2006

Graduation far away

During the UWA Expo (click) that I blogged about not too long ago, most of the buildings in the university were open for public viewing, including the grand Winthrop hall. This was not my first time stepping into the hall, but somehow, I had a different feeling while I was standing inside looking around the entire space. I felt, sad.

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To those of you who have no idea what that place is, that is the main landmark of the University of Western Australia, and that is also the place where the graduation ceremony will be held. Yes, graduation, that word bears a very interesting meaning nowadays. I am a graduate from the university, but somehow somewhere some things go a little complicated and, well, things just do not quite work the way they are supposed to be. But I have fought hard, I have tried my all, not giving up, not giving in, and I kept moving on.

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And I know somehow, I have seen a little ray of light shining on the success awaiting ahead of me.

Like I mentioned earlier, I felt sad while standing in that hall. Yes, it felt grand, and certainly I could feel the prestige of this University which is incredibly renowned internationally. I felt sad, for I have not fulfilled all the requirements to graduate this spring. (two graduation ceremonies each year, spring and autumn). I felt sad, because there are many things here in Perth left undone, and unaccomplished. I felt sad, because I know I will be leaving Perth soon, sooner than I wanted and planned. I felt sad, because I have fallen in love with Perth, and being there in the hall, knowing I wont be there for my graduation in spring, and I will leave Perth with such heavy heart, I just wished that things would be better, somehow.

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But not everything has gone wrong. In the past few days, many things happened, and many of them had been good. It is inspiring and soothing to have some happy news. I shall share more of that in the future.

I shall be flying to KL (Kuala Lumpur) on this Saturday (26th August), and stay there until the following Wednesday (30th August) before I find my way back to a place where I miss and love so much: KUCHING !! Part of me wants to go home so desperately. I miss Kuching, I miss the people, I miss the food.

So guys, anyone wanna meet up with me? Just email me, or drop a comment here. I hope I can get back to you guys in time.

Side Note: Bloggers meet in KL anyone?? Ahaahaha I know I am not qualified to make that call, but hey, would be nice to meet some of you bloggers in KL. I wont be updating much, during my travel back home from Perth-KL-Kuching. Will be rewinding and relaxing a little.

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  1. Sorry, here's my comments again. I accidentally hit the wrong button. Don't worry too much. What matters most is that you tried your best. Never give up. If you need help with work later on, let me know. Take care. Good journey home.

  2. Aww.. Too bad I'm not back in Kch otherwise I'd ask you for lim teh

  3. hey serenity,
    maybe i over described certain details, but I am doing ok. Still hinting for job, feling optimistic about that.

    hey merv,
    yeah, too bad u arent around !!! must go yum cha if u come back kuching anytime soon...

  4. Hey you mean you would miss your convocation? How does the requirement works if you dont mind me asking? *curious*

  5. haih..dun get so sad la. is not like youy. you already move on. cheer buddy! wish you luck! and all the best

  6. hey rudster,
    errm, some details i wish not to publish publicly.. if u really wish to know more feel free to email me..

    hey cynthia,
    yeah, i know, but I am just recording what I really feel here, and I do feel sad not being able to make it for the coming grad. but everything is ok, no worries.

  7. thing will be alright. teehee~ anyways, how long will u be in kuching for?

  8. Avoid the Padang Merdeka, heck... avoid the golden triangle! It's REALLY jammed!

  9. hey aaron,
    thanks, im sure things will be fine too, but i shall be in kuching for some time...

    hey luxferi,
    thanks for the warning !!! I am home at the comfoft of tv and internet now, ahahhahahaaa