Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sea Gulls....

I have been away from this blog for longer than I intended. All for the better I hope, just completed one dreadful final semester examination paper an hour ago, and another equally depressing one yesterday. Much sleep and rest will be needed for me to recover. Thank goodness the last paper is 7 days away, that allows me some space to breathe, and of course, some time to blog too.

So how is everyone? Anybody misses me? No? Its ok, Robin has always been a lonely bird flying solo.

No, that is not even close to what Robin is, do not even think of it, Robin is of course, much better looking and hotter than that...

Anyway, here are some photos of the place I went to de-stress while my mind has hit the saturation point and could not take in any more facts. I was so stressed out that I could feel my head boiling up to the point of explosion. So, I went out, to places with smooth green pastures and clam blue waters. No, I didnt go far this time, heck its winter now, if not I would have moved my huge heavy ass down to the beach.

So, I just went to the river-side by the Perth CBD. Nothing major there, the wind and water and .... alright I know the vital component - babes with large boobies are missing

So I bought myself a set of McDonalds value meals.. and sat by the river-side... letting my thoughts and feelings drift away slowly while munching my food... And you gotta admit.. those seagulls are very annoying. So I did something to them...

I have just heard from someone that if a seagulls drinks carbonated drinks, eg Coke, the seagull will literally explode. Yes.. Ka-Boom to shreds. How true that is, I would not have known. It is believed that the seagulls do not have the system in their body to repel excessive gas build-up in their stomach, hence the fatal explosion that would occur. How much Coke to build up sufficient pressure in the gas build-up, I have no idea. But hey... that thought stirred up something else in my mind...

Click to watch the clips...

Behold, McDonalds French Fries...

Gosh... you may not find stray dogs and cats here in Australia scrapping for food at the streets and backyard like Kuching or other places in Malaysia. However, the birds are everywhere !! And there is no control over them... you can't possibly catch every single one of them like cats and dogs can you? I tell you, they are equally as irritating.

Behold.. Ice Cube...

Goodness, such hunger desperation... I bet if I threw Kenny Sia's Coconuts (click) instead, the birds would charge in the same. No?


  1. eh! where've u been? watching soccer kah?!

  2. hey wuching

    I hate soccer !! ahahaaa..
    been busy with exams...
    arrrghhh STTREESSSS

  3. wasn't it panadol tht made Seagull's stomachs burst?

  4. yeah i heard it was panadol...

  5. hey Kristine and Ivan,
    Isit panadol?? LOL.. i have no idea.. heard from a friend bout the coke part.. ahahhaha

  6. You wanna know how powerful is a coke explosion? Get a 1.5L Coke, one strip of mentos sweet, drop the sweet all at once into the coke bottle and it will EXPLODE!!! No joke.

  7. hey hijackqueen,
    wahh serious ah???? realy the mentos will expode ah??
    interesting... shall try that.. maybe after my exams.. hmm

  8. please sabar robin, please dont blow your head away before your last paper.

  9. hey chloe,
    thanks a lot.. will try not to blow my mind off.... kekekkkee

  10. i'm pretty sure its panadol. cos my fren tried it once apparently. poor seagull is all i have to say.

  11. hey kristine,
    Animal cruelty !!! Arrrghhhh