Tuesday, August 15, 2006

God thinks you are to die for

Like many other guys in the world, I am deeply depressed when I look at myself, I feel my appearance lack many things, I feel less than what is considered "normal" in this society today.

I feel bad having pimples on my face, though I am turning 22 this year.

I feel horribly sad having flabby area around my stomach instead of six packs.

I feel terrible having extremely deteriorated eye-sight causing me to wear glasses, looking like a nerd.

I feel helpless, when I see that I find nothing much attractive in myself.

No wonder I am still single. Sadness. Maybe being gay is not so bad after all. Maybe...

I feel really ugly. And then I saw something...

Then it struck me, I may not be so bad after all. You may think I am ugly. But I think you are just blind to see the beauty in me. It takes time and effort to know someone, and see the beauty in that person.


  1. Awww, don't feel sad. You're a nice guy wad. The more mature people get, the less looks will matter, so don't worry about being single! In fact, better enjoy it while it lasts. =D
    You're sure to find someone who'll appreciate you when the time comes. Personality matters to females, coz while looks may catch eyes at first, horrible personalities will turn girls off very soon. You're a nice guy, so don't worry.

  2. hey cynical-idealist,
    yeah i guess personality matters... ahahhaaa... but then first impression is still important... sadness to say..

  3. i think the world needs to put more of the poster. We're too outward looking when we should be looking in instead. Sigh

  4. Maybe being gay is not so bad after all.

    u wish! gays r worse than females! they're even more picky than women, at least most women dun really care for how ugly u look but gays r damn choosy! hahaha..

  5. hey ivan,
    ahhaa i doubt those posters can go anywhere in malaysia.. but those are really cool stuff.. gets people thinking deep..

    hey wuching,
    wow, ur definition og gay is usre interesting. not all gays are sissy and pinky like u describe, i have known a few gay friends who appear to be very normal from the outside, u cant't even tell if they are gay. what makes them gay is that they like guys rather than girls, sexually. thats all. they have no interests in girls whatsoever.
    well, their chances of finding a pertner is much higher than me though... guys are less fussy than girls in a way.. thats why i said being gay is not such a bad thing after all.. ahahhaaa
    oh well, maybe i had one or two screws loose when i mentioned that..

  6. sometimes beautiful people can also be dateless. so it's not fair that you put so much stress on yourself for nothing. i believe it's the inner confidence you project that brings the birds or bees to the honey. have faith in yourself. be confident. practise makes perfect and just be yourself. relax. ask your girlfriends you hang out with what they think makes a guy dateable. you can do it! you just gotta make that FIRST MOVE.

  7. hey serenity,
    ahaha thanks for the words of advise, but not really desperate for a relationship right now... ehhehehe so many things to think and worry about.. sigh...

  8. I do think that there is no ugly ppl in this world. Just a bunch of lazy people. If you think you have lots of pimples, go get some facial or SKII. Flabby tummy - Do more sit up. Eye sight problem - Wear contact lense. now very cheap only.

    Most important is beauty come from inner heart. I have a related post about beauty here http://www.jessieling.com/?p=59

  9. hey hijackqueen,
    I have tried all sorts of facial products there is... none worked.
    Do you know that whether a guy will achieve six packs or not entirely is in his genes, regardless of how much effort he may put into it. Asians are known to have less superior muscular genes.
    I am ok, no worries, but in a world today one just have no choice but to sigh at one's outlook apprearance... but im ok.. its not like the end of the world or something.. ahahhaaa

  10. ah, those pimples. the only way to really cure it is during winter.. hehe. I feel u, i feel u... too bad malaysia no winter sigh.
    play tennis to get rid of those flabby area! hehehe.

  11. hey chunchow,
    ahahahhaha... but then my oily skin is good for winter, i dun need any moisturizer !! ahahaa save a lot of cash there...
    no one wants to play tennis nowadays leh... sadness indeed.. ahahhahaa

  12. Robin, depression and stressed are just process of growing up.

    I am having it and I always have that.

    Just posted something related to my blog. I think you are still better la..

    Sigh.. life is just not interesting

  13. eh, my place here even worse k? no tennis at all!!! No touch tennis for supa long ah time ah... ugh.

  14. hey chun chow,
    ahahha im sure there are people who play lar.. intro tennis to ur friends !! infect them !!