Friday, May 05, 2006

Tomato Fried Noodles

I know I have been away for quite some time. I know I am away longer than I expected and intended to, but I find myself in the situation where I need to prioritise a few other matters over blogging, as much as I still desire to update as often as usual. I also know that, making all the wrong decisions at this crucial time would cause serious damages. So yeah, not much blogging activities these days, and I am afraid this will continue on for quite some time. I apologize for this. However, if there is a chance for blogging, such as now, and if there is an immense urge to blog, I will most definitely squeeze some time out of my tight schedule and do so.

No, if you so ever think that I have lost even the slightest amount of passion in blogging, go get yourself a screw driver and drive it up your anus as hard as you could all I can tell you is that you are so very very WRONG. I want to blog. I have so much to blog about. I just feel that, spending much time on blogging is not the wisest thing to do now in this point of my life. Hope you guys can understand that. if not, you can always find a screw driver.. and.. yeah... you know what to do..

Alright, enough of all those **why I do not blog but still I want to blog** crap. Lets go on to something more unusual.

Since we were super busy with school works these days I have also become lazy to cook dinner me and my dearest houemates have decided to eat out more often, temporarily. One of the normal places to dine would be at the Broadway Fair, where Asian food, particularly Chinese, Malaysian and Sinagporean food are at.

There was this particular evening, as I was browsing through the menu, I just could not decide what to pick. And the tauke came and talked to us.

*Speaking in Hokkien*

Tauke: Why not try our house specialties?
Robin: And what would that be?

Tauke: Tomato Fried Noodles

Robin: Wow, you have that? How come it is not in the menu?
Tauke: Well, coz its special lah !!!
Robin: !!!!!

And so I went for it.

You see, I have always thought that Tomato Fried Noodles is something special to Kuching only, and I have this frame mind that tells me that you can only get that from Kuching. I thought it is a unique Kuching delicacy, but the tauke from the restaurant told me the otherwise. The noodles will usually be deep fried till crispy, and served with a gravy consisting thick tomato sauce and other fillings and stuffings such as meat, prawns and vegies.

How does it look like? Here is one example from the Hong Kong Noodle House in Saberkas... this is by far my most favourite in Kuching... Slurp...

How does the it taste like? Like any authentic Kuching Boys... I tell you... it is just one step short of Heaven.

Of course, Tomato Fried Noodles is one of my most favourite and frequent hawker food in Kuching !! I already miss that dish, and I would give just so much to have that now !!! So yeah, why not give it a try...

The interesting part is.. the tauke actually has the balls to claim that his version is more authentic than the Kuching one, and his noodles is better !!! WTF !!!

Well, you know my verdict. Kuching Tomato Fried Noodles is OWNING !!!

It is not that the version here in Perth is bad or anything, it is just my personal preference.

Side Note: I have noticed that some people do complain on me doing too many food entries. Well, this is what I want to say to them. I love food. I practically live to eat, not the other way around. So get the message? A major part of my life revolves around food. I certainly want to remember what I have eaten, and blogging about what I had for lunch or dinner, especially the more "interesting" food is just the perfect way to do just that. So yeah... do expect a lot of food post from me, whether you like it or not.


  1. bah! FOOD!
    curse you. i don't even had my breakfast yet.

    hrm. same syndrome here. although i know that there's better things to do besides blogging (which is, exam), i spend my afternoon blogging because im addicted!

  2. hey cheng sim
    ahaha... tomato fried noodles can be your breakfast too !! yummy...

  3. Cheh... I thought you cook them. Eh, next time cook and blog about it la.

  4. hey hijackqueen...
    why cook tomato fried noodles when u can find them cheap and good at virtually everywhere in kuching? ahhaaa...
    i should try not to eat too much kuching food.. save it.. when i go back kuching i eat kow kow