Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clouded Pawn in Perth

About a week ago, one of my friends I knew from back in high school came to Perth from Brisbane for the NLC Conference (God knows what that is, do not question me). He is none other than Ah Mike, or more well known as the author for the brother blog, Clouded Pawn (click). We both started blogging at almost similar time, and we both come from the city of cats.

Since his visit to Perth was more of work and not for holidays, he has very little time set apart from the conference with activities that began at unGodly hour of 9am in the morning, stretching all the way to pass midnight, for every single day he was here in Perth. However, with the extremely restricted time provided, we tried our best to bring Ah Mike and Cynthia, a colleague from Brisbane around this calm and peaceful city of Perth as much as we could.

While Mike was in Perth.. he was at...

Fremantle, sampling the WA BEST Fish and Chips at Cicerello's

Mike had Grilled Fish:

Cynthia has the Special Traditional Fish and Chips served with fresh garden salad

And I had Spicy Crumbed Fish, served with Coleslaw and Chips

Little Creatures, also in Fremantle, the place that brews the BEST beers in WA... We each had a glass of Pale Ale and another glass of Bright...

Matilda Bay, situated just by the university, the perfect place for bbq and picnic with blue waters and green green grass.. Cynthia claimed that she saw with her very eyes some dolphins swimming in the river !! How lucky she was, for I have only encountered the dolphin sightings twice in my entire two years here in Perth !!

Harbour Town Shopping Mall, the place to get the BEST bargains and largest variety of choices for shopping.

Mill Point, South Perth, over-viewing the BEST landscape of Perth City from across the majestic Swan River...

And not to miss out, Broadway Pizza !! No one can leave Perth without trying this, though I wont say its the best available here. Look carefully at the picture, and spot all the four different flavours, Hawaian Chicken, Meat Lovers, Broadway Special, and Seafood Special, all in one Large Pizza !!

There were also other good places that have been covered by the tour provided by the conference itself and the people there, such as the universities around Perth, some well-known restaurants and famous clubs to party. Unfortunately there are a few must-visit places that Ah Mike and Cynthia have missed, the King's Park and the Cottesloe Beach just to name a few. Heck, with the very very limited free time in hand, I think we did pretty well and covered most of the great places.

I sincerely hoped that Ah Mike and Cynthia enjoyed themselves through their very brief visit to Perth. If only more time was available, things would have been more interesting, and we could have covered more places. But hey, will sure bring you to those places if you do come again to Perth !!

Mike and Cynthia, I truly hoped you guys enjoyed your time here in Perth !!!

Side Note: By request from Clouded Pawn, thus all the photos of him shall have the eyes being crossed out. For what reasons?? Art, maybe?

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  1. I sure did enjoy my time in Perth! Thanks bro for being the tour guide of sorts :)

  2. Kings park is nothing to shout about.

    Aiseh, Ah mike very hensem wat. Why want to cross out the eye. Eh, you should draw a sunglass over it instead of just crossing out. Looks more chun lidat. hehe

  3. hey ah mike,
    no worriees... glad u enjoyed urself !!!

    hey hijackqueen,
    I beg to differ in opinion. to me kings park is really interesting, for someone who loves photography, it sure is a huge place with anything to photograph, name it, wild colourful birds, rare flowers, beautiful Perth city landscape.. awesome park, not to mention going up the hill on foot or by cycling would be a great exercise !!

  4. hey mike, wish i could joined ya there.

  5. Hey Ivan,
    yeah, we were kinda wishing like u could join us, would be hell lot more fun with u around...

  6. Yeah i think Kings Park was a lil overated, when i was brought there, i tot is this it?

    but Harbour town is the place to shop lah...after going to harbour town, i feel perth city centre (Murray st etc) is damn expensive...hehehe

  7. Hey rudster_wudster,
    i thought kings park has many places to explore, like the DNA tower, the glass bridge, the war memorial, the bbq picnic area, the botanical garden, the fountain garden, etc etc...
    i love to just randomly walk around Kings park in spring, can spot all kinds of weird flowers everywhere.. not to mention all those never seen before birds..
    will do an entry on that in spring..

  8. hey wuching,
    yeah, its about time i send an invoice over for all the services I provided...

  9. Hijackqueen: Ah Mike has a criminal record, that's why must censor eyes....

    Ivan: One day, we can fly to Perth together k? (sigh, that sounded so...wrong...)

    Wuching: He's a travel agent, but not a tour guide! (hints at CityCat incident)

  10. I was brought there during night time and the only thing i saw was ppl making out...hehehe
    will wait for ur spring time post!

  11. Hey mike...
    eh eh... this is my blog !!! Shoo shoo... replying comments pulak !!!

    hey rudster wudster,
    yeah.. spring will come soon, will go around kings park when all the flowers are blooming...

  12. Aw come on Rob, it's not like I'm invading your privacy...:P

  13. hey ah mike,
    ahhahaa trespassing !!!