Friday, May 12, 2006

A stroll along Subiaco

Among many places and sub-urbs in Perth, the one that I frequented the most would be Subiaco. There is a direct bus servicing from my residential area to Subiaco. What is so special about Subiaco you ask? Why do I go there again and again?

Are there any hot babes showing off their huge boobies?

Obviously, not...

I went there, with my dearest housemates, primarily for the grocery shopping and we do that once a week, usually during the weekends. Subiaco is probably the place to get the cheapest vegetables and fruits here. Like all Kuching people, I for one would scamper the place for most basic unquestioned economical reasons. Cheap means better, cheap means buy !!!

Besides availability of cheap vegies and fruits, Subi holds many unique attractions of its own. Basically there are many shops running along the streets and at every corner catering to almost every basic shopping necessities. I do not find the shopping there anything out of the ordinary, but having a place not too far from my home to "jalan-jalan" (have a stretch for the legs) and window shopping to kill time is definitely a bonus plus.

Take a closer look, and you will find a few interesting stuff there and here.

Holy S**t !!

I can never imagine my mum being HOT... can anyone??? **goosebumps**

The major attraction in Subiaco, I believe is the Subiaco Pavilion Market. I do not know whay, but when I went inside the market and walked around, I had a feeling I was walking along somewhere in between the Petaling Street in KL and India Street in Kuching. Of course the items on sale were so much different, no pirated cds, no cheap ciplak clothings and fancy watches, all you get would probably be things that are just for cosmetic purposes and none I could consider to be relatively useful. Unless you have too much money that you would rather spend them on needless stuff rather than throw them into the river, nothing here would fit in the spending criterias generally.

And of course, the layout of the mini-shops all around the place provides a touch of class and feel. I was quite impressed by the effort invested on the appearance itself. Some of the shops are really attractive.

There is also the food court, serving all kinds of food, not so cheap, but reasonable for such place. with people performing live. Man, you get entertainment wherever you go in Perth, and mostly they are free, though not of top quality. Who cares, as long as the singer does not sound like William Hung, I would care less.

Next, there is this Station St Market, situated probably only 5 minutes walk away from the previous market. This is the place I mentioned earlier for the cheap supply of vegies and fruits. Oh did I mention the vegies and fruits sold there are of top quality, hygiene and freshness. The market is only open from Friday to Sunday every week, and the prices of the fruits and vegies drop dramatically from Friday to Sunday. Brocolli selling at 1.99 bucks a bunch on Friday would fall down to 79 cents on the coming Sunday. That is also the reason why the market is always jam-packed with people from God-Knows-where on Sundays, in comparison with Fridays and Saturdays.

In addition to the fruits and vegies, they do have another section of the market selling similar items found in the pavilion market (earlier). I am not sure if those items are just for display or what... I seriously do not see people buying many things from these shops, I truly wonder if they can actually make a living out of it. Like the other market, they do have some very impressive shops with good decor and weird items on sale.

The open-air dining srea, with live performance also. It was a rather HOT day, and people still sit under the sun eating. Weird people, really weird.

So there you go, a brief introduction to Subiaco, one of the most frequented Sub-urbs in Perth. The entire place is well developed. And the best of all, if you are travelling by bus and train, you can actually go to other good places like Fremantle, Harbor Town Shopping centre or even down to Perth city centre conveniently. Interestingly good location I tell you.

And best of all, it is only 15 minutes bus ride away from my house. Huh !!


  1. My goodness...the more you write about Perth and its surroundings, the more I can't wait to go there. Man...half-a-year left to go. Grr!

  2. hey kenjj,
    when u are here, im glad to show u around !!!

  3. subi got lots of asians hor!

  4. hey wuching,
    actually there are asians everywhere in perth, is melbourne not the same?

  5. shop at picture number 9..i used to go there get ear rings =)

  6. hey cynthia,
    really?? wow... ahahha