Thursday, June 08, 2006

Power Rangers

In just less than a week away from the final of my final exams in my entire university life, I somehow ended up spending more time than I wanted on something rather unexpected. I know everyone has been under much stress lately, and little would expect me to do this in the midst of such chaotic phase in my life. I have found joy watching the episodes of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers from the live internet TV broadcast, You Tube. Ahh the wonders of Technology....

Take your time to laugh all you want. Yes, you heard that right.

Power Rangers

Roll on the floor and laugh till your eyes pop out.

You see, I grew up with Power Rangers. Man, back then, who did not like the Power Rangers? Everyone would gather on class on Mondays (Originally the first Power Rangers series were aired on Sundays 7pm on Malaysian TV) and discuss on the actions and moves and everyone would go "oooooohhh" "woooooowwwwww" or "aaaaahhhhh". I gotta admit, Power Rangers back then was like the best thing that could ever happen to any kids on the television. I admit I was a hardcore fan, I followed through the Power Rangers through the first generation to the Power Rangers: Lost in Space finale when Zordon was destroyed. Gosh, that was a long span of years, starting from 1994 all the way to my college days which probably would be some time in 2002 !!

Of course, I grew out of it, and got engaged with more adult "stuff". Lets not get more in detail with those stuff. Aheemmm... excuse my sore throat...

For those of you who do not even know what Power Rangers are, let me give you a very brief introduction. Power Rangers are a group of five people consisting of three very handsome guys and two sexy girls. Evil aliens are on the edge of conquering Earth, and only the Power Rangers have the Powers to stop them. What kind of powers you ask? The power to suddenly change your cloths into sexily tight, smooth and shiny costunes with dorky looking helmet on your head. What do they do? To rape the bad guys before they have a chance to rape anyone else on Earth. How do they rape the bad guys? They work in teams. GANG BANG !!!

Alright, I know something is wrong with my memories on the Power Rangers, but heck...

Looking back now through all these years, I have figured out the reasons why Power Rangers never failed to entertain me, even in my college days. No, it is not because of the gigantic robots that combines into a humanoid robot that can be summoned and controlled at will. Heck, if I want robots, I would rather watch Transformers instead. No, it is not because of the fighting scenes that got my adrenaline rushing. Cool martial arts and karate moves may be the main attraction, but I never liked violence and fighting. No, it is not because of the massive constant explosions there and here, though I admitted Power Rangers never failed to grip me action-wise. No, it is not because of the secret mission that they have either, or living lives of super heroes.

It is, in fact, Austin St John. The first Red Ranger....

Ohh you gotta admit he is so sexy and HOT. Cute boyish face.. and a drool worthy body... Ahheem aheemmmm excuse my sore throat again. My cough must have made me say things that are not true... so pardon me... Aheeemmm...

Jones, Truang and Austin still remain friends till this day.

What I truly find fascinating in the Power Rangers... is the friendship the members of Rangers share. They always work together. They trust each other. They each other, be there for each other when someone is in trouble. They watch each others back. They care for each other, and NEVER backstab, and never have fights and hatred or anger amongst themselves. They go to school together, hang out together, have fun together, and God knows do what else together. Ok, the point is, there is a sense of true friendship in the show, and it never fails to provide the satisfaction through the ideal version of friendship that anyone would ever dream of. How I wish I could be part of something so cool and true.

Well, reality always bites. We are humans, after all, we do not have special powers to rape monsters.

Anyway, why now? Why suddenly I am interested in Power Rangers once again, after all these years? I gotta admit, I still enjoy watching the Power Rangers !! I was watching Green with Envy Part 1 to Part 5. I have watched those episodes back in the year 1994.... and I am surprised myself of how much details I can remember and how quickly I can recall them !! I can predict the moves and attacking techniques. Well, ask me who my English Teacher was in Primary 4, I probably would have forgotten her name (and her face) and of course everything else that she taught me. Hell, I believe Power Rangers was more important than she is.

Yes, I am turning 22 this year, and I still watch Power Rangers, and I still enjoy them !! Why? Maybe because it reminds me of the good innocent old times. Life was so much easier back then. No thesis. No financial problems. No stress. No friends trying to ghey around with you. Heck, all I knew back then was fun, and one thing that truly drove the fun out of that era was Power Rangers !! Boy, what have I grew up to..

Here is something for you guys to spark the flames of those old school days..

It was a sad case in Malaysia though, Power Rangers almost got banned just because of the word Morphing. Gosh... we all know that Morphin is a type of drugs that once you take it you will turn gay instantly and lose your ability to have sex and all, but there is no way to change the fact that Morph is a valid word in English, and there is no wrong in using that whatsoever, as long as we do not see the Power Rangers use morphin then turn gay and lose their ablility to have sex after that. Luckily the Gahmen did not ban Power Rangers, or I would have lived a childhood filled with darkness. What they did instead was censoring the word "morphing" out of every mentioned incidence.

