Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Riverside Bloggers' Meet

I have been looking forward for this specific bloggers' meet-up eagerly since the previous two meet-ups I have been to were superbly fantastic. Instead of having the meet at cafes or restaurants, this time, we had a slight change to style, a more laid back and nature-exposed setting was chosen for the meet which was held during lunch time. The place was near the Mend Street Ferry Jetty (Also known as Mill Point Jetty) with huge green open lawn by the wide blue waters of Swan River. Similar to Matilda Bay, but with a complete view of the Perth city just across the river. People jog, people have picnics, people do BBQs, people walk their pets and people play all sorts of funny things at this beautifully maintained public spot. And now, people do bloggers' meet here as well. Interesting eh?

The View of Perth City...

The Jetty...

You see, the lunch meet was supposed to be a BYO (Bring your own) food, a very Australian tradition which means that you prepare you own lunch and bring it to the meet ready to be munched right away. Due to many "unforeseen circumstances" I accidentally woke up very late that very day and decided not to waste any more time on my food, and rushed to the event. Oh well, surprisingly, I made it in time, I was the first to arrive instead though I thought I was going to be extremely late since I did not know the timetable of the ferry transport services especially on weekends. I made it there empty handed. Thankfully we have kind ladies like.....

The one I took Kentucky Fried Chicken from.... and of course....the one I took a Quarter of roasted chicken from.
Alright... I felt like a begger more than a blogger at that moment. However, I was proud to be early.. kekekkekee.. being the first some more !!! Beat that !!

Others attending....

Though I am officially free from uni and exams, I am currently busy with many other things as well, like the OCF Camps and also a friend visiting Perth from Brisbane (shall blog on this soon). Having an opportunity to meet other bloggers, chill and just relax sitting/lying down on the lawn, over-looking the Perth scenery across the blue waters under the clear sunny sky while munching away delicious food.... I gotta tell you that experience was truly note-worthy. Natural wind and sunlight interestingly enhanced the entire meeting experience. Everything was great, and lets just hope that everyone forgot that I stole their food.. hehehehheee...

List of bloggers attending (excluding non-bloggers)

Charmaine -->
Cynthia -->
Marcus -->
Rodney -->
Jon -->
Robert -->
Nadia -->
Clara --> *anonymous*
Robin -->

Man, I am so looking forward for the coming one. Cynthia... care to be the organizer again?? You did splendidly well in every single one of the meets. You just gotta do it again !!!

Side note: Some of the pictures are provided courtesy of Rodney.

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  1. No worries. See u next time! =)

  2. hey cynthia,
    looking forward to the next one already !!