Monday, July 17, 2006

Of Gatherings and Celebrations

I have been very busy, in and out of the house for over the weeks. I know this is ironic, but it is true that the past weeks have been the busiest weeks of my life, despite the fact that I am having my sweet long holidays now and I have already finished my university education. Weird? But this is a different kind of busy, I have been doing things that I have wanted to do for a long time, things that are worry and stress free. being occupied doing something that puts smiles on peoples' faces can be so rewarding that you would feel your time has been worth spending and you actually accomplished something, like Superman saving the world from total destruction or something. I guess being around with people, hanging out, doing things that have nothing to do with school or whatsoever will always be enjoyable, no?

There have been so many things happening around lately... the list below is just to highlight the ones worth nothing:

OCF Camp, 4 days 3 nights,
Dinner at Concha's with Sarah, Diaz and gang,
Mike's visit to Perth from Brisbane for one week
Bloggers Meet at the Riverside
The huge sale at the Convention Center
Swan Bell Tower visit with Cynthia and Tze Tze
My Aunt visiting from Melbourne
I could go on and on.. arrrghhh...

Not to mention in the midst of those happenings there have been constant lunch meets, appointments with my colleagues, farewell dinners, and all sorts of other celebrations.

The most recent one happened at Glenna's House on last Friday night..

When you have a Pot Luck dinner with everyone preparing their best dishes and bring all of them together in one table combining all those tempting and oh saliva inducing aromas..... (actually there were more food, no photographed, since I did not want to look like a weirdo snapping every single thing around me...)

When you have the best of friends coming from all over the places to enjoy the ever so delicious food prepared just for that special occasion and sharing much joy and laughter in the fellowship together at once particular place..

It is very obvious that it was a very special night indeed for everyone, and especially more for those who celebrate their birthdays....

Happy Birthday Kelvin and Glenna !!!

Everyone had fun, everyone had a great share of laughter and everyone was filled with not only awesome food, but also the joy found in the celebration of life !! Right after dinner everyone sat down in a circle and played the game "Articulate". I have never played that game before, and I believe it was the first time for many that night as well. I was told it was something like Pictionary, which I have never played in my life also, talking about a deprived childhood.. Hmmmpphh !!!

The game requires working in teams, with one of the team members being a describer and the rest of the team guessing the subject or object that the describer is trying to... well.. err.. describe. The game seems rather complicated to me, I shall not bore you all with the details.. instead I shall highlight the best sizzle that sparked never-ending chain of laughter throughout the night...

Describer A: This one is easy.. ok.. the item is used to correct eye-sight...
Team Mate: (confidently) I know I know, Mascara !!

I laughed so hard that I believe I have digested the food I ate backwards and my spectacles almost fell off.

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