Saturday, June 17, 2006

In the Park Nearby

I have two papers down, one left to go.. yeah baby !! After that, it is total freedom. I tell you, FREEDOM !!! Free like a bird...
Until then, this blog shall remain rather passive, and I sure hope to get back to normal blogging pace right after that last paper !!! So in this entry, I shall minimise my words, and just focus on photographs.
All the photos were taken at the park near my house: King's Park. I just had to move my huge heavy ass out of the house and bring my cam along for such wonderful and rewarding photography experience. No, I am no professional photographer, far from even to be called an amateur. But with a camera in hand and the park near my house, I figured why not take some time off and let photography be the de-stress therapy?
The Greens
Though its winter now, it is not cold enough in Perth for all the leaves to fall... green is still pretty much everywhere. With such cool weather, looking at the greens is definitely something soothing to the mind.

The Flowers

It is definitely not a season for flowers now, spring will come soon, 3 months away. But still, some lovely flowers can be spotted there and here.


The Birds

There are many birds actually in King's Park, but my camera lacks the zoom power and resource to capture good shots, unless the birds land on the ground, like the following one. Go to my previous post on Birds (click) to find out more.

Man, if only I have an SLR.... if only.... there are so much to photograph here !!! And for someone who loves nature and landscape beauty.. King's Park is paradise !! All those above are just a small part of King's Park... more photos coming soon when I have the whole day just to go out and photograph till the memory card is full and the battery ran out of juice.

Those days will come soon.. ohhh soon...


  1. can sing & dance tamil now like in the bolywood movies!

  2. hey wuching,
    u love bollywood?? gosh..never knew that !!

  3. lol... robin's ongoing love affair with his Aves friends...

    good luck yo!

  4. I can't imagine robin doing a bollywood dance and rolling down the hill

  5. hey chloe..
    love affair?? gasp...

    hey ivan,
    hahahaa life can be surprising ivan..

  6. The 1st pic of the flowers issit called called Bottle neck?

  7. hey hijackqueen,
    honestly.... i have no idea what those flowers are !!!!!