For example in the opening theme....

Go go Power Rangers, Mighty **FUCKING** Power Rangers...

Or when the Rangers were about to strip naked and change into those bright colored costumes..

Its FUCKING time.

I guess that left the *censored* space open for many wild imaginations of free thinking children, don't you think?

Alright, enough of me dreaming. For those of you who do like Power Rangers, and think that Power Rangers are the coolest thing on the planet event for one short phase of their lives, please leave a comment and say hi. We fellow Rangers should stick together and save the world !!!

I should probably get back to work. May the Powers protect you.

Side note: Sigh, I hate exams. Then again, what is school without exams?


  1. OMG, POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!

    I was and still am a big fan. I was SOOO happy when one of the questions for quiz night during youth last year was to name the Pink Ranger. I remember buying the toy model pterodactyl when I was an 11 year old kid visiting Perth.

    They are all.So.Cool!

    :p This is the little kid in me talking again.

    And I think that Andros (Red Ranger from Power Rangers in Space) is the hottest ranger, ever.

  2. It's green with evil, not green with envy...btw,Truang dead in accident wiki...*sob*

  3. hey cynical-idealist
    wow... i know a lot of people out there love power rangers.... i didnt expect u would be one of them !!!

    hey kenny lee,
    thanks for pointing out the mistakes.. i guess i typed too fast in the entry...
    i know Trang died too.. IX just pointed out to me on the Chatterbox.

  4. I stopped watching afte Rita and Lord Zed got married. Then I figured out how crappy it was.

    I gotta be honest and say I was on Power Rangers a good year before it hit Malaysia. Was watching it in Canada when I was on a one-month holiday. I must've been 4 or 5 in kindergarten.

    But yeah... got sick of it after a while. It's stupid, can't believe you went up to 2002. Hardcore....

  5. erm, powerpuff girls anyone?

    lol. u guys actually rmbr what goes on? i barely rmbr what colours they r in.

  6. that's a bit new for me! i prefer ultramen!

  7. Too dem long entry and i'm not a power ranger fan. All I can say is.... Thunder.... Thunder.... Thunder.... Thurdercat! Hoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  8. hey Jon,
    i dun find it stupid, in fact, after watching it now i still find it rather entertaining.

    hey chloe,
    powerpuffgirls???? hmmm....

    hey wuching,
    yeah, i guess power rangers are a bit too new for u !!! Ultramen.. solo leh...

    hey hijackqueen,
    this entry is long? so you hate long entries? well, for one, i hate short entries. Used to like thunder cats too.. before i discover the power rangers..

  9. goodness, i can't believe that u actually quoted that the red ranger is sizzling hot! errr..have u been taking morphin Robin? because u sound totally gay.

    then again, i used to imagine myself as the yellow ranger since my sis wants to be the pink ranger. sobs. why can't i be the pink ranger?

    *sits in a corner and cry*

  10. hey cheng sim,
    ahahhahahaa he is hot wad... but then again i was to young to know such things anyway..
    pink ranger eh?? used to adore her a lot.. she is rather sweet and charming, kimberly... ehhehhehee..

  11. i was born in ' i'm a bit too old to appreciate power rangers...
    however, i was into ultraman when i was a kid!
    hehe.. :p

  12. hey arth,
    ultraman lived on into my era.. it was also one of the cool things before poer rangers...

  13. Haven't had much chance to visit your site for ages..thorooughly enjoyed the arty pics you took of yourself. thought it was mighty brave of you! But well done is putting smiles on people's faces.
    just to let you know, we ARE moving to Singapore and will be there by the 6th. If you are travelling via there...again, you are most welcome!!

  14. hey chan gang !
    Long time no hear from u... yeah, ive got ur email about the family moving to singapore...
    if i ever drop by singapore, i will surely find you people !!! would love to meet the kids.. they are so adorable... ehhee

  15. Long live Power Rangers. Wahahaha.

    Sometimes when I think back, it was kind of silly to even think of getting all excited before the show. But what would childhood be like without Power Rangers, Flashman, Jet Man, Bajak Hitam and their ilk? ;)

  16. hey saykhia,
    yeah, those add colors to our childhood...
    but.. u still recall flashman !!! Wow.. u must have got a pretty good memory !!!

  17. shhh.. I like teenage mutant ninja turtles..

  18. hey annother robin...
    yeah, ninja turtles was one of the favourites too last time...
    but power rangers more realistic mar...