Sunday, July 02, 2006

OCF Winter Camp: The Place and the Food

Not only did we have awesome and great people throughout the OCf Winter Camp, the setting of the Camp at the Orchard Glory Farm itself was truly something spectacular. I believe this is one of the best and most suitable places to go for any camps, particularly those bearing religious and spiritual themes. The surrounding and landscape scenery are nothing short of breathtaking and the area enveloping the farm is stretching endlessly towards the horizon, provoking the sense of freedom and calming to the soul. Just looking at the rising sun in the early morning at such atmosphere brings peace. It was just too bad that the weather during the entire camp trip has been rather cloudy and rainy, with the absence of bright sunlight and clear sky. Overcast photography is not something that my camera can handle very well. However, I did manage to get a few good shots. Just have a look at the pictures below and see for yourself how relaxing the views can be from the farm.

Accommodation has been very pleasing to everyone. It is more comfortable and luxurious than I expected. From the outside the chalets looked like old wooden "kampung" style houses. However, one step inside the newly refurbished units, one can feel the warmth and comfort that the place can bring, literally. There was complete kitchen facilities, heated bath and washing area, extra long beds with electric blankets, and interestingly a fire place at the middle of the living area. I guess the most attractive part was the fire place. This is my first time experiencing a fire place inside a house.

All around the compound of the campsite, there were trees of various fruits being planted. Fruits that I could identify were pamelo and oranges. We were allowed to pluck the fruits and consume them within the vicinity, but not permitted to carry them out of the farm. Of course, I took this opportunity to sample Australian grown fruits, freshly plucked from the trees !!! Without preservatives or wax, this was truly my first time experience. However... the fruits, especially the pamelo was not very pleasant tasting, overly sour to my liking. Was that the reason why we could have them for free?? Hmmm...

Well, if any of you have been following my blog for some time, you would definitely know that one thing I dig in any occasion at any time would be the food. I live to eat, and I could not survive hunger. Before the camp I have expected the camp to cater rather lower end food like typical church camps to cut down costs. This, has become my largest mistakes in assumptions made prior to the camp. This, has also been the largest surprise I have had in the camp so far. Yeah, the food was the surprise, you got that right !!!

Introducing, Auntie Gloria, the amazing cook who has willingly and selflessly prepared ALL the meals (lunches and dinners) for over 60 people in the camp. Looking at the huge number of hunger stricken, food deprived vultures, cooking is indeed not a simple task. It took enormous effort, energy and time to prepare for such large quantity. Auntie Gloria has put so much passion in those cooking that I myself was truly shocked to see her ability to come out with such huge amount of cooked food in such short time she had.

How did the food taste like?

Simply World-Class. Not only did her food look superbly tempting, they taste incredibly scrumptious. Ohh goodness, I had more than two servings for most of the meals.

I am still amazed by her Auntie Gloria's capability to come out with food in such quantity and quality. I regretted not coming earlier for the first few dinners, hence missing the opportunity to capture good shots of the food she prepared before the hunger stricken and food deprived vultures attacked the food viciously. Just take another good look at the pictures above, I like all of those pasta varieties, and this may sound over-rated, but I believe those are the best tasting pastas I have ever had in my life up to this point !!!

There you go, why the OCF Camp was such a blast, the People (In the previous entry), the Place and the Food. I do not think that any other camp could get any better than this. I mean that.

Side Note: Coming next, The Event and Drama.

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  1. Nice of the best for us to appreciate God's power is by observing nature and its hard for us not to thank our creator for giving us such beauty

  2. hey rudster_wudster,
    well said !!!!

  3. Fresh pluck apple without wax is rather hairy. Anyway, nice food and nice company there.

  4. hey hijackqueen,
    to be honest all the fruits are super sour !!