Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two Movies at the Price of One

I have had it, I have had enough. All those stress and frustrations over exams. Barely survived the past two days, boy, am I glad I have some space now.. 7 days exactly before my last paper. So I decided to forget my exams temporarily and do something entertaining for myself, just for today, a one day thing only.

So, I went to the Hoyts Cinema City, Perth, the crappiest of all cinemas in Perth yet the nearest one to where I stay, and bought myself a ticket for The Da Vinci Code. I have been wanting to watch the movie, and since everyone including myself have been rather busy lately, I decided to watch it alone. Like I said in the previous entry, Robin is after all a lonely bird, always flying solo. Sigh... Sigh....... SIGH !!!! Alright, it was less depressing than the way I put it, trust me, all went well, and there are times that I seriously need to be alone.

How was the movie? Everyone has spoken about it, debates have been raged all over the world, and interestingly I find the movie rather... dull and unsatisfying. I have read the book, like many people who have, I believe the movie did not live up to the expectations. Tom Hanks was a total dissapointment, he just lacked the charisma of the Robert Langdon character, and failed miserably to bring out the passion of the movie. The other actors were just so and so, but I do love Ian McKellen's cunning and deceitful role. Since I have read the book, about two years ago, I guess it just killed off the fun part of the movie - Suspence. I already know the entire story, and the movie stayed surprisingly faithful to the original plot, though it did not fare that well in bringing out the powerful atmosphere I felt while reading the book. You may say that a picture is worth a thousand words, let alone a moving picture, but sometimes, well elaborated words can spawn greater and grander imaginations, as well as strong emotions that the readers can perceive at a much higher level.

Now what is with the noise and fuss that this movie had caused all around the world? To many, especially Christians, this movie displays many wrongful messages and may very well lead to misunderstandings and unwanted questions regarding the faith and truth in the religion itself. Messages that question the authenticity of the Bible, the marriage of Jesus Christ, and the worst I believe, would be the immortality of Christ. People have talked loud over these matters.

So, what does Robin think?

It is, afterall, just a movie, and a book. A story, a fiction if you like, written by a person named, Dan Brown. Nothing more than that. So why worry so much? Why worry that people might actually believe the fiction? Heck, even kids can tell that Power Rangers, Ultramen and Pikachu are not real. The point I am trying to get here is.. the Da Vinci Code is just a slightly above average movie that delivers a rather intriguing side of story about religions and history. Undeniably, there are bits and pieces of facts there and here, and somehow the dots are beautifully connected and the missing links are filled with assumptions and of course.... FICTION. That was the selling point of the story. The baseless assumptions and conclusions drawn from scattered information that may or may not contain sufficient supporting proof. Allow me to give an analogy. Leonardo Da Vinci was after all a man, and an artist. If he has painted Jesus as a three eyed monster in one of his great works, would you have believed that Jesus was a three eyed monster? You can go and swallow half a bottle of vinegar if you say yes to that.

Some of the photos I took around the waiting area... is it illegal to bring a camera and snap around like that?? Hmmmm....

On the whole, I felt a hint of dissapointment, since I have been anticipating this movie since the day I finished reading the book. Left the cinema hall unsatisfied.. I rested my huge heavy ass on one of those comfy seats outside and just lazed off for a little while. As I observed the people walking around... I thought of something.

Usually there will be the ticket eaters waiting for you to chuck you ticket right up their nose standing at the place on the picture above... the entry to the waiting area... but surprisingly no one was there that time....

There was no one collecting the tickets at the entry level of the cinema. I do not know why, maybe they got sucked into a portal that transports them to another dimension or something... strangely.. without anyone guarding the entrance to the cinema, with me already inside the waiting area... there was nothing to stop me from going in another cinema hall, was there not?

Now everyone, laugh wickedly evil with me....

Muahahha Muahaha Muahahhahahhahahahhaa !!!!!

Check out the design of the trusses on the ceiling... sparkling shiny spanning all over the places.. ahh only a civil engineering student like me can appreciate such beauty...

And so I went in another cinema hall... without knowing what movie will be shown, and what time it will start. Fortunately it was not Da Vinci Code again, this time was.... the Cars !!! Yes, the 3D Animated movie... I call it, a cartoon. I was rather dissapointed at first.. you see, I have no passion for cars. Sexy sport cars do not make me drool. I have total Erectile Dysfunction blindness when it comes to car.... no car in this world can turn me on. Call me weird, call me a misfit.... but I just do not get what is so cool about a car.. just something with wheels.. serves the purpose as a carriage.. sheessshhh. So you see, I have never watched movies like Fast and Furious or anything of its likeness. Heck, now I am watching a cartoon of cars??? Kecelakaan besar !!

Since it was something "free" and I did not even pay for the ticket to be sitting there.... I decided to stay on... after all, you do not get free stuff every day.

