Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Concas: The Cyber Cafe with Two Computers

After four days and three nights of tiring and sleep depriving camp trip, I was finally back to Perth city on Thursday evening, near sunset at 5pm. As I was just about to settle down, either throwing myself on the sexily tempting bed who called out seductively for my body, or rest my huge heavy ass on the study chair and start catching up with the blogosphere, my dear housemate came looking for me...

Wei Thien: Hey, wanna have Chili Mussels for dinner?? Sarah's invitation.
My Exhausted Body: Cannot... I need to sleep.. SLEEP !!!!
My Exhausted Mind: Cannot.... I am sleepy but I need to blog.. must.. must blog !!!
My Ever-Ready Heart: Yay !!!! Chilli Mussels !!! Screw sleep and blogging. Lets Go !! Weeeee

Wei Thien: !!!!

Thanks to Diaz who drove us to Concas, the most famous spot for Chili Mussels in Perth. I am no big fan of Chilli Mussels, but anyway I have not had any for a long long time. I do not know why there are some people who can become over-ly obsessed with Chili Mussels, I do not find anything that special in it. Well, individual preference kicks in here, but I still could not see the marvel of chlli mussels. For those of you who do not know what mussel is, it is a type of very small, cute and adorable seafood that has no legs, arms, nor fins. Hmmm... That sounds awkward, alright, for better definition go here.

Here comes the Chili Mussels....

How did it taste? How good was it? Well, for one who does not fancy Chili mussels that much, I dare say this place serves great chili mussels !! It does live up to its reputation for having the best Chili Mussels, not only were they fresh and free from any foul smell and taste, the flavor from the chili and garlic sauce was just right to envelope the mussels without destroying the texture and whatever special taste that people love in the mussels which I could not still quite understand. I can tell the others dining there that night were having enjoyable feast on that cute, little adorable seafood too.

Top: Sarah and Diaz, Bottom, Firman and me me me

I was told that the Concas is a Cyber Cafe. And so I thought it was rather weird to have computers in a restaurant of such class, particularly serving seafood. Chili Mussels and computers just do not seem to match in any way. I could not see any computers around, so I decided to take a walk around the rest of the area.. and found this...

And just another computer behind the place where I was standing photographing that computer.

WTF !!! You only have two computers in the place, and you call that Net-Cafe ????

Nabeh.... see my room has THREE computers, now can you call that a Net-Cafe??

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  1. do they taste like pussies?

  2. Hey Wuching...
    How would I know???

  3. serve coffee in your room and you can call it a net-cafe. otherwise, LAN center. which ever works for you. lol

  4. Hey Merv kwok,
    yeah, we have almost everything in the house, coffee, mocha, expresso, chocolate.. name it.. ahahhahahaa...

  5. I notice that all the computers in your room are running the same program: DotA. Talk bout being "busy" eh? =P

  6. hey saykhia
    ahhahaha of course, being busy has its share of dota as well.. all must be balanced...
    then again, what is cyber cafe without dota ??

  7. ohmygoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    concassssss!! my fav chilli mussels place yummyyyyy

    cant find anywhere that serve good chilly mussels


  8. hey chrissieee...
    wow.. another chili mussels fan.. amazing !!

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