Saturday, July 15, 2006

Drive Slowly When Birds Cross the Road

You see, Perth is such a lovely place with lovely people everywhere, and even the rules are made for the people to behave nicely not only to each other, but to the surrounding environments and their inhabitants as well. People here practice such kind and loving traits that you would think that stepping a cat on its tail may be a terrible sin.

You see, I truly believe that Perth is famous for the birds roaming around freely on the land, everywhere !! They not only dominated the sky, swimming in the waters, but they have chosen to WALK the low lands as well. They practically storm the outdoor dining areas waiting patiently for the people to finish their food and leave their table, then they charge in and attack the left over food. Humans here are so kind that they have somehow lost their fear and would not really be scared and run away when there is people walking nearby, unless you carry a knife with you or a huge riffle gun and totally dressed up like a terrorist or a serial killer. When they see you in other ordinary days they would come for you scrapping for food. I am not sure how true is the fact that white bread can be poisonous to the birds here with the yeast content and all, but what the heck, food is food right?

Bottom line, people here respect the birds. People think that birds must not be killed. For Pete's sake there are even road signs warning you not to kill the birds !!

Nabeh, cars also have to slow down for birds. What on earth are they doing on the roads? They have wings have they not? Shheeeesssshh

Oh ya, by the way, if you happen to see this poor miserable cute little bird crossing the road...

Hint: Robin is a bird after all....

Do stop and ask if this bird needs a ride or something. When you are at it, do ask if the bird is hungry and a free Large Combo Value Meal from KFC or McDonalds will do this bird really good.

Rest assured that your generosity will greatly be awarded by the bird.

Side note: If you are smart enough, you would know most of the above are fiction only. If you are dumb not smart enough to see that.. well.. so find a bird, pull the brains out, deep fry it to golden crispy brown, and serve it with sweet chilli or tomato ketchup.

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  1. perth swans mmg terrer...frm graceful, floating-in-water swans can transform in2 scary, feed-me-o-i-will-follow-you-home swans if you approach with any morsel of food...=S

  2. hey wuching,
    yeah blardy birds indeed

    hey sam,
    yeah... they are just like cats and dogs back in kuching.. ahahhaa

  3. I definitely wanna eat birds for dinner tonight....
    Damn hangreeeee.....

  4. what happens if u knock one down?

    all the tags at the end of ur post for what one?

  5. hey ck,
    depends on what bird that u kill really.. if its protected species like black swan, probably u will be fined or something...
    oh well.. if no one sees anything... nothing happens right??

    anyway, the tags at the bottom of my entries are technorati tags, used for searches by the technorati blog search engine. I dunno how effective it is, but heck, it sure looks cool.. hahahaaaa

  6. hey Arth,
    Ahhh birds can make such sumptious meals....

  7. Erm. If I see you crossing the road, I'm still running you over. Just like all other birds except the chicks. Haha

  8. hey merv,
    then u better pray i dun die, or else i will haunt u for the rest of your life...

  9. The bird crossing sign is soooo cuuuute!

  10. hey skyler,
    yeah it is indeed !