Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogging with Purpose

People blog for all sorts of reasons.

Some blog for pure traffic and fame. I detest them.

Some are just attention seeking, pouring out every single exaggerated complains and whining about little fuss there and here... they disgust me...

Some blog to fill up the cyber space with so much junk and crap that might have caused detrimental effect parallel to environmental issues caused by pollutions... what a waste of bandwidth...

My blog, however, is very personal in nature, touching many events and elements of my simple and ordinary life..

There are people who blog for entirely different reasons. People who use what they have and make the best out of that into something beautiful, something beneficial. Those bloggers blog for the purpose of charity, helping out in any way that they can in blogging to do some good in this evil-corrupted world called Earth.

Those bloggers are blogging with a purpose. I simply admire those bloggers.

Who are those bloggers??

Cynical-idealist, Yvonne Foong, John Ling, Chen Pelf Nyok and Jessica Choo

They are participating in the Blogathon 2006, coming up this 29th July. What is Blogathon you ask? I wont bore you with the details, but it is an event with participating bloggers dedicating their effort and time into blogging for the sake of making this world a better place to live in. For more details, please hop to their sites. So folks, do support in whatever way you can, make a pledge, donate to various charity bodies that those bloggers have chosen, do make time to read the entries on the Blogathon day, you too can make a difference.

Am I taking part in the Blogathon? Of course not. Why not??

Well, are there anyone who truly reads what I write? Yeah, that answers the previous question alright.


  1. why u no mention me? i thot ur my fren! *boo hoo!*

  2. hey wuching,
    ohh paiseh paiseh, ok ok, from now onwards i acknowledge wuching as a blogger blogging for the good forces of the world, battling the evil empire of a galazy, far far away....

  3. thanks for the publicity! :D do come support us, and help keep me awake! hahaha...i have the 3-6 am shift on sun morn ;p

  4. hey jess, no worries !!! I will try my best to stay home near my com as much as possble !!

  5. Err.. I know the Blogathon is over, but thanks for the mention yea? :)