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OCF Winter Camp: The People

As I was flipping through the photographs that I have taken throughout the OCF Winter Camp, I discovered that the most astounding photographs are not of the wild animals or the beautiful landscape, but rather of the beautiful people I have had the privilege to meet and get to know better. Someone in the camp mentioned that it is not the place that makes up the overall experience of the event, but rather the people that you go through the event with. I have been blessed with wonderful people throughout the camp, hence this entry is specifically dedicated to the people of the camp.

There were approximately 60 people attending the camp this year, and I tried my best to get to know everyone, and make closer connections with those that is nearer to me or whenever I see opportunity present. There were indeed many new faces that I have never seen before, and meeting new people has always been something that I look forward to. Being able to create new connections, share the deep thoughts and life experiences have become something very meaningful to me. It is always interesting to know people from different walks of life, and I have numerous surprising encounters from the people around me.

Joseph Chang

I have been assigned to Joseph, who drove me all the way from my place in Nedlands to Orchard Glory Farm. A truly down to Earth guy, very kind and loving person, has great passion for Christ. I sense great leadership capability in this really really nice chap, and I just know in my heart that he will achieve great things in the future. Oh he has great taste of music !!! I am loving Matthew West, listening to Right By Your Side now, oh gosh... I wonder why have I not come across this artist before. To Joseph, thanks a lot for driving me, I really appreciate that, and it is of extreme pleasure to have you as a friend !!

The Faithful Group

Uncle Nate, Me, Yi Lin, Pamela, Glenna, and Raymond at the back, Ester and Lavina at the front.

James, me, Pamela, Glenna and Lavina...

The people in the camp was broken down into smaller groups of 8-9 people, and I was assigned to the Faithful Group, where I have met the best of people throughout the camp. There is a sense of togetherness in the group, functioning just like a family. We have exchanged our different yet constructive opinions in the Words and shared fruitful experiences and knowledge with each other. We have helped each other to grow in Faith and draw nearer to Christ. There was love and joy in the atmosphere. Not to mention, we also shared unlimited amount of laughter and joy with each other. I strongly believe we have touched each others life, and through our fellowship we have grown stronger in faith. After all, we are the Faithful group, eh?

Yi Lin was our group leader. She has been a kind and loving leader, very gentle in her ways of speech and actions. This was her first time she has led a bible study, and I gotta say, she has done an awesome job. Thumbs up for her !!!

James Wei

This is a wacky guy who shares the same room with me throughout our stay in the Camp. A truly funny guy, brings laughter in amazingly unexpected way, man anyone would be having great fun being just around him. But do not underestimate this nice chap, he knows his stuff well, has been reading tonnes of material, and can speak well when he needs to make his point. Really precise and knowledgeable kind of fellow. He has a passion for photography too.. yay !!! Kind and good-mannered guy. But too bad he is not in Perth now, and I missed my chance to say good bye !! *slaps hard on the forehead* He left on the morning of the last day to Melbourne. To James, in whatever you do, I pray that His Spirit be with you !!

Alright, I know if I keep on going this list is not going to ever end. Here are random photos of people I have come across and some I have even become great friends with. It has been great pleasure knowing everyone, and I truly hope that this friendship we started will not just end here in the camp but will carry forward in our life as well.

David Soon

I left the camp with only one regret. One huge mistake I made. I still could not believe I made this mistake. I did not take the opportunity to take photograph with this really cool and awesome dude. The only photo I have is of him doing this crazy acting scene in one of the activities. His name is David !! He is the organizer of this camp. As a camp commandant, I was quite surprised by his capability to run the entire camp so smoothly and literally.. problem free !!! I am deeply amazed by his leadership and organizational skills, together with his committee of the camp, everything went so well and it is so evident that David and his team did such a great job.
Well, not only is he a good leader, he is also full of sense of humor, really funny person, never fails to entertain the crowd. It has been a blessing to know you David !! Thanks so much for organizing such a great camp. Above all, thanks for being a good friend. David is heading back to Singapore soon, and I am certain he will be deeply missed by the countless people he has touched so deeply in his time here in Perth. All the best on whatever you undertake.

I am truly sorry I could not fit more people into this entry, but please keep in mind that though your names or faces do not appear in this blog, you are not being left out, I will always remember you people, and I just wanna tell you all how much I treasure the moments I shared with you people throughout the camp. It was you people that made the whole camp worth while and gave a whole lot of higher meaning and experience. I pray that the Lord will continue to touch your lives and continue to flow the blessings from heaven.

I do not why, but I just gotta show this.

That is Jonathan, one of the elite members of the Organizing Committee. Awesome and superbly crazy friend, and my local OCF BS Leader. But...something feels terribly very wrong about the picture, don't you think??

Side note: Coming soon, The Place and the Food.

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