Monday, July 03, 2006

OCF Winter Camp: The Lessons and the Dramas

This particular OCF Winter Camp was rather different and stood out prominently from the usual stereo-typed Christianity Theme-based camps, not in terms of activities and arrangement of events, but more of the messages and lessons delivered. There has been intensive bible study sessions and workshops that encouraged interactive discussions and sharing by everyone present, and beneficial aspects of life and Christianity have been widely accepted and received.

I would like to focus on one particular aspect which I find rather intriguing and outstanding at the same time. This issue addresses the many happenings and real life situations happening which I have been observing for a while. This issue revolves around a Christian trying to spread the Word of Gospel to other non-believers, may it be friends, family, or even strangers of every walk of life. Generally, I have seen often that Christians would go and condemn the non-believers on what they perceive as wrongful and sinful in the views of Christianity. I find many Christians are being too judgmental and inconsiderately critical in presenting their beliefs and faith to the non-believers. The approach of drawing the non-believers closer to the truth of Christ has resulted in many unnecessary anger and hatred. Allow me to illustrate a very typical Christian to a non-Christian conversation.

Jesus saves us from our sins. All you have to do if believe in Jesus, the
Saviour. If you do not believe in Jesus, you will not be saved. If you are not
saved, it means you will go to hell.

Drinking and consuming alcohol is
wrong. You are a drunk, you broke the rule and you sin. You worship other gods,
you have violated the commandments. You commit adultery, that's a heavy sin. Sin
Sin Sin. Wrong wrong wrong. You are a horrible terrible person. How could you
live this life??

The approach described in the above scenarios have very successfully driven away the non-believers that we are desperately trying to reach to, not only from Christ, but from us also. By being too judgmental and telling others what they did was wrong will just hurt more and do not present the messages of Christianity, which are love, grace, faith and many essential components in the religion. Who are we to judge others? People are people. They deserve the same respect and treatment as anyone else, for the Lord created everyone equal. Just because they are non-believers it does not mean they are any less than us. It does not mean God would favor us more. God loves everyone the same. His grace knows no limit, and no preference. In order to reach out to people, we must practice the true qualities of Christianity, walking our lives in faith, love and hope, showing those qualities in our relationship with those around us. We are the living testimony of Christ and His work. By our care and loving ways in daily relationship with those around us, it creates a stronger opportunity to spread the Words and bring them closer to Christ, for they have witnessed the living proof of the truth in us.

Alright, now the serious stuff is out of the way, lets move on to lighter side of the camp. Like any other camps, on the last night there will be a showtime, when the groups must prepare acts to be presented on stage in front of everyone.

This is what my group has come up with.

1) Rebeccah Hilton and Isaac Newton.

Originally based on the story of Rebecca and Isaac in the Genesis (first book) of the Old Testament in the Bible. This version is a little twisted.

I did not intend to *sparkle* so much... oh well.. spontaneous exaggeration... can't help it.

2) The Plastic Bag Princess.

This act was based on the original fairy tale, common in North American region.

Thanks to Ruthie (click) for helping me to video-record the entire event. I bet everyone there had a blast watching the entire show. I had so much fun and laughter preparing and planning for the acts together with my group members. The acts turned out more hillarious and better than anticipated. Well done team !! This will be something truly memorable and worth cherishing for a long long time.

Alright people, this wraps up my 4 mini series of blog entries on my OCF Winter Camp 2006. It was a terrific experience being there in the camp, and at the end of the it I walked away with so much gains in faith and life. Thanks everyone for being there for me. May the Lord continue to bless our lives and send His Spirits to guide each and everyone of us in our journey we walk every day.

Now people, may the peace of the Lord be with you and always, always show that *sparkling* smile !!

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  1. Good way of thinking there Robin regarding spreading the word of our Lord. How ever, we should never feel discourage to spread the word of God because one of the biggest duty of a believer is to convey the msg of truth. This duty is our responsibility to our Lord and it doesn't come any bigger than that right?
    However many of us, hardly walk the walk, we love to spread the word of god but many times we just want to prove others to be wrong. Thats why many people are aggresive.
    The best way to spread is by acting according to your teaching. Its like a father who smokes and have cigg on his hand but while doing so, is telling his son not to smoke..Isn't that weird?
    In islamic tradition, 3/4 of the people who converted to Islam during the time of Prophet Muhammad, they converted because of his noble character and he lead his life excatly how he preach others to be.
    This is lacking in todays world, no matter what religion you are because theres to much ego and people seem to use religion to feel superior over others...

  2. hey rudster_wudster,
    Yeah, i agree with you on the spreading the Words part, being our main roles as Christians. But many Christians do it in such a way that they do not exactly draw people nearer to them, but rather shoving them away by being judgmental and condemning others. To be able to convince the others of our faith, we must first build a trustwrthy relationship, how can we expect others to believe and trust us if they do not even know us?
    The best way is get to know them better, establish a good relationship. Being there with them, and for them, then can we shine the light of Christ into their lives. It is a progressive process, but more effective that way. spreading the Words is a on going journey, it is not a one or two session thing. It takes time and effort, and tones of faith and prayer to happen.

    We do not want to kill the opportunity by shutting the door the moment we start to judge others. People hate us for that.