Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home, I miss dearly

Late last night when I was satisfied pawning people in DotA on Bored Aussies gaming network, I find myself a little too tired to even read blogs or do other heavy surfing other than light msn chats with some friends, but still wide awake to be lying on my soft comfy bed. Like I mentioned in my previous entry I have been unexpectedly busy with everything happening around me, and have not actually had a decent time to sit down, not think of anything stressful and pressurizing and reflect on my life so far. As I sat there, I accidentally clicked on a few photographs that I have collected during my time back in Kuching, my home town last year, but never had enough time to blog about them, and as I go through them.....

The Cat that greets drivers to the ever busy streets of Padungan at the heart of Kuching...

The only few standing tall buildings showcasing the growth of Civil and Structural Engineering (my line of career) works in this land...

The Sarawak River that has always been on so brown and chocolaty in color with unidentified objects floating majesticly along it...

I know and can tell you this much is true.


I miss the cats begging and scrapping for food as you dine your oh so delicious and lowly-priced food all over the city...

I miss Open Air and Green Hill Gubak Mees..

I miss Kolok Mee too..

I miss playing snooker at Watana....

And even more, I deeply miss my friends.. true to the heart people..

Above all, I miss my family.

Mum, and Dad. I hope they are doing fine, I feel so badly in need to be back and just see them for a while, even just for a while, to make sure everything is ok. I feel strongly the urge to be just leave all the chaos and issues I am facing here behind and find my way back home, to where I truly belong. I yearn to feel the warmth and comfort I can only ever receive from a true loving family. I just miss home badly I guess. I want to go back, now.

Even my dreams are filled of images and faces of Kuching, and my day dreams are of me playing tennis with my school mates, playing snooker with my college mates, and doing the never-ending night yum-cha sessions. There are so much that Kuching can offer me that I cannot find even here in Perth. I do not know what triggered all those desperately-wanting-to-go-home feeling, but as I have time to sit down quietly and not thinking of anything serious, I have somehow become homesick. I know I have been away for too long, and I can hear Kuching calling me back.

Sadly, miserably as this can be, it is not time to go back yet. There are still things left undone. Mission unaccomplished. I am set out to achieve certain goals, and I am not even halfway through that yet. Until then, please wait for me patiently, Kuching. I shall return one day..

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  1. Thats one thing about Kuching-ngites...Once you lived here, everywhere else really jsut isnt the same

    ; )

    Especially...foood and people.

  2. hey sam,
    wow, u are fast !! that entry was just updated like less than 10 minutes ago...
    anyway, yeah.. i so very miss the food.. gosh

  3. I totally agree with you. Other places just can't measure up to kuching in some ways. esp. sarawak laksa.

    Kuching will be waiting for you!

  4. hey luxferi !!
    how true is that... though im no big fan of laksa, but i gotta admit sarawak laksa rawks !!

  5. Cheer up kiddo!

    Kayaking through the rainforests awaits you on your return! ;)

  6. hey unker,
    thanks a lot !! Wah something to look forward to when i go back.. ehhehehehee...

  7. robin, i had laksa for breakfast 2 days in a row. *aiks* :)

    open air now under renovation for 2 weeks so no business going on there at the moment...

    just to keep you updated. :)

    take care!

  8. hey sharon,
    whoahh.. laksa for two days.. still ok, i have friends who eat laksa when they are back in kuching like almost for everyday.. cazry i tell u.. ahahhaha
    whoah.. open air under renovation?? they gonna build air con and make in indoor isit?

  9. Heck, just by looking at the photos, i realized i miss kuching too...i haven't gone back for a year grandma is from tabuan jaya by the way...
    i miss e food!! cendol at Open Air Market, Laksa, Kolo Mee...
    what i miss most actually...being on the plane at night, and just about to land in Kuching, then you can see the town at night...with the lights etc and trying to figure out where is my grandma's house...hehe...i feel so happy...i dunno why...other towns dont give me that effect except for good old kuching

  10. hey rudster wudster,
    yeah, nothing beats home !! certainly nothing beats kuching food !!! garrrrhh.. someone sponsor me money to fly back now

    hey wuching,
    sponsor my flight fares??? please?? *begs with cat eyes*

  11. Robin!!! I didn't even know you're living at Jln Kempas when I saw the background of the pic you took with your other 2 friends! WTF! We're neighbours man!!! Kempas rocks!

  12. hey kenjj,
    thats not my house, aahahahahhaa.. we were doing chinese new year visiting, thats one of our lectuer's houses.. ehehhehehe....
    I live in chonglin park in jalan tabuan btw

  13. Hey, staring at those pics of kolok mee n gubak mee jus make me feel same...sudenly homesick. miss my parents ah...

    somemore, waterfront!!! the place full with beautiful scenes. cineplex...long time not going there for a movie...hahah thou only half mth, but feel like long long long time dy...:)

  14. hey hie ming,
    wahh only there a while miss home oledy, usually me have to wait till like half a year like that then i start to miss home.. ahhahhaa