Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Perth bloggers' meet @ Little Creatures

The bloggers' meet did not end there at Brew-Ha just yet. We decided to have an environment change, and off we drove to somewhere far from Subiaco... to Fremantle !!! Yeap, that was also the place I went for my study preperation before one of my mid semester paper (click).

I never knew there was such a place as Little Creatures. Situated not too far from the ever-famous Cicerello Fish and Chips, it is just hard to miss !! What have I been doing for the past 2 years in Perth huh?? Man, I had no idea how many good stuff I have missed out.

Looking from the outside, the whole place looked like a warehouse, an abandoned factory of some sort. Once we stepped inside... OMG !! I could not believe there were sooooo many people crowding the place, and little did I know that was a drinking place !! It is a very famous pub, probably most well known for its home locally brewed beers and other God-Knows-what drinks !! People flock this place especially on Sundays, said Marcus, and the entire place has this good welcoming and warm atmosphere that most pubs and drinking places do not. Probably it was due to the open space and natural sunlight concept, I do not know, you just have to be there to experience it.

And just look at those HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC tanks !! They are all over the place !! Smoke is coming out from them, as if they wil1 explode anytime !! It was so cool, they share the view of the beer production to the customers openly !!!! This place possesses a touch of its own uniqueness !! Simply intriguing.

A change of atmosphere is definitely a good move. Though the place was really crowded, we still had plenty of space and enough isolation for our own chats and out-of-world laughters (mostly from Cynthia. **Shrivers**). The seats were ample and gosh... Why have I not known of this place before?? Arrghhh.. screw those useless tour guides we had !!!

The original group from Brew-Ha.... now in LIttle Creatures !!!

Marcus, Cynthia, Charmaine and Me me me me !!!

Clara, Nadia and her lovey, Bruce... they look so sweet together !!

And the bitching yacking yacking yacking session continued !! I must admit, it was really really fun being with really really cool people at such really really cool place. And you just have to admit it, bloggers are really really cool people to hang out with !! Hah !!

I just had a glass of drink... ehem... no money mah !!!

Oh ya, the place serves food as well. Im not entirely sure what was on the menu, just had a quick glimpse of it.. but we ordered pizzas and fries.

The view from the back was just awesome, with the boats and open water, wow... can you imagine the sun setting down while you sip your drink wasting you life away enjoying the moment?? This is just truly amazing !!

Little-creatures, I did not see any. Surely a place to visit again and again. Just one downpoint, the place is extremely far from my house, one hour bus ride away. The plus point is, the long journey would make the destination more worthwhile in the end !!

Though I was pretty excited before the meet, little did I expect it would turn out to be so much more fun than I anticipated !! And meeting new people, doing it at new awesome places... are just something truly fulfilling for me now !!


  1. Oh My! simply awesome! i can smell australia and the 'cozy feel' frm your post and pictures!

    Clara is so cool ya :)
    and as usual lah, cynthia is ji ji ja ja lah, she likes talking mah! she can just drop me a line in msn and go off leh! Wahahaha...no lah no lah, just kidding!

    Later cynthia come and piak me! hahaha....

    Nice blog u have here Robin!


    Now i know why cynthia said she had good / nice beer frm little creature, looks likes it was their house brew ya? hmmm, nice nice.

  2. darn. i wish we have such place to held bloggers meet in Malaysia. sigh. everything was just so cosy.

  3. Wow! You blog better on the meet up compare to the rest. yummy food too.

  4. hey carcar,
    thanks thanks... the little creature really cool loh !! if you ever come here must go there !! ask cynthia to be ur tour guide.. ahahhaa...

    hey cheng sim,
    but then here in perth we dun have places like mid valley or KLCC..
    yeah, i guess places here looks very comfy eh?

  5. hey wuching...
    no no.. i am a good boy..

    hey hijackqueen,
    really meh? ahahahaa thanks thanks..

  6. ahhh my lil creatures!!! tat was my favourite hang out spot when i was back in perth! love the ambience and the pale ale.
    now i get my dose of pale ale from the bottle!

    chrissieeeeeeeeeeeee =)

  7. hey chriszie..
    ohh really?? it is starting to become my favourite spot too.. ahahaa..
    i see you miss perth too.. where are u now?

  8. Hehe, you forgot we also did Fibb McGhee's and Bruce's place in Morley. lol.

  9. hey nadia...
    aha !! Im gonna mention that... in another post.. ahhahaa i dunno... i seem to talk too much in my blog nowadays.. arrghhh.. but i just have so much to say that i cant simplify or shorten it !!! huh !!

  10. Great pics.. and the food looks delicious.. yum!

  11. hey shina,
    Thanks !!
    yeah, the food was good !! Yummy..