Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Freedom !!

Finally, after all the sweats, all those sleepless nights, all those skipped meals, all those hard labour... it has all come to an end.

Sat for my very last paper in Uni this morning, and boy, you guys have ho idea how I felt right after I handed in the paper !! I think I did fairly well this time around, but I have significantly lowered my expectations for the exam outcomes. Aim low, achieve your goals, do not get disappointed.

Gosh, no more lectures, no more assignment, no more projects.. no more exams !!! In short... no more Uni !!! Wooooo Hoooooo !!!!!! You hear that?? No more fucking Uni for me !!

YeeeeeeaaaaHaaaaaaa !!!!

For now, I shall sit down laze around for a while. Man, I love the feeling of not doing anything and not worrying about anything. I miss freedom. And now I am free once again !!

I have a series of activities, errands and a few rather interesting stuff to be achieved in the coming weeks. I shall reveal more in my coming entries. Until then, I shall tend to my much needed rest to compensate the lost times of sleep in the past few weeks. I shall recover fast.

Guys, watch out, for Robin is back blogging like usual and rocking the blogosphere !!

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  1. i finished my exam yesteday too! heh heh have a week break then the new semester start. *sulks

    so whats ur plan for the hols? are u going back to kch?


  2. hey chrissieee,
    a week break only?? thats a bit too fast..
    my plan? nothing much, hang around for a while, relax a bit, explore western australia a bit.. then find a job and work here if I can...
    no... not going back kuching anytime soon.

  3. can go back to kuching now

  4. hey wuching..
    ahaha yeah.. but wanna stay longer... ehhehee

  5. Come back to kuching!! and accompany this poor soul... me.. hahaha.. where gu bak mee, laksa, kolo mee, etc etc are waiting... hehe

  6. hey chun chow,
    how i wish i can go back man !!! ahahhaaa.. char kueh... slurrrp...

  7. hey robin,
    i understand what you mean, cos i went through that about couple months ago...but somehow or rather, after one month, i kinda miss the whole uni life and i found out 3/4 of my classmate feel the same way too...
    theres no satisfying us huh?

  8. hey rudster wudster,
    u have just graduated also?? coooool...
    mind i ask where and what u were studying??

  9. Hey robs,
    i was studying Pharmacy in UKM

  10. hey rudster,
    wow... now i know where i should turn to for advise on drug prescriptions !!