Friday, July 07, 2006

The Crazy Bitch at the Busport

Today is Thursday, which means the only day for late night shopping in sub-urban areas of Perth and for someone who is in holiday mode like me would definitely take this opportunity to go out from my miserable house and do something more interesting. Not that blogging and reading blogs are not interesting, but hey.. I believe there is more to life than just blog, though there is also life in blogs. Alright, if you can make any sense at all from that previous sentence, I take my hat off for you.

On the way to the Carousel (2nd largest shopping mall in Perth) me and my dear friend stopped at the City Busport for interchange. My multi-rider card (the pre-purchased credits for multiple bus rides) has just run out, so I was thinking of purchasing a new one. The only place selling the multi-rider in the city busport is the Newsagency. I happily purchased the card, while my friend took a brief browse through the magazines prominently displayed at the racks. I joined him short after.

As my friend was flipping through the pages of one of the game computer magazines....

CB: Hey, no flipping !!! If you want to read the magazine you have to buy it.

In case you wonder what CB is, I refer to that rude, loud-mouth, no manners, stinking breath, retarded monkey brained and useless jerk as the Crazy Bitch, thus CB. You may choose to refer her to something more suitable in description like Chee Bye if you want to. Use you imagination.

Me: Ohhh.... ok... interesting....

I uttered interesting... since there was no sign or warnings around the magazine area asking us not to read or flip them through.

CB: Yes, you are interesting too.

Now, this is getting to my nerves. I was NOT the one reading the magazines, but its ok, since she wanted to engage in some conversation, so I just played along, nicely.

Me: Why am I interesting?
CB: Coz, you people just read without buying anything. You know you destroy the books and magazines just by flipping through?

Alright, there is a point there worth noting, if everyone lays their fingers on the magazines, they will just get broken. Logical indeed. And so I said something my English teacher taught me to say long ago when I was faced in this situation...

Me: I am afraid that if you do not get your magazines flipped you wont get any of them sold.
CB: I hate your type.

Now this is REALLY REALLY getting on my nerves.

Me: Excuse me?? What do you mean my type??
CB: Yes, you.. I know what kind of person you are, and we do not need you around.

HELLO !!!! What does that suppose to mean?? Hell, I did not do anything wrong at the first place, why should I deserve this kind of treatment? Plus, in case you forgot, I purchased the multi-rider card at the price of 27 bucks earlier, which could very well be more expensive than most magazine prices on the rack. Is this the way you should treat a customer??

Me: What the.. what if I did not buy any of your magazines, I just bought something from you just now, and the way you are speaking to me is not showing any appreciation at all. How could you be so unpleasant and impolite to your customers? What happened to you....

I was cut short in my very polite conversation... as she chipped in..

CB: Alright, please do not cause any more trouble here, I do not want to see you, now please go out. I do not need your type around.

Seriously, WTF !!!!

I left of course, then... I thought for a few seconds.. and I stormed in the store again after a few steps away.

Me: I demand my refund for my multi-rider card. There is no way I am being a customer for someone like you.

Surprisingly she did refund without hesitation.And asked me to leave immediately. And I did.. until I thought of something else. I went back, again, and this time, I have my ever-ready digital camera in hand.

CB: If you cause any more trouble again, I will call the security !!

And here is my shot of her, it was blurry, but it was worth it. Man, should have switched my flash on, to have a sharper shot. But heck... this is what I replied to her when I left the place for good..

Me: Whatever, CRAZY BITCH !!!

So guys, if you happen to be in the Perth city busport, and if you do have a rotten egg or tomatoes in your pockets, take them out, instead of throwing them away into the bins, make some use of it. Find that crazy bitch and use your imagination, be creative on what you choose to do to her. And remember to shout back at her....


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  1. Hahahaha, omg, really CB, man. I know someone who used to work for her. Now I know what hell she went through... Be thankful you were just a customer, and not an employee...

    Btw, better blur her face more, in case you get into trouble...

  2. When the conversation reached the "Type" thingy, I think it's a typical racism word, define us like both of us as Chinese unless that's defined for magazine flippers. That CB looks like chinese but she has big nose. You know what I mean...& yea, she deserves to be called bitch. I can't wait to see her next year though & see if she can get a hang of my debate. Beware, CB!

  3. Hey cynical-idealist,
    OMG !!! Ur friend can actually work for her !!! Amazing....
    How did she survive?? How how???

