Sunday, June 25, 2006

Of BBQ and Dumb Birds

Update: I shall be going for a winter camp for 4days/3nights tomorrow (26th June 2006), hence away from my precious computer and blogging activities. The winter camp is organised by OCF, its gonna be at Orchard's Glory Farm (God knows where that is) and I am anticipating loads of fun. Therefore please try your best not to miss me so much ok? I shall return on Thursday, with major updates.

Earlier on in the afternoon, me and my circle of friends from the university indulged ourselves with a barbeque lunch/picnic/party as a get together celebration for the ending of this first semester of 2006. And by now you would have guessed where the bbq was at, yeah, again, for God knows how many times have I mentioned this beautiful lovely place near my residential area as well as my Uni - Matilda Bay. The riverside park is very near, provided with the bbq equipments (with free gas and electricity), and complete with tables and benches. Where else can we look for such convenience? Not to mention the atmosphere of blue waters and green soft pastured grass would be unbeatable by any other given options.

The Landscape

The People

There were more than 15 people attending the barbeque, I could care less to count all the heads. It has been quite a while since I participated in this kind of huge gatherings, and the one thing that truly made this bbq special is the big family feeling that everyone shared by being there and enjoying the moments together. The more the merrier they say, but I say the bigger the group the bigger the party is.

More People

The Food

Afterall, this bbq was not just an ordinary bbq, it comes with everything, a complete package if you would call it. Besides almost all types of meat for the main bbq dish, we also have generous supply of beer, fruits (grapes and watermelon), chips and all sorts of other stuff. Everyone took turns to cook the meat, and I, like usual would pulled out my camera and make myself less useful by snapping unnecessary pictures randomly. No one complained, so I took it as a good sign. Everyone had awesome time.

Now, what do we do for fun besides bbq you ask? Being corrupted by the university for oh so long and being under superb intensity of pressure and ruthless all sorts of tortures inflicted upon us, our definition of fun has been significantly altered sub-consciously. Countless laboratory experiments have we conducted, and uncountable number of reports for those experiments have we produced over the years. Engineering education in UWA can do wonders in our lives.

So, may I present you an experiment that we created and tested right after the bbq.

1.0 Experiment Title: To validate the dumbness of sea gulls.

2.0 Experiment Objectives: To prove that humans are superior beings and we can dominate normal animals (such as birds) with ease by using our mass brain power.

3.0 Experiment Subjects: Sea Gulls (the most annoying and noisiest bird in the entire planet)

4.0 Theory and Hypothesis: If you try to throw something at a bird, their reaction is so fast that even before the object you throw at it flies halfway through the air, it will easily and swiftly dodge the attack. However, no matter how fast the reaction of a sea gull can be, we can slow down their reflex time significantly by providing constraints around them, and eventually we can hit them. The constraints in this experiment is the box.

5.0 Experiment Methods:
1) Find suitable baits, such as leftover bbq food, and break those baits into smaller pieces.
2) Locate a suitable position and place the baits on the ground to attract the sea gulls. In this experiment, the baits are arranged in a line leading into a huge box. Look at the picture below.

3) Get into position (suggested 4-5 meters away from the baits) and prepare empty beer bottles on hand.
4) Once the sea gull(s) enters the box, throw the bottle at hand as fast and as hard as possible onto the box.
5) If everything goes well, the bottle should be able to hit the sea gull(s), proving that they are dumb enough to risk their lives just for the sake of leftover bqq food.

6.0 Experiment Results and Discussion:

Click the video to see how the experiment turns out.

Trial 1:

Trial 2:

Well, to be honest, the birds were still too fast to be hit by any of us.

7.0 Results Summary: Two words - COMPLETE FAILURE

8.0 Experiment Conclusions: Birds may have tiny brains and appear to be dumb creatures, risking their lives for food, but you gotta admit, this experiment ultimately proves that we humans are MUCH dumber. Go figure.


Well, the moral of the story is, the university education does not necessarily make you a smarter person. It deteriorates your mind to such a level that the number dead brain cells inflicted can lead to a state of mind called PhD. (permanent head damage). So folks, think twice before sending your children to the university. Think looong and haard.

The bbq lunch and crazy experiment session ended with.....

..... me cam-whoring with Matilda Bay as my background. At least the birds can't beat us in this.

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  1. u've been cam hoing a lot eh. i think i'm loving matilda bay already

  2. hey ivan,
    ahahhaa yalor, m ecam-whoring is chloe's fault.. ahahhaa
    Mtilda bay rawks !! ahahhaa though its a bit too cold to enjoy now...

  3. matilda bay is beautiful! i gotta say our uni has one of the best scenery ever. i mean compare to all the other uni in perth and currently in adelaide too.. haha..


  4. I was UWA 93-96! Thanks for the photos. I think I had a BBQ at the EXACT same spot...

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  6. hey anonymous,
    yeah, matilday bay is quite breathtaking... i go there very often just for walk.. it is so lucky my uni is just next to it.

    hey bluewheeler,
    wow.. u must miss uwa and perth then !! aahahaa.. guess most people here would have been at that same bbq spot !!

  7. watch out for avian flu! u're bird obsessed, rob! just count how many posts u've mentioned them silly feathered animals.

    oops sorry, i hope that didnt sound offending. wouldn't want the bird's Big Brother Rob to kejar me. =P

  8. hey chloe,
    ahahhaa.. well i am a bird after all, it is only natural for me to blog about birds...

  9. i thought u're a cat. hence the fascination for birds.

  10. Haha...glad that you enjoy yourself out there after all those bloody exams. :p

  11. hey chloe,
    yes, i am a cat.. ahahhaa and i hate dogs..

    hey wuching,

    hey Kenjj,
    thanks... u too have a good break

  12. Wow... Having great fun huh? I want too!!! The BBQ looked yummy too!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee...jealous... :P

  13. hey irene..
    yalor.. ahahhaa exams finish liaw.. now holiday MUST have fun !! ahahahhaaa