Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sexpo in Perth !!

Side note: This entry may contain offensive materials and mild nudity. No full frontal nudity. But the material may suggest sexual influence, so if you are still sucking on your mummys' tits.. or have not watched any single porn in your pathetic f**king life, you may choose to go to more extreme websites with hardcore actions. Or else, feel free to view the entry.

Coming from Malaysia where people are still living on trees (ok thats not that true, since I lived in caves by the river), the mindframe of everyone is still pretty much traditional. People loathe sex. People think sex is a shameful act. People think it is dirty, disgraceful and disrespectful. Sex is against most cultural values of every race and it is just a no no even to talk about them openly. What a sad case it is.

Hmmm how true could that be?? And woo hoo.. another reason for me to be glad being in Perth...

I personally think sex is a "thing" that would happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime, regardless of value and mentality behind it. Lets face it, we are humans, sex is invented for us for many appropriate reasons. Reproduction of life in such satisfactory sense is just a "thing" that people should rejoice in. We should celebrate our existance, and the essence that kept our survival going, which is simply, just SEX !! I believe people here in Australia would feel that way too. And for those of you who have not known this, there is a SEX EXPO ( happening every year. And I have just went in one yesterday !! Wooo hooooo....

Right on the entrance we were greeted with 2 babes with extremely LARGE BOOBIES, TOPLESS !!! I could not think of possible ways to snap pictures of those BOOBIES, since the entry walkway was very limited and we had to move on quick... arrghhhh.. the glance on real boobies.... possibly the first boobies (hmmmm.. is this true?) I have seen in my life. porns do not count

Alright, besides the boobies greetings... what else do we get in Sexpo??

People selling all sorts of weird stuff, ranging from dildo vibrators that you wont find in phone shops, fetish lingerie that you never see in any conventional lingerie shops. unworldly magazines that will not be placed in local bookstores, DVDs with movie titles stripped off from the censorship boards etc etc. Everything is selling at ridiculously expensive prices, though they are claimed to be discounted on that special event. There are many other unconventional items as well... just look at the pictures, pretty sure you wont get them from local supermarkets or grocery shops. Though condoms would still be available there...

You also get people showing off their bodies.. All kinds of people.. ranging from FAT HUGE WOBLY old bitches, slim with not so huge boobies asian chicks... to superbly hot babe with perfect curves.... all performing just for you.... dancing with the pole... aaaarrrrrgghhhhh... sweeeeeeeeet... now how often do you get these? Hmm?? In Malaysia... NO no no....

Watch the video.. I totally think she is HOT HOT HOT....

I guess the thing that strikes the attention of everyone the most would be live performace by REAL porn stars. They are not just any ordinary porn stars out there, they are popularly demanded porn stars with tonnes of experience doing whatever weird things that they are doing, and they know how to do it well. On stage... for everyone to see. And they all STRIPPED NAKED.. for everyone to see..... I managed to catch only 2 shows.. and yeah.. with a digicam and the right spot, I caught some awesome clips. Pardon me for the bad qualities... it was quite dark though... and my camera is just not the best one for the job.

Just look at the animals people crowding the place... urghh... ok ok I was one of them..

Holy Mama F**king cow !!! She is HOT HOT HOT HOT....

And somewhere in the middle of the show she strips of her tops completely.... she did.. I had the videos of that too... but I wont post that up here since it would be rather inappropriate... No, you wont get to see baked boobies on but if you are hiaw enough and dying to see it, just email me.... maybe I can sell those videos...ahahaa just kidding... seriously if anyone wants the more explicit videos do come to me. What was more, she asked one of the guys from the audience and actually they PLAYED together on stage !!!! Owhhhhh.. wish I had the guts to do so... arrrghhh.... syokess totally !!!

Anyone wants to ride a HUGE DICK DICK ??? No?? They can bounce up and down, they can rotate..... and I am not sure, but I think they can vibrate as well !!! Woo hooo.. who wants to ride a horse when they can do so on a dick?? Hmm...

All in all, I think I enjoyed the Sexpo.. but not that tremendously though.... since I did not get to see enough boobies I think the only part I enjoyed the most was the stage performance by those really hot porn stars. Heck I even forgot their names (which proves I am not that addicted to Porn myself.. ehem...) But to me, this is a one time event only... to see large boobies.. to see babes strip on stage in public.... to see muscular guys flexing their butts I think it is worth it. Also the fact that this is uniquely Australian event and completely banned from entering Malaysia.... Yeah... baby... I believe it has become a necessity when I put it that way.

It is worth every single cent of my 20 bucks spent on the show. Now I can hear the boobies speaking to me...


  1. so what did u get? btw, videos don't work

  2. hey wuching,
    errmm.. u wont wanna know what i got...
    anyway... u sure the videos dun work? it works fine from here.. hmmm...

  3. the videos work now but i'm sure u got urself some dildos!

  4. hwy wuching,
    ahahhaaa.. lets keep quiet shall we?? ahahhaa..

  5. Another event not to be missed added in my list!!! But you not shy meh staring at all those nakid chick?

  6. hey hijackqueen,
    errm... since they not shy showing all to me, i should not be shy having a "decent" look at them mar.... not stare lar...

  7. oh man...i missed the sexpo again. lolz.

    heard my friends at uni talking about all the weird things they could get there and it certainly made an interesting conversation topic

  8. hey kristine,
    yeah !! there were lots of weird thing alright.. how come u didnt go there??

  9. i was working the whole day, thts y i missed out on the gathering at subi

  10. hey kristine,
    u were supposed to be at the blogger's meeta s well?? ahhh.. too ba du missed out so much... it was a total blast i tell u.. im gnnna blog bout that next...
    u must come for the next one... MUST !!

  11. yup, most certainly since the next one is in winter break rite? then I'll get off uni. I'm at Curtin btw =P

  12. hey christine,
    wow... so far away.. ahahaa...
    looking forward to seeing u in the next meet then.. ahahhaaa...

  13. Wahaha awesome. And why the videos so short!?!? Longer! Erm, pun intended. Hahah!

  14. How many times in a year they have this sexpo so that I can ask my hubby to take care of my kiddies. Mummy need a break...

  15. hey mooiness..
    if go on longer.. the boobies will show !!! Arrgh.. no such material will be shown here in this blog.. ehhehehee

    hey flower..
    i believe it is once a year event.. but they go around australia...

  16. Not true. I'm from Kch and yes I'm quite conservative but I can talk about sex to just about anyone, and quite raunchily too. M'sians are growing up, albeit at a slower pace.

    Woah... throughout the whole post you keep mentioning boobies. Got any hot naked guy there? *grins naughtily* I don't get it... why do they always potray scantily clad women but hardly guys? Like, cute guys with droolworthy pecs and even more droolworthy "package"? *LOL*

  17. hey luxferi..
    yeah i noticed i generalised too much.. ahaha
    anyway... there were men stripping naked on stage... but no sexy men walking around like those babes with boobies.. ahahaa..

  18. So unfair... only feast the guys but not the gals :( hahaha...
    Geee... I wish I'm there. Very interesting expo. No way they will have it in Kuching. If got... sky will fall down ahhaha...

  19. hey irene,
    guys did strip on stage too.. ahahaa.. and the girls were all drlooling like mad over the guys !!

  20. I see... good at least it's not unfair eheheheh...

  21. hey irene,
    u wish u were there looking at the hunky sexy guys dun u?? ahhahaaa

  22. Dude...I went years ago and it was a bit of a sausage fest. There were some boobies but no beaver. Do we actually get to see some beaver for once? Or is beaver still totally band for aussies?