Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Mysterious Visitor

Since I moved in to this house outside the residential hall I used to stay in for almost a year full, there have been a few constant visitors coming to my house from time to time. Of all the usual suspects, there is however, one very unique visitor, and whenever I see this visitor, I will gladly open my door and hoping that she would come in and "play" with me.

I do not mind if she wants to stay as long as she wants. She looks rather gorgeous. The way she walks, oh boy... so very gentle and smooth, unlike the girls nowadays who would be clumsy and aggressive like elephants rolling down a hill. The expression on her face is of curiosity and innocence, and her smile is worth staring at. She is rather quiet, unlike the girls nowadays who would talk out at such extreme volume like they have 500 Watts RMS amplifier installed in their throat or something.

She is always welcome to my house, though I believe she lives nearby. This is a friendly neighbourhood after all. Now you may ask, why blog about her? What is so interesting about her?

Well, the answer is mainly because she has been rather shy since the first time I met her. She would not let me take pictures of her. But this time around, we have seen each other on more regular basis, and she has let her walls down. And she even dared to have her beautiful body being photographed, with no cloths on.

Here are the photos....

Jeng Jeng Jeng..

Isn't she so adorable? Puurrrr.....

How did I know its a she you ask me? No, I didnt know, and I didnt bother to find out, but I would like to assume its a she. No harm in that whatsoever.

I love cats, so much more than a dog. MEOW !!!!


  1. what a cute miaw miaw... love the cats more cos its less hassle! heh heh

    i used to live with a cat in my apt in perth. older sis is taking care of it now.


  2. i love kitty meow meows.....
    so geram with cats takut i squeeze them til they burst!

    Arth loves dogs and cats but mom's allergic to animal fur so can't keep one.

  3. hey wuching,

    hey chrisie
    yeah, cats are so adorable.. u were in perth before?? mind intro urself?

    hey arth,
    how can u squeeze such adorable creatures !! ahaahhaaa..

  4. Just go down low on her (wtf!) and see if you can spot 2 balls hanging out there. muahahaa...

  5. hey hyijackqueen...
    ahhahaa.. why would I be interested?

  6. Haha...darn you! You must be over-stress because of the exam, I guess? Hahah

  7. hey kenjj..
    yalor yalor... one more paper... one more !!!!
    eeeeeeeeeeek !!!!