Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Of KFC and Birds

In this entry, I shall illustrate with relevant pictures on the life cycle of a bird, particularly chicken.

1. Starts from an egg....

2. Grows into a... chicken !!!

3. Turns into... Kentucky Fried Chicken !!!

4. Goes into our mouths !!! Its finger licking good !!!

5. And the rest of them... goes to.....

Kanineeee... Like that also can... eating the flesh of your brothers thoughtlessly... heartlessly.. man..

Come to think of it, a life of a chicken is indeed very sad. Nevertheless, they have achieved such greatness in their short span of life.. I gotta admit.. Hot and Spicy rules !!

Man.. I miss KFC...


  1. hey wuching,
    yeah, i shall i shall...

  2. Eh, Rob... you forgot to include the phase where eggs turn into baby chicks...hehe
    Btw, I'm on for a good KFC meal, anytime....

  3. hey arth..
    aiyoo.. no picture of baby chicks mar... ahahaa...
    I dunno why... but i have a feeling I am addicted to KFC.. though i hav enot had any since like forever..

  4. kesian betul cannot eat KFC.. :).. anyway thanks for your comment. only now i realise that your comment was under the spam section

  5. hey shina...
    yalor... i need KFC !!
    Anyway.. how come I become spam?? arrr

  6. OMG, that has to be the nicest KFC meal I've evern seen.

    Usually the chicken pieces are tiny and the mashed potato & coleslaw is like flat

  7. *LOL* Love those pigeon pictures! Cute ler!

    Aiyo... KFC is *everywhere*, do yourself a favour and eat liau!

  8. hey skyler,
    ahahaa.. sometimes we do get lucky and have bigger poeces of chicken. I usually would request "no wings please" so i can either have breast or drumstick only !! Makes my money much worth it...

    hey luxferi !!
    KFC here so expesnive worr.. no money lar.. would not want to spend something that costs the same but priced three times the amount I spend in malaysia !!

  9. I also dunno how come u got spam.. keke.. somthing wrong with the system i guess. :)

  10. hey shina...
    ahahahaa ok ok.. guess computers never liked me all along.. since i never really liked them at all !! ahahahhaa.. but we are so dependent on them..

  11. where had you been?
    your fingers are pinkish red!
    up to some fowl play? ;)

  12. hey unker,
    the finger and eating KFC picture and the plate of chicken and other stuff are all taken in KFC saberkas kuching lar.. ahahhaahhaa
    me here no $$$ to eat KFC ok...