Saturday, July 29, 2006

Late Night Coffee

I seriously do not understand why coffee is served at late nights, and why people would drink coffee at such ungodly hour. Caffeine is not helping any bit in sleep, yet it is the next best thing in liquid consumption after alcohol that would popularly be opted. Is there any kick in coffee? For me, I personally love coffee in any form, from the kopitiam's Kopi Peng to Latte or Flat White from Starbucks or Dome.

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Well, imagine the day to be Friday, the last day of work/uni, being overly weary and stressed continuously for days and everything just does not seem to go to the right directions. A cup of coffee for late night is just the right solution to wind back and chill with the arousing aroma and soothing texture tingling the senses. With the right company of friends, coffee provides more than just the warmth for cold winter nights.

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Unfortunately in Perth, most local cafes would close down as early as before midnight. Talking about night life in Perth, it is truly sad. Nevertheless, there are places that open for 24 hours, places that serve good coffee with the suitable environment just for basically every occasion or just hanging out. One of them, the one that people would frequent, is Oriel, in Subiaco.

Right after the OCF public meet, me and some fellow OCF-ers went to Oriel for a drink.

The beauties...

Ruthie and Joy

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Beatrice and Judy

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And the .. errrmm.. beasts??


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Joshua, and yours truly, simply ROBIN

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I had my usual order, Latte. Nothing fancy, just plain coffee with milk, and I would chuck in plentiful amount of sugar. I do not know why, but lately I have been crazy about sweet stuff. The sweeter the better.

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It is weird though, many people there are actually from Currie Hall, the residential college I once lived in back in my very first few semesters in Perth. During my time there I have made many new friends with people coming from different parts of the world, and some have become really good friends. I have left that place for good for a long time, and I have come to realise that my older connections in the hall are slowly but surely dying out. People come and go, that's an acceptable fact of life. It is interesting to find myself still mingling around with different sets of people, but still, from Currie Hall, though I no longer stay there.

Hot coffee for cold weather. People around you to "talk cock" with.

I'd say, Friday night well spent !!

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  1. Unrelated, I know, but I'll be going to UWA to do some location scouting for my next film next Monday or Tuesday, we can actually meet up if you want to. You're studying there, right?

  2. hey the great swifty,
    actually, i finished studying already, so I actually do not go to uni anymore. I am now currently applying for a job.. still in the process of doing so...
    I wont be anywhere near uni.. but if you still wanna meet up we can find other time and place... whichever is convenient for each of us.
    So what are u gonna film in UWA?

  3. im missing oriel's shoe string fries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with aeoli sos


    *blueh* i hate coffee.
    drink coffee in the morning more nicer leh. totally malaysian.

    eeee. Mark is so cute!

  5. Ah, well, it's for my upcoming scifi/fantasy film, will most probably be using the Sunken Gardens (which I absolutely loved).

    But sure, we can meet up anytime, I don't really have a tight schedule (yet) since I'm still in the early preproduction period in these few weeks.

  6. hey chrissiee,
    yeah, the french fries is quite nice too, much better than McDonald's in fact... but no one was hungry that night.. just for a drink ..

    hey chengsim,
    ahahahaa.. maybe I should put up pictures of guys and girls more often on my blog !

    hey the great swifty,
    ohh when u wanna meet again just leave me a message ya..

    hey wuching,
    ahahahhaa.. kids nowadays diferent lar..

  7. wow more leng chai leng lui here than food! where is the latte?

    i love coffee.

    i just love coffee. coffee at night? is ok.


  8. hey carcar,
    ahhahaaa.. cant see the latte meh?? ahahhahahaa... the picture so big leh....

  9. Heh, coffee no effect on us one. even espresso... bluek. a ripped off...

  10. hey chun chow,
    yeah, the machiato at tiamo, remember?? ahahaaa...
    nowadays i only order the latte... ahhaa cheaper also..

  11. so robin,

    how long before you head back to malaysia?

    just curious

  12. hey kachuaz,
    A lot of things have been very uncertain lately, and I cant exactly tell you when I will return.
    I have heavy decisions to make in the following days.. should I return to Kuching anytime soon I will post it up here on my blog prior to the flight.

  13. Aiyor... *waggles finger* Don't eat so many sweet stuff ar! Diabetes later then you know.

    *gasp* I sound like a mommy!

  14. hey luxferi,
    its a temporary obsession.. no worries.. used to be temporarily addicted to many things.. like potato chips, vanila coke... but i got over it soon..