Thursday, June 22, 2006

About Robin

This entry is specifically dedicated to this blog, simply ROBIN. I have been blogging with Blogger for approximately half a year now, and never have I mentioned much about myself (which may not be entirely true, I reveal bits and pieces of myself in every entry) and the reasons or purposes why I blog. More and more people have been asking why I blog. Some has even made assumptions, weird and unexpected assumptions that I would not dare to describe here.

In case there are people who do not know how I look like, this is me.

Who says guys cannot camwhore? Huh? We may just fare way better than girls, and we can prove it !!

Alright, here are the reasons why I started blogging, and the purposes that I hold on to until this day, and I hope they shall stay on as long as I blog.

1) To Remember.
My thoughts and feelings are ever-changing. My favourite food for today may be something I would not touch ever again in the following week. I may laugh at this one particular joke, but I may not find that interesting at all the next time I hear it. I may find a girl attractive, but maybe she will be just like any other ordinary girls after a year of not seeing her. My point is, people change, and our thoughts, emotions and everything else will change as well. So for this instance, I want to record what I did, what happened in my life, what I have seen, the places I have been to, the people that I cross paths with, and of course, jot down what I think and feel along this journey called life. A delicious piece of cookie that I ate today will be forgotten in time if I do not make an effort to remember it. This blog is my effort of remembrance.

2) To Share.
I have so many things happening in my life, and I just want to talk to someone about it. Unfortunately, people are people, they can only listen to what you want to tell them to a certain limit, and once you talk on for more they may turn into evil monsters and eat you up. It just feels so uncomfortable inside whenever I come across this wonderful experience, or anything extra-ordinary, I feel so much to share it with another person, but sometimes, there is no one there to talk to. Therefore, this blog is a medium for me to release all those "unspoken words" and what better way to do it than blogging that creates the opportunity for your words to be heard from everywhere via Internet?

3) To Connect.
Moving on from high school to college, then to university, and now, I have finished my university, I realised how fast my life has changed, as well as the people coming in and out of it. People I used to call closest and best of friends are now scattered all around the world, and believe me, this world is not small. I have been nudged to form new circle of friends, which I have been of extreme fortune to bump into another set of wonderful friends. However, now that I am in Perth, I can feel that the connections are loosening up and it is undeniable yet sad fact that people will leave our lives. I take a deep look at my network of friends, I gotta admit it is not as beautiful as I hoped. And they will turn to worse if I do not do anything about it.
Blogging, is a way to connect. I have made many friends through blogging, you know who you are, and I feel truly fortunate to know all of you. It feels more assuring and secure knowing that people notice you and care about what you feel and think. People living ordinary lives often overlook the small matters of others and remain ignorant. I find this situation rather the opposite in blogging atmosphere. We connect through blogs, we keep in touch through blogs, we share feelings, thoughts and I believe, friendship through blogs. Blogging is the new social networking skills.

4) To Photograph.
Since I bought my first digital camera, I have fallen deep and hard into photography. I have taken so many photos that they are eating up the space of my hard drive. You see, the great passion of photography is not only being able to capture a good shot, but also being able to share it with other people. Blog provides a space for me to publish my photography works, though they may be crappy now with my crappy camera and crappy skills, but this is something that inspires me to practice my photography skills knowing that people will see my work and comment on it. It is rewarding to receive positive comments about the work, and these constructive feelings are the elements that I seriously need from time to time to keep myself on the feet and walk on.

5) To Shine
There are happy times and sad times in our lives. The happy moments are the times that I would always look back and remind myself of whenever I am down with horrible trials and tribulations. Those happy moments, will be such a waste if I do not spread it !! I am always fascinated with simple and small things that happen every now and then. I believe if we slow down out steps and take a good look around, those small and simple things that bring joy to our lives are just there. By noticing them, and appreciating them, one can truly find the happiness, and most importantly, the strength to go on in life, no matter how difficult it may be. With this blog, I share those moments of happiness, and may those strength I have found in those happiness shine through this blog and I hope that somehow people will leave my blog feeling satisfied and contented. If people can somehow smile after visiting this blog, I would feel that my purpose of blogging has been fulfilled.

So there you go, my main reasons and purposes for blogging. No, I do not blog for fame. I do not blog for money. This is more of a personal blog. This blog actually reflects who I am, and I have poured out so much of who I am into it. However, do not be foolish enough to think that you would fully know who I am just by reading what I choose to write. There may be so many things that I reveal about myself, but please be reminded that I create and shape this blog, not the other way around.

Blogging has become of something like a ritual to me. I do not know where the motivation comes from, but there is an urge to do this, and the urge has been constantly persistent. Something tells me that I will be blogging for a very long, long time. For all of you who do read this blog, I am truly thankful and I wish you all well. If there are any other questions about this blog you may wish to address me, please feel free to do so in the comment section.

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  1. This is a great entry. Keep on blogging the way you always do, because you do reach people by just being yourself.

  2. hey cynical-idealist,
    thanks !!! btw, i love the way u write in ur blog too... its purely original and unique !

  3. yes we looooooooooooove robin. now say u love me too. =P

    eh. why cant see your camwhore pic? i want to see guy camwhore!!!

  4. yeah chloe, I "love" you too.. ahahhahahhaa... aheemm aheemm.. hmm.. dunno why my throat getting itchy..
    camwhore?? one picture at a time !!!!

  5. ok. i get it now. robin camwhores. strepsils?

  6. hey chloe,
    ahahahaa no thanks, i prefer fisherman's friend...

  7. i think a lot of girls r drooling now!

  8. hey wuching...
    ahhahaa like that meh??

  9. woah~ campaign "lets promote robin" no need liaw la hor? i never even got to it because you never needed to get promoted. :P

    you should think abt modelling because you can pose so well. ;)

  10. oh by looking at the pict, i tot it is a msian blogger in kl. if not mistaken is smashpop!


    stylo ah..

  11. hey silveraven
    ahahahahhaa thanks... arrrghhh got campaign promoting me meh??? sounds creepy...

  12. hey carcar,
    ahahaha thanks.. yeah, i read smashpop too... his blog rocks !!!

  13. that's good man! keep it up

  14. hey ivan...
    thanks !! u too.. keep rocking the blogosphere !!

  15. i think you should dedicate an entire entry on guys in camwhoring since generally its a female dominating 'sport'. Robin Wong, i blogged for "fame" (in referance to my recent entry). yeah, such coincidence weh.

  16. nice's what blogging is really about, actually!

  17. hey chengsim,
    ahahahaha like that meh?? guys camwhoring?? will blog bout that when I have enough material..

    hey arth,
    thanks dude... yeah i guess there are many important things besides fame that bloggers should seek.

  18. i like your blog, nice! go ahead, yah!