    Hey Kenjj,
    aahahhaa.. i tell you wad, she is not worth our debates. I was just glad I could get my refund. There is no way I am doing business with her "type", if only I knew she was that "type" earlier...

  4. my goodness. i was there yesterday, thankfully i didn't go buy a multirider from her sinc emine is running out. damn lansi man this CB.

  5. I agree with CB though... you shouldn't really be flipping through the magz. They should probably have wrapped it to prevent flipping.

    It comes down to money after all, if you don't pay, you don't get free service.

  6. The conversation/situation is not that bad until she called you 'that type'. I think she meant by being a foreigner :(. You shouldn't called her Crazy bitch. Just shout "CHEEBYE"! wakakakaaa

  7. People,sorry bitches like that are just not worth it.

    Having said that; if she spoke to me like that with any racial connotation - she'll live to regret that she was ever borned! I'll more than give her hell!

    Move along; dwell on the more pleasant things in life! ;)

  8. Iiinntterrressttiinnggg. If I'm ever down in Perth, I'll keep a lookout for her. I'll egg her for you and give her your blog address. Hehe. Just kidding.

    if i were you, i would call police department or crime stopper..tell them she bloody assault me (verbally) LOL

  10. hey kristine,
    yeah, ditch her shop hewt time, het ur multireider elsewhere !!

    Hey Jon,
    That is besides the point, what I was getting at was she being rude. I bought something from her, and I do not think I deserve that kind of treatment.

    hey hijackqueen,
    if only she understands what Cheebye is.. I would have shouted that. ahahhahaa.. but to bad.. crazy bitch stands out at that moment.

  11. hey Fh20,
    yeah, i agree with you, she is not worth it, but hell, I want all my readers to know what a crazy bitch she is. Thats all I wanna do, and i move on.

    hey merv kwok,
    would be interesting for her to find out about this blog. In this blog, I am the one with the rules, not the other way round.

    hey cynthia,
    ahahhaa.. like what fh20 said, she is not worth it, letting the world know what a crazy bitch she is through this blog is enough for me.

  12. send her a Bible :)

  13. hey anonymous,
    that would be a waste since obviously she is not ready to accept it. timing is important, thatts what I have learned.

  14. hey robin, wanna bomb her shop?

  15. Hey wuching,
    why not?? would you do it for me?

  16. I bet her business is really "great" with that kind of attitude.

    She probably has a bullseye painted on her forehead with the words "Rotten Eggs Here" right at the center.

  17. hey saykhia,
    yeah, her business is doing really "good" indeed....
    if only I have a c4 you will know where it will be planted.

  18. I wonder if Aussie employers just close thier eyes and twirl thier fingers around randomly employing whoseva name thier finger lands on...Hrmmm...
    Either that or she's got split personalities and you got faced up with the CB side of her. =)

  19. hey sam,
    I believe that CB owns the business for that shop... oh well, i kinda pity her employees.. sure living like hell under such CB employer

  20. it's actually very funny. :) i thought she's some racist caucasian reading the account until i saw her blurry picture at the end! she's probably just menopausal. :)

  21. it's actually very funny. :) i thought she's some racist caucasian reading the account until i saw her blurry picture at the end! she's probably just menopausal. :)

  22. hey sharon,
    yeah, indeed funny eh?? but maybe she is not chinese, just asian.. could be vietnamese... I could be wrong. But thats no way treating ur customers !!!

  23. She refered you as "your type" because she looks like she's the type from "Planet of the apes"

  24. Hey cookeng,
    I believe she is much lower than apes. but wtf.. she is just not worth it.. ahahahaa

  25. My friend worked there two months coz she blur blur. Everyone else quit after a few days. According to my friend, she's like that to everyone, including the Caucasions. She really deserves to go out of business, man..

  26. hey cynical-idealist,
    Whoahh.. serious ah?? sounds like she has a permanent PMS problem... ahahha no worries, the worst it could get is me having to take that photo down, or this entry down...

  27. omg she is so rude!

    I usually hang around that shop when I'm waiting for a bus and I flip through magazines all the time! Thankfully she has never said anything nasty to me. (she's really helpful sometimes)

    She must have been in a bad mood that day...

  28. Hey Mm,
    What what what ??? She let you flip through the books and magazines?? not fair !!