Monday, June 05, 2006

Of Rock Hard Bodies

Yo yo people !! How have you guys been? Sorry for the absence... but what the heck.. I am back... breathing, jumping around... flying freely like a bird... wait a minute.. Robin is a bird after all... a bird that loses all his feathers due to the winter coldness in Perth.

Alright, cut the non-sense. I am proud to announce that I have completed my one year long research project to suffice the requirements of the Engineering Degree Honours. Yeap, you've got that right, I have just submitted my hard work, my precious... my thesis today. For this sole baby of mine, I have endured sleep and proper meal deprivation. I have locked myself from the outside world, and God-knows how much time on it. And now.. it has finally come to the end.

And I am damned GLAD it has. Just a glimpse of my thesis...

Enough of my boring school stuff, lets move on to something more alike. What is like you ask? If you still do not know, find a spoon and gulp it down your throat like water.


Just walk around Perth, you can find all sorts of arts display, may it be just simple statue or paintings embedded on the walkway. It is everywhere, if you care enough to open your eyes.

Come to think of it, I may have actually passed by this piece of artwork positioned just outside the Wellington Street Bus Station/Perth Train Station right in the middle of the pedestrian pathway... but never noticed it and have a thorough look at it. Somehow, after staring at it for a while, it does feel strange for such a piece of rock sculpture to be placed in such a public setting.

Why strange you ask?

Because, we humans, after all, will always be animals humans.


  1. kesian her. left already imperfect. right also imperfect... which nympho *blank* her at night arh?

  2. hey wuching...
    but u gotta admit.. thats a rare piece of vandalised material !!

    hey chloe..
    ahaha imperfection is something that makes that piece of artwork truly unique !!