Friday, June 02, 2006

Of the One I Love

Oh dear, I got tagged again, this time by Charmaine (click), again. The tag requires me to list down 8 qualities/attributes in the perfect lover. Wow... EIGHT is a hell lot...

I generally keep an open mind when it comes to relationships, and I do not believe in such things as perfect lovers. A person may appear to have all the qualities you seek for as a perfect lover, but that does not guarantee your relationship to be smooth sailing and long lasting. Choice is always a difficult thing. However, I believe there are many things to be considered and tolerated once we get into a relationship, much have to be sacrificed. My point is, sometimes, one may not end up with the Dream version of perfect lover, but as long as the person provides long-lived happiness and faithfulness, does the other attributes and qualities really matter anymore?

So you see, it is rather difficult to come up with EIGHT points... but I did anyway, so here goes.

1. Her brain must travel with approximately the same frequency as mine.

To me, it is important to be with someone who has common grounds with me. I mean, you cant possibly put a crow and a parrot together, they just, do not match !!! It is important to have someone that I would be able to talk to openly and constantly, with mutual understandings on a wide variety of topics. Not that I have much problem to strike conversation with anyone at any given time, but not being able to communicate openly and silence may just be the thing that kills off the spark in a relationship instantly.

2. She must be emotionally sound.

Hell knows no fury like a woman scorn. One will understand this after watching X-Men 3, gosh.. they have turned Jean Grey into a DEMON....

This is also rather significant in a relationship. I would not want the person I am with to be super sensitive over small matters and sulk all day long just because I tell her she if FAT has gained weight. I would not want a crazy bi**h who turns into a demon and screams on top of her lungs just because I forgot to buy a present for her birthday. I would not want the person to cry all day long and threatens me with suicidal notes just because of seeing other girls admiring me (Aheeeemmmmm) and hanging out with me. Female is a very complicated species, the power of their emotions know no limit, and they can do whatever it takes to satisfy the drives of their emotional turmoil. Therefore, it is of top priority to assess their emotional stability before stepping into a relationship !! An woman can either give you a glimpse of heaven, or an eternity of HELL on earth !!

3. She must have a heart made of kindness and sincerity.

Of course, kindess and sincerity are very important traits that many would seek for. Unfortunately, most women nowadays are either heartless, of having their mind being corrupted by the evil around them. Honestly speaking, I have seen many women who prioritised money and power over love. These are the monsters that will suck you dry of all you wealth and leave you when you have become useless and unproductive. I need a partner who would be able to show love and care not only for me, but for everyone else around her generally. I need a partner who would not have second thoughts on taking care of my mum and dad. I need a kind and sincere smile that assures me that no matter how difficult life can get, we will go through it together, and that kindness and sincerity alone would give me a purpose and inspiration to keep on fighting.

4. She must have noise resistant ears.

I am in deep passion for audio entertainment. My future home will be filled with giant speakers powered by multiple amplifiers with the ability to create an earthquake in the neighbourhood if I choose to. LOUD and high fidelity sound is the essence in my life, and my interest in audio surpasses many other important priorities. I do not wish to be held liable for any hearing damage on the person living together with me !!!

5. She must have patience of a saint.

No, not up to the level of Mother Teresa !! Allow me to explain....

Patience is very critical when it comes to a relationship. Imagine if you have a dinner date with someone, and she whines and machine-guns you with hurtful words just because you are late for 15 minutes... thats not really helping the relationship at all. Keep in mind that she will be the one bearing you child, 9 months being pregnant, and practically 18 years of child caring that follows. If patience is an issue, the relationship will suffer many other issues as well.

6. She must not smoke.

See the boobies how attractive girls can get without smoking???

I do not smoke. I want to raise a smoke free family. I do not want my kids to suffer from second hand smoke. Heck... I think girls who smoke are generally unattractive and disgusting no matter how large their boobies are So girls, say tak nak to cigs !! They just degrade your level of sexiness and beauty. Your life is short, why make it shorter? And certainly, don't make my life shorter!!

7. She must not gamble.

There is no way I would take in a person who would gamble just for the sake of fun in it. I have seen too many cases involving gambling that shatters the entire family. No mah jong, and certainly no trips to casino. I plan to save my hard earn cash and invest on useful things, and I am just not willing to lose them all away just because of a partner who is inconsiderately risking her neck in gambling.

8. She must be independent.

One of the common traits in the girls nowadays, and probably the most annoying to all guys is the level of dependency they have on their partners. These girls can literally lean on the guys every single minute of the day. The guys would need to be there for the girls anytime, anywhere, at any given situation, and when they are physically seperated, reports must be made via sms or phonecalls every 15 minutes intervals. You are obligated to follow her wherever she goes and do whatever she asks you to do for her. Goodness... these girls are parasites !!! They are stuck with you, and suck of every single bit of your life away. They suck your time, your money and oh goodness, your FREEDOM away. I need the person to be rather independent, being able to take care of herself, and be not cling to me 24/7 !!!

Phhheeeewwwpphh.. that was a looooong list......

And now I tag...

Ivan, Arth, Chin Kian, Chloe, Kristine, Cheng Sim, Infectioner Extreme and KenJJ.

Muahahha Muahaha Muahahahhaa...

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  1. u forgot to mention she must be a guy! hahahahaah..joking only robbie! heheheehe

  2. Waaaah, and I thought I was fussy. Turns out guys are even more fussy. :D

    And why does Phoenix looks so crappy?? Phooenix is supposed to be smoking hot, literally. Sigh, yet another reason not to watch X-3.

  3. hey wuching,
    oh ya, i forgot to mention she must be gay... OOopppss...
    lets just pretend I did not say anything eh?

    hey cynical-idealist,
    she is HOT... but they turned her evil.. dark phoenix mar...
    she looked like one of those evil-monster ghost in those horror movies...
    its a good movie... but dun expect any happy ending..

  4. jean looks ooooold. but flaming red hair is always hot. =) i might consider to... haha

    *thinks hard*
    *thinks harder*
    *thinks too hard and passes out*

  5. Hey chloe,
    Jean does not look that old... but the make up on her did a good job making her look reallu evil.. thats not the horrible part yet...
    she turned much worse than that..

  6. Aiyoh........aiyoh...I just came back from a vacation already i kenak tagged.

  7. hey arth..
    ahahhahaa.... after enjoy so much must start working !! ahahhaa
    just kidding... u take ur time ya... no rush one....

  8. Fuuihhhh...dear Robin how u define ur life??

  9. hey anonymous..
    errmm... do I know you??
    How do I define life? why do I need to define my life?
    i believe life has no proper definitions, we just have to live it, and make damned sure we live it to the fullest.

  10. Woo Hoo! I didn't get tagged!!! :D

  11. hey mike,
    the next one u will sure kenak !!

  12. tak nak boobies...
    so much for not tagging me

  13. hey ivan....
    why tak nak boobies?? gosh... why why why???

  14. my dear boy, i think u better start looking for a good monastery in WA to join!

    where can find such a person with ALL these qualities u want!!!

    come, let me slap u with my paddles to wake u up from your hallucinations ... keke ;)

  15. hey unker....
    ekkekekeke.... maybe im not looking for the "perfect" one..
    wahhh hit me with paddle some more... later i konplen to mummy then u know...