Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Broadway Pizza

Oh Chun Chow, you are gonna love me so much for this.

Just 30 minutes walk away from the doorstep of my house, just 10 minutes walk away from the School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering in UWA, in the sub-urb of Nedlands, not too far from Matilda Bay, there is this really really cool place serving pizzas that would kick Domino's or Pizza Hut's asses, called Broadway Pizza. My first pizza experience in Perth was from Broadway, and I have kept my preference to Broadway ever since.

The place provide delivery services of course with additional surcharge, but heck, people as poor and miserable as me would not mind walking all the way in the dark and cold winter nights just to get what is necessary to quench the ever-lasting mid-night hunger. Broadway is the only one and unique place in my sub-urb area that opens till late, 2am on weekdays and 1am on Sundays. Since my stomach only would start to torture me for food after midnight, and all the nearby food places are already closed by then, with my very limited stock of junk food at home, Broadway is the way to go.

And here are my favourite flavours from Broadway...

My super all time favourite Meat Lovers:


And... Broadway Special..

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When I first tested the Broadway Pizzas, I could not believe how different and significantly better they taste in comparison than the pizzas made in Malaysia, well, typically from Pizza Hut. No, it is not the generous amount of cheese, also not the more and extra chunky toppings on the pizzas. After reviewing the menu where it tells the ingredients used for the toppings for separate flavours, something stood out prominently. Something missing from all the pizzas served in Malaysia...

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Yeah, you figured that right, pork. No offense for Muslims, as for whatever religious reasons out there, whatever right and wrong there may be, and whatever sins anyone could ever proclaim, pork just tastes so blardy good and they just go so perfectly well with the pizzas. So those of you who think Pig is evil and you will go straight down to hell if you so ever touch their pinkish skin, there is always the other option: Vegetarian.

On the whole, the pizzas are usually very well and quickly prepared, with the right thickness of the crusts and appropriate combinations of toppings with the matching sauces and huge amount of Cheese. I would not say that the pizzas are authentic like those you would find in Italian restaurants, though pretty much westernized and perhaps adjusted to suit the local preferences, I tell you their pizzas are one of its kind and truly wonderful. Sometimes the pizzas may be over-ly oily and seems unhealthy to my liking, but screw that, I only have one life to live, and to be able to enjoy Broadway Pizza is truly something I should be thankful for.

So Chun Chow, you hungry already?? Muahahhahahahaha

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  1. Hey, I had 2 broadway pizzas too, but from Applecross.Fraicaise la =)
    Damn, I tell you! The ingredients are more than enough. Real chicken breast meat, real cheese, real PIZZA, mannnn!!! =)

  2. Hey Robs,
    No Muslim dont think pig are evil. When the revelation was revealed last time, pig was this dirty animal and consumption of pork could increase many different diseases. This was a well known fact, not just in Islamic community. But today, most people claim they clean the pork throughly which cant be done last time in Arab because of the limited supply of water.
    We believe that god have provided us with 101 other food, and it wont be such trouble to keep away from one particular animal. However, in times of need when theres no other food around and we need something to survive, we are allowed to take pork but only for survival sake.
    Anyway, just wanna clarify some missconception that anyone might have out there...
    But the pizza looks good!! Wonder why Cynthia never bring me there last time....hehee..

  3. hey cynthia,
    i know i know, pizza for supper is just perfect.. but then... arrghh its fatenning lar !!!

    hey wuching,
    go to, thats him...

    hey fh2o,
    ahahhaaa, go pizza hut !!!

    hey rudster_wudster,
    yeah, it was stated in the christian bible somewhere in the old testament as well, but most rules were abolished in the new testament that the chistians are abiding to.
    anyway, broadway is not halal, thats why cynthia didnt bring u there i suppose??

  4. not only u made chun chow jealous. U MADE ME TOOOOOOOOOO

    gosh i miss broadways pizzaa


  5. now that AirAsia is looking into providing Kch-Perth direct flights, let's all go to Broadway for the pizza! Yahoo!

  6. hey anonymous,
    whoahh.. come to perth !!!! u can have all the broadway pizzas u want...

    hey cooking4stp,
    really?? airasia providing direct flights?? when is that gonna happen???

  7. GYAH!!!!!! ROBIN!!!!!!!! %^*&%$!@#(%*$&%#&#~~@$*#!!!!!! CB CB!!! Did you had to do that???? (stomach growling).... heh, just came back from pussycatdolls concert anyway =P

  8. hey kenjj,
    hahaha yeah, u will have a taste of it when u are here in perth !

    hey chun chow,
    ahahhahaha kek tiok leh !!! anyway how was the concert ???

  9. wah. i never know you knew Chun Chow. was supposed to meet him at the PCD concert but i left early.

    *tummy growls*

  10. hey chengsim,
    ohh tak jadi meet up with chun chow kah?? ahahhahaa
    how was the pcd concert?? gosh wish I was there.. syokness..
    yeah, the pizzas looks yummy eh??? now drool over them !!!

  11. how dare u touch me precious???!!! be gone! =P

  12. hey chun chow,
    ahahhhaha meatlovers and broadway flavour are my favourites also !!!

  13. For those of you not in the Nedlands or Applecross area, there is another store making those wonderful pizza's (same owners and pizza). Pizza On Cambridge in Floreat. Come check it out.