Friday, June 23, 2006

Finding Nemo in Cicerello

Far far away from the city of Perth, Fremantle is one of the most frequented sub-urbs situated approximately 30 to 40 minutes train ride duration from the central station. There are many attractions in Fremantle, including the Little Creatures (click) where the previous Perth's bloggers' meet was at, and of course anyone who knows Perth would not miss out the Cicerrelo's Fish and Chips. It is an unmistakable self-acclaimed restaurant serving the original and the best Fish and Chips in the entire Western Australia.

I do not know why but since my days in the catered residential hall I am used to eating Fish and Chips being served primarily on Fridays. Fish and Chips is one of the only few Australian local dishes that I actually enjoy and think it is worth spending my limited cash for.

Cicerello is situated at a very unique location, and it boasts of breathtaking scenery overlooking the landing for ships and the ocean view. Dining here in an open-air style with the cold breeze of Fremantle and sunset picture at the landscape, it is truly a remarkable experience. However I gotta admit that the sea gulls flooding the entire area waiting for food to be thrown at them are very annoying. Just look at the umbrellas covering the dining tables. Do you think that it is to cover the extreme sunshine or the ever oh so rare rain in Perth? I believe the reason the umbrellas are there is to provide shelter from the bird droppings !!!! No kidding !!!

Here is the food me and my friend ordered, Deep fried fish and fried squids. No chips, I am a little sick of french fries these days. How was the food? The fish was crispy from the outside, and superbly soft from the inside. The fish was superbly fresh and free from ordinary foul taste one would expect from any frozen-stored fish. Not too oily, with the right aroma and taste. This is undoubtedly the best fish and chips I ever had in my life, not that I have been to that many places yet. I gotta tell you, Cicerello's Fish and Chip is a MUST eat item if you ever drop by in Perth !!! MUST !!

Another unique trait in the restaurant is the built in huge aquariums containing all kinds of sea creatures and colourful fishes. Man, just by looking at those aquarium and the living creatures swimming inside was really enjoyable. Ok, I know I suck in naming fishes and those stuff, but heck, just take a look at some of those pictures that I have taken. Under those uneven lighting condition, my crappy cam could only produce those photos....

Can you find Nemo?? And spot Dory too??

Now I know why they chose the Clown Fish for the main character in Finding Nemo. I gotta admit it is by far the best looking, most adorable and the cutest fish there is !!! Being so shy hiding behind those corals... ohhh makes me wanna keep it as a pet. So guys, if you ever come to Perth to find me (for those who are not in Perth) I am sure to bring you to Cicerello's Fish and Chips !! You can count on that !!

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  1. i see nemo and dory! robin, why didnt u dive in the tank and play with them? i assure you seeing them in the same sea of water as u is an entirely different experience.

    i got so excited snorkelling that i swallowed way too much seawater. =P

  2. Cicerello's is DA BOMB!!! I love love love love LURVVV their fish and chips. Like the best ever!!

    Chilli Mussels and Caesar Salad there aren't bad too :P!!

  3. hey chloe...
    wahh that aquarium not that big... cant fit me !!

    hey jon,
    their chili mussels are good?? hmmm... maybe i should try them next time i go there..

  4. The seafood chowder's pretty damned good too.

  5. hey the great swifty,
    wow, seems like almost everything there is nice eh?? ahahhaa.. should try more things next time i go there..

  6. hey bluewheeler..
    cough cough cough... vinegar !!! U sure?? cough cough...

  7. Why grass is always greener at the other side? Not fair! Not fair!

  8. Oh, by the way, here's a video of Cicerello I shot.

  9. hey hijackqueen,
    whoever said this world is fair?? hmmm

    hey wuching,
    nolar.. robin very nice one...