Well well well.... what did I know... I loved the show !!! Seriously... it was like... amazing !!!! I do not know why, but somehow none of the Disney Animation has ever dissapointed me before. Though I hate cars.. but the movie is sooooo much more than just cars. The storyline is awesome, packed with humour all along the way, and the animation is nothing short of breathtaking. There was so much life in the characters, though just animation, and they felt so real, and I could unexpectedly relate the story and happenings in the scenes to my own life !! The movie has got the emotions flowing, heck, this may sound awkward, but there is definitely chemistry between the Lighting McQueen and the Porshe. I swear I could have cried out loud if no one was sitting around me when Lightning was leaving the town and his crush, Porshe and back to his huge race. Call me sissy, but... Oh boy... that part was heart wrecking !! I could not believe I just said that, but it was true.. and it felt so deep. Disney never failed to bring magic out of their animations. This is the same deep emotions I felt back then when Mufasa died and Simba tried to wake him up in The Lion King. I cried back then too.. hey.. I was only 9 years old when I watched The Lion King ok?

I think this movie, Cars actually carries many meaningful messages. People can so much lust and chase after power and status that they would actually intentionally push aside away many things that are precious and important in their lives. Ego and pride can very well cause self destruction and corrupt one's soul. I have seen quite a number of good friends turning away just to go that extra mile, just to be better than anyone else, just to be on top of everyone. The question here: Does being the best really matter and is it worth sacrificing friendship over it?

For those who know me well, I chose friendship. I held on to friendship, regardless to circumstances, and I treat friendship as something sacred. To me, there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding in the world to have good, and true friends. The true friends are my treasures, and I shall hold on dearly to them, for they provide me with every good reason to breathe and live on.

One important lesson I would like to share with everyone here from Cars: What is the point of extreme winning/success if there is no one to celebrate with? Would not it be better that you have friends to walk with you, no matter what circumstances you are in, and be there for you, sharing joy, laughter and happiness when you need them? i just do not understand some people, why would they throw all these away, just for the sake of power, money and status. At the end of the day, we still need people, and one can never truly survive alone. Even till the day a person dies, he still needs someone to bury the body, or burn it to ashes.

After the Cars, I felt rather light and contented. I was happy I decided to stay on and watch the second movie, which little was I expected to enjoy it so much !! Cars kicks the butt of Da Vinci Code big time ! Afterall, you do not get free movies often. I wanted to stay on for even more, but as I got out from the second movie, it was getting rather dark.

View of Perth from the Hoyts Cinema City...

I gotta admit, this has been a rather exciting and unusual day for me. Heck.. maybe someday I should do this again... go for a movie marathon, but with a price of just one ticket.... hopping from one cinema to another after each movie !! Anyone care to join me?

Side note: I am still under the busy mode, preparing for my exams. Sorry for not replying all the messages and visiting the usual blogs as often as I usually would... but I promise I shall get back on track as soon as my last paper ended.


  1. hey mike...
    its skill i tell u.. SKILL !!!!!

  2. hor! i'm going to report u to hoyts liao!

  3. Hoyts City Centre may be the crappiest cinema in Perth, but it still beats Kuching's cinemas anytime la.... Kuching cinemas give me the ka-chuaks (cockroaches)one... and no top-choc ice cream /jaffa/ maltesers to eat while enjoying ur movie.

  4. hey wuching,
    ahaha feel free to report.. muahhaaahahahha

    hey cooking4stp.
    yeah... sadly what u said is true.. but then the reason why cinemas here are doing so well because u cant find pirated dvds anywhere !! no such thing as vcd here...

  5. if that's the crappiest cinema, i don't know what star cinema in kcuhing is.

  6. hey ivan,
    aiyoo... cannot compare with kuching mar... ahahaa.. here there are so many cinemas.. so many competition..
    kuching.. only that star and riverside... gotta admit riverside sucks big time nowadays.. dunno what the management is doing....

  7. Hey Robin,
    I myself dont understand about cars. Like that day my fren asked me follow him to watch this car fair. I said to him, first of all, i cant even afford any of them. Second, whats the point of just looking. I dont understand. But i know some guys want to get interested with car because they think its a guy thing! So generic...
    I think car is car, it should serve the purpose. I think we are blinded and being twisted by the tv to say that guy should own such and such car. I think its a plot from this car maker and not to mention the banks who would benefit loads from the interest we would be paying! hehee...

  8. hey rudster wudster,
    ahhaa I guess I am not the only weird ones in the world who do not see the wonders in the cars.. glad to know there are more people out there who share the same view with me !! Maybe I am not that weird after all... hhmmmm...

    hey hijackqueen,
    yeah, indeed, cars rawks !!!

  9. ah, havent watched cars yet but heard good reviews from others. watched Tokyo Drift wif fred, LSH and wendy earlier jz now... hehehe..

  10. hey chun chow,
    tokyo drift any good?? ahahhaa how is lsh by the way???

  11. hey no worries! all the best to all of your papers!! gambatte ne!!

    who said only civil engineering student know how to appreciate the ceiling trusses? me QS leh... hehehe :D

    movie marathon! cool... i tried that before! hahaha...

  12. hey carcar,
    hahahaa u doing QS?? cool... something related strongly to civil and construction engineering.. ahahhaaa...
    thanks for the well wish... will do my best !!

  13. Hi!

    It might interest you to know that this cinema was demolished in 2008!

    I spent parts of my youth there when I guess it looked better. I'd love to get copies of any full resolution pics you took that day, so that I can cry myself to sleep at night, lamenting a mis-spent youth.