Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In the Awe of Four

First off I gotta apologize to Irene (click) for delaying this tag for so long. I have been rather busy with exams and thesis and everything else... I'm just super glad that everything is over now. Like I promised, I would get to this tag when I have more free time.

This tag is another one of the random meme that requires the blogger (or victim) to come up with thoughts and answers to some random questions. Man, I wonder if my life is truly that random at all...

Here goes.

Four Jobs that I would stink at:

1) Anything to do with cooking or preparing food. Robin is a terrible cook.
2) Anything to do with water. Robin is a bird, he flies, he does not swim.
3) Anything to do with sports. Robin hates sports.
4) Anything to do with computers. Robin has wronged computers in their past lives.

Four nicknames I am making up for myself:

1) Hamish. Only close friends know what this means to Robin.
2) Pembunuh Upahan. Counter Strike nick. Man, do I miss that game.
3) 7thknight. DOTA nick. Still using this on current days. Pawning people is so sweet.
4) Robin Hood. Well, is that not obvious?

Four movies I have watched over and over:

1) The Matrix. "There is no spoon"
2) Braveheart. "Every man lives, not every man truly dies". Wait..... was it the other way round? Hmmm..
3) The Lion King. "Hakuna Matata !!! There is no worries for the rest of the days !!"
4) Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves. "Everything I do, I do it for you.."

Four things I love to do on my weekends:

1) Blogging !!! Duh..
2) Random photography, at random places.
3) Window shopping.
4) Hanging out with friends.

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:

) Smallville. OMFG !! Tom Welling is so sexy... Ahemmm.. I mean Kristin Kreuk... Never mind..
2) Charmed. Who would not love the ability Piper possesses, being able to freeze the time whenever she chooses to?
3) Desperate Housewives. Oh Goodness.. Gabrielle Solis/Eva Longoria... Slurrrp..
4) The OC. Mischa Barton... Gasp...

Four things I could not live without:

1) My M:robe mp3 player...
2) My laptop and the Internet. No blogging = unhappy Robin = not good.
3) My Digital Camera. Photography has become a part of my life now, though I suck in it.
4) My 2.1 Philips speakers. I need good doze of loud sound every single day, or I might breakdown and go crazy.

Four of my favourite food:

1) Char Kueh !!!
2) Tomato Kueh Tiaw or Noodles !!
3) KFC...
4) Gubak Mee from either Green Hill or Open Air Kuching.

Four Places I would want to be at right now:

) Kuching, Malaysia. HOME !!!
2) Paris, France. Sil Suffisait Daimer?
3) London, UK.
4) New York, US.

I am in tremendous mood now my uni life is over, no, I am not tagging anyone this time. See, Robin is such a good boy. Oh boy I hope I wont get another tag for a long long time.

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  1. Gubak mee at Green Hill? I must try that the next time I go to Kuching!

  2. hey blueheeler,
    many would disagree with me but i think the Green Hill Gubak mee is the best !

  3. I like the Gu Bak Mee there! Especially the Gu Bak Chui Kueh Tiao. Thanks Robin... eheheh...

  4. hey hey...
    ohh gosh.. i am getting so hungry just thinking of the gubak mee... ahhahahaa...
    no worries irene !!