Friday, July 21, 2006

University Orientations

I have been all around Perth for the past few days running several different errands and meeting people. The most interesting happenings would have been my visit to ECU info day yesterday (Thursday) and the visit to Curtin University Stall Day this morning. This is the time for the new students intake and university orientation for the freshies have been progressing extensively everywhere. I just tagged along some friends setting up the stalls and supporting the team in promoting Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) to the freshies. I guess it has always been fun for me to work with people, especially so when I get to meet new people !!!

However, awkward things tend to happen wherever I go to. I do not know how or why, maybe it was just me. You see, I am a graduate student from another university, UWA situated relatively far away from ECU and Curtin. Being not familiar with the people, surroundings and the system in foreign universities has made my presence there somewhat, rather comical and interesting to say the least. Nothing much happened in ECU actually, most of the "interesting" events happened in Curtin, and I shall describe my out-of-place conversations...

Situation 1: Right before the freshies come in at the setting of the stalls and exhibition, I took a brief walk around and over the places to explore this new environment I was in. I was new to the place, and I guess people just could not help but notice, and sadly prey on that fact.

ChickA: Heeeeellllooooooo !!!!
Robin: Errr.. hi..
ChickA: Where are you from???
Robin: Malaysia...
ChickA: Ohh Malaysia !! Hi I am **** from Singapore !! Nice to meet you here...
Robin: Yes nice to meet you too...
ChickA: I am actually representing my student club ***** and we are going to have this really really really cool activity coming up this weekend at **** and we are going to do this really really cool thing blah blah blah
Robin: Errr.. ok...
ChickA: So are you interested to join our club?? Our club is soooo coool and we do soo many cooool things...
Robin: Wow, sounds aweome.. Yes, I am VERY interested, but I am not from this uni, I'm from UWA..

ChickA: !!!!!!!!! (must be thinking what a waste of time to chat with this alien)

Situation 2: Soon after that I met another person trying to sell me "her" products...

ChickB: Hey my club **** is going to have this river cruise thingy coming up next week, it is going to be awesome !! You should sign up and come along...
Robin: Err... actually I have been to the river cruise before.. from your club **** also...
ChickB: Really, how come I never see you before? Which river cruise? We have it every semester..
Robin: You do not recognise me? I remember you... I went in mid 2004, around 2 years ago... you were the one doing that cute little dance on stage singing with three weird guys at you back...
ChickB: Ohh ya ya ya !!!! Sorrryyy.. so many people lar, I could not possibly remember everyone...
Robin: !!!!!!!!

(Celaka indeed, what a good way to promote your cruise, so if I go now you will just forget me again next semester isit?)

As I thought the conversation was going to end...

ChickB: Anyway, would you like to come to this river cruise again??
Robin: I've been there... no thanks
ChickB: It was fun right...
Robin: Honestly, NO.. not really...
ChickB: !!!!!! (must be thinking what a jerk I was for openly expressing my disastifaction on one of their activities)

Hah !! What an open and honest way to end a pointless conversation...

Situation 3: This time, I am equipped with a weapon... not being too vulnerable anymore...

ChickC: Hey hey, have you heard of our club, **** we are really cool club with very cool people doing very very cool things... you should check us out !!!

Then she handed me one of those odd looking flyers...
Goodness you should see the grin on her face, it stretches all the way up to her ears, scary...
And so I widened my own grin and I handed her.. MY own flyer....

Robin: Hi hi, ohh great club you have there... actually OCF is also a very very cool club, in fact we are doing very interesting activities as well, and we are really really cool people also. So, if I join your club, will you join mine?
ChickC: Whoahhh !!! Sounds like a good deal, but.. you fill in your name and contact details here FIRST..
Robin: You see.. I can't do that...
ChickC: Why not?
Robin: Coz I am from UWA... not Curtin
ChickC: !!!!!!
Robin: So will you join OCF??
ChickC: GGGGGGRRRRR !!!!! (must be thinking what a cheap trick I was using)

Ahahahhahaha... now I can counter attack with my very own weapon !!! Yay...

Despite all those out-of-the-world conversations with the locals in the respective universities, and the fact that I look more like a green little man than a human myself, I did have a wonderful time and enjoyed myself tremendously. hot chicks were everywhere !! I must say it was tiring and energy-draining at the same time, but time was well spent. Meeting people and talking to people have always been what I wanted to do.

Leaving those awkward conversations out of course, everything was really good.


  1. why does the promo chick kept saying stuffs like:

    "omg. this is such a COOL club. you should join because we have COOL activities. if you join, you'll be so COOL. come and be COOL."

    HAHAHAHAH. maybe you should just stop wandering around and just stay put. if i were them, i would have throw those flyers at your face. then again, at least you have 3 chicks talking to you.

    p/s: wah. so long never come here. miss this blog.

  2. hey cheng sim,
    exactly !! Thats the whole point.. those people are like doing business... wonder how much they earn per head kidnapped into their clubs...
    oh well, the hot chicks only talk to me when they want something from me.. what a sad case...

    this blog misses you too !!! come more often lar

  3. hey.. where are the hot chicks?? God gave you a digicam... USE IT!! hahahaha.. sounds familiar ei? ya i know, you got the digicam urself =P

  4. hey wuching,
    cannot lar.. so not professional like that....

    hey chun chow,
    wahhh... later they smash my cam how?? susah ahh

  5. oh man! i should have gone back to uni and watched all those stall days. Hmmm...i didn't even realise there was gonna be stall day :P

    i'll be at curtin on tuesday and thursday, so if you'll still be there then, just gimme a buzz.

    just e-mail me for my hp no, cause i don't really like giving it out online :P

  6. dude, why no pics of the hot chicks!!!

  7. hey kristine,
    yeah, its not safe to give out nummbers online. Will sure email you soon.
    anyway, I do not think i will be going to curtin anytime soon, was juts helping out anyway..

  8. you should join my club...we have cool activities all the time..We drink and party til we drop.... That's all we do.

    Are you interested?? :P

  9. hey arth,
    you see, im actually already in that club, just not an active member, thats all.. ahahhahaa

    hey ivan,
    dude, im in an alien place... later i kenak raped how??

  10. then ask for compensation and get a brand new digicam!! hahaha

  11. hey chun chow,
    wah lau.. cannot lar... later i kenak raped.. cannot rescue my virginity ok !!!!

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