Sunday, July 09, 2006

Laksa in Perth

In one of the previous nights my friend Sarah invited me and my housemates over for a feast of a very much missed home food in Kuching: Sarawak Laksa !! People who have travelled and stayed far away from home for quite some time would definitely crave for this deliciously unique Sarawak local dish alongside with the ever-famous kolok mee. What is laksa you may ask? There are many variants of Laksa, but the Sarawak Laksa would usually be boiled rice vermicelli (Bee hoon) soaked with the special laksa gravy cooked with coconut milk, served together with shredded eggs, bean sprouts, shredded chicken, and generous portion of prawns. Belacan and lime are used to add flavour to the Laksa.

Sarah has got most of the necessary ingredients, and trusting her to bring a glimpse of Kuching in Perth is something that we dare to risk for. Alright, it sounded more dramatic than it should, but I gotta admit she has prepared some delicious food before (click).

Here are the ingredients I happily snapped while she was busy preparing the gravy.

Shredded Pan-fried Eggs

Shredded Chicken

Taugeh (Bean Sprouts)

Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)

And when you combine all the above with the laksa gravy... you get...

The Home Cooked Sarawak Laksa in Perth !!!

Note that my laksa combo has no taugeh in it. I do not hate taugeh, but I believe laksa tastes much better without taugeh. Just a personal preference.

It was a little too salty for my liking The Laksa was fantastic !! and not spicy enough I would say it was 90% similar to the laksa served locally in Kuching, the other 10% shortage was provided for the absence of prawns and lime. Nonetheless, it felt good to be having Kuching food in such far away land, and the best part was having the Kuching food with a group of Kuching friends. Unfortunately none of them wanted to have their beautiful faces taken and published in this blog. Oh well, its not like the paparazzi will storm your house and stalk you or something after your face is featured in this blog. I wonder truly sometimes if people do actually really read everything I write.

I was browsing through my old Kuching photos that I took before I came over to Perth this year, and to my surprise I could not find any pictures of Laksa that I have eaten. Not that I have eaten laksa that often back in those days anyway. Weird. However, this could only prove one thing, I am not that big of a fan for laksa. I like it, but not overly crazy over it like some of my friends who would have laksa for breakfast, lunch and dinner, virtually any given day.

Thanks Sarah for the wonderful Laksa meal. So, when are you gonna cook laksa again?? I am hungry already.

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  1. celaka!! now i'm craving for sarawak laksa!!!

  2. Hey Ivan,
    Muahahahahaha.. Muahahhaa.. Muahahhahahhaaaa

  3. u can cook for sarah next time.

  4. hey wuching,
    my cooking skill sucks big time !!

  5. I better know how to cook laksa before going to Perth.

  6. BOOOOO!!!
    flame me for being a weird Malaysian but i personally dun enjoy laksa. but it looks nice though.

  7. hey kenjj,
    yeah, learn how to cook laksa. then when u come over i can have sarawak laksa in perth !!! Woo hooo..

    hey cheng sim,
    have u tried sarawak laksa?? pretty different u know..

  8. Wahhh... Laksa stalls are all around Kuching lar. Everywhere I go, I see laksa stalls and delicious, DELICIOUS laksa. Wah Wah Wah. So yummy somemore! Yummy yummy!

    Hungry yet? =P

  9. hey saykhia...
    Wait.. wait till i go back kuching... I will have my hands on ur neck....

  10. eeee.. fake laksa.. there's only one true laksa...



  11. hey nutz
    no way.. Sarawak Laksa rules !!!

  12. come suddenly swak laksa is getting featured EVERYWHERE?

    like...another kuching-ian in perth ...

    Maybe it's laksa season...hrmmm

  13. Oh yeah...btw...check out this page of Swak Laksa!

  14. hey sam,
    ahahaa laksa is such a universal food... dun u think??