Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Iced Lemon Tea

On a quick lunch I had with some fellow OCF-ers, I noticed something on the tables. Something, I find very appealing and unique at the same time.

Remember table-top advertising (click) that I noticed when I was back in Kuching? It was starting to plague Kuching at that time, but hell, those table-top advertising thing is ALL over Perth nowadays. The following are the ones that caught my attention..

Image Hosted by

You gotta admit, there is serious creativity shit going on the advertisements..

Wanna know why those will never work in Malaysia?

Take a look at the photo below, and note the translation that follows:

Image Hosted by

Hey Kawan,

Tengoklah di sekeliling anda...
Cari Si Awek yang paling cun di dalam kopitiam ini...
Belilah sebotol "Lipton Ice Tea"...

Bergeraklah mendekati Si Awek itu, bagi dia minuman itu dan berkata...


Yang lain, terserahlah kepada anda...

Dan ingat,
Berlagak secara semula jadi...

Alright, I admit my Malay Language is a little rusty... but heck, I know I made my point right there.


  1. i'll get one for myself & the rest can oggle at me drinking it!

  2. Wah, still boleh pakai leh. No need action go show your BM in my blog. *showing tongue*

  3. Cute drink ads - can't say I've ever seen them :)

    Hope this finds you smiling Robin


  4. hey wuching,
    whoah.. syoknya....

    hey hijackqueen,
    ahahaha not showing off lar, just playing around with the only other language that I know besides english. you get that right, i suck in mandarin

    hey 0.o
    i am always smiling..

  5. Heh. Good translation. My BM lagi more koyak. I wouldn't have been able to translate it one bit

  6. hey merv,
    thanks, i havent used BM for more than 5 years now.... gosh...

  7. omg this is hilarious!!

    was randomly bloghopping. =)

  8. hey temme,
    thanks !!! do come back again.. ahahaaa