Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Afternoon with Rafidah Aziz

I felt really privileged to be informed and invited by Lorinda to a very rare and interesting event hosted by the Minister of international Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Rafidah Aziz. The event was "Business Opportunities in Malaysia", something to do about a range of promotional talks and presentations on igniting the interest of Perth business big shots and investors towards opportunities in Malaysia. It turned out that most of the audience attending the event happened to be the top CEOs and business personnel of companies around Perth. Now I feel so small, being just, a student.

This is my second time being to Hyatt Regency Hotel, after the meet with Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi) earlier on this year. I found out this time that the Malaysian Consulate was once being inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel, therefore, there is a strong link between the Consulate and Hyatt. Therefore, many major events held by the consulate would have its place in the hotel.

You must ask, what the heck was an engineering student doing in this out of place talk/seminar. To be honest, I myself had no idea. Other than the chance of getting free good food and a chance to see Rafidah Aziz in person, I do not see any other reasons of my presence there. It was amazing though how I survived the morning speeches, talks and presentations, since everything seemed to be rather unfamiliar to me generally. It was a wonder why I did not fall asleep, considering the very little hours of sleep I had the previous nights. And so you ask me another question, what have I learned from that event? Hmm... let me think... hmmmmm....

Lunch was what everyone has been looking for, at least for students like me. Lorinda was so hoping for satay to show up on the menu.... too bad eh? To my surprise, I do find Rafidah Aziz being rather down to earth. She came to us students in the conference hall, and shook hands with all of us, cordially asking everyone of us to join her for lunch in the dining hall. Maybe it was just a cliche political gesture for such occasion, but I personally find that heart warming and pleasing.

Well, its not an everyday chance to get a hotel lunch for free you know !!!

Seafood Vegetable Minestrone

Main Dish
Option 1) Rob Beef Medallion with Horseradish Potato Mash And Fresh Tomato Olive Salsa.

Option 2) Catch of the Day on Ginger Jasmine Rice, Asian Green and Black Bean Glaze.

Caramelized Pineapple Tart with Coconut Ice Cream.

Right after lunch, the students were directed to a smaller conference hall for the following session, Rafidah Aziz Meet the students session !! In this session, the students were given opportunities to shoot any questions possible, regarding on any topics ranging from the government plans to daily student life here in Perth. Certain issues and difficulties were raised, and stimulating discussions were happening right there in the meet. I myself did not ask any question, well.. it was not like I came that prepared after all. I believe the other students were having a fun and fulfiling time with one of the main Malaysian Ministers speaking openly and directly to them. This indeed is a very unusual opportunity.

Rafidah Aziz and the students attended the event.

To my surprise after the session, she generously stayed back for photography session with everyone !! I really admire her priority for the students, and never ignoring our presence in the event. Hah, and I was the only one in the group bringing a camera !!

Rafidah Aziz and Me !!

I do not know why, but I think studying in Perth is not a bad thing after all, first I got to see Pak Lah in the beginning of the year, and now, Rafidah Aziz. Ahh...well it is not like they are celebrities or superstars of any sort, but heck, they do not come out to people like these often. Great meeting Rafidah Aziz in person.

Lorinda and Me !!
Oh dear, look at that tired smile of mine, it must have shown more obviously than I thought it would.

Fad and Me

On the whole, this may be an event where I completely felt out of place being there, but it is too good of an opportunity to miss. Luckily I had Fad and Lorinda to keep me commpany throughout the entire event. Thank you so much Lorinda for letting me know and getting myself invited for it.



  1. Just out of curiousity, did Rafidah answer any questions about the scandal in which her sons were licensed to sell foreign cars while legitimate retailers weren't?

  2. hey jon

    I dun think any of the students would dare to ask such question.. if u were there, would you?

  3. Did you ask her to issue you some APs?

    Then you can quit your studies and come back to Kuching as the youngest and most handsome AP Prince! ;)

  4. she can camwhore!!!

  5. hey fh2o,
    wahh i doubt thats possible, would be great if that happens.. LOL

    hey wuching,
    meeting a femes minister does not make me any more femes !

    hey ivan,
    well, when u ahve too many times posing in front of cams, i think cam-whoring becomes one of the skills...

  6. haha, when it comes to Rafidah, it's all about the AP stuff. CCbye on the food. Double CCbye for taking photo wif Lorinda... LOL

  7. hey chun chow,
    ooiii she reads my blog lar.. ahahhahhaa becareful !!!
    btw, the food was splendid.. ahahhaa hotel food, free some more.. so syok...

  8. Thanks for the post. Nice to see how it is like in Malaysian minister overseas function. Nice photos of food too. :)

    She looks rather motherly. Haha! But thinking of the millions of RM and all those under table scandals...... I feel sad for our rakyat.

  9. hahaha, means that i curse u for taking photo with her coz she's gorgeous ma... =P and the food also...damn delicious la..curse u.. =P

  10. hey tzu yen,
    ssssshhhh we might get into trouble saying those things.. ahahhaaa

    hey chun chow,
    ahhahaa what a compliment for her.. yeah... too bad u were not here.. ahhahaaa

  11. did u get the invitation from MASCA?

    at least she is giving a biz tALK. the last time i was invited, they wanted to talk me into joining UMNO. mmmm wonder how it works as i am not a muslim =p


  12. hey chrisie,
    no, actually I got the invitation through a person working in the consulate that happens to be a friend to one of my frieds. Confusing?? nvr mind..

    yeah, the talk was so purely business.. I am an engineering student for goodness sake, its a miracle im still alive..

  13. As long it's free and got free food who would even mind to attend?

    Did you tell her she is still so fat after so many years?

  14. hey hijackqueen,
    ahhaha yeah, since its free, why not?? errmm.. telling her fat?? no no no.. i still want to return to malaysia safely !!