Friday, June 30, 2006

Out of Perth

Somewhere out there.. somewhere with the "kampung" feeling being absent from destructive modernization and drastic civilization, where the air is still fresh and green is the color you can perceive as far as the horizon stretches, and the morning sunlight reflects deeper sensation to the soul than just the astonishing golden yellow hue to the eyes.

Somewhere where freedom can be found seen evidently in the animals roaming around all over the places, care-free and as peaceful as they can be.

Somewhere where cows still continue to "Moo"

Somewhere where the horses have abundance of food and not being made slave by carrying humans' stinking ugly heavy asses on them when they walk around...

Somewhere where sheep "mengembek-embek" and wander aimlessly without worrying about the threat of wolves...

Somewhere where rabbits can snug and hug each for warmth and comfort while sleeping the the chilly morning of Western Australian winter...

Somewhere where geese can squeek so loudly until you get goose-bumps, just like a girl being chased by a ghost or being strangled mercilessly by a zombie....

Somewhere where... errrr.. God knows what creature this is, and errr.. God knows what they do...

Somewhere in the middle of no where...

A place chosen for people walking the same faith gathering together in the fellowship of Christ. A place which I have found great joy and interestingly new inspiration as well as a fresh outlook in my life. A place that has opened locked doors in my mind and heart to paths I have been seeking and yearning for so long. A place where love and peace filled the soul of many. A place where I have learned more than just Words, but the way of spirit, life and the truth. A place, I have come to find happiness.

This place, is called the Orchard Glory Farm, where, the OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) Winter Camp was at. I have spent the previous four days and three nights (Monday to Thursday) away from Perth.

But now, I am back.

Side note: This is the pre-entry for my series of blog entries on the OCF Winter Camp. I shall break down the trip/camp to several components and blog about them separately.

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  1. its a llama rob. anything happening during the camp? hehe

  2. hey ivan...
    ahahaa ilama ah?? ahhahaaa.. first time seeing one...
    got.. many things happen in the camp.. will blog in series...

  3. Looking forward to the next post about your trip.

  4. Beautiful light in the first pic.

    Trust that it'd been a worthwhile experience.

  5. hey kenjj,
    thanks !! will do it as soona s possible...

    hey fh20
    yeah... the morning light was awesome !!!

  6. ol' mc robin has a farm...
    eeyai eeyai oh!

  7. hey wuching,
    if u ever come to my farm i shall summon a crocodile to find you !!

  8. Old McDonald had a farm. EIEIO. and on his farm he has a .... funny creature. EIEIO. Does he mac mac here? moo moo there? ngeih negih everywhere?