Saturday, May 06, 2006

On the lime light

I just had a huge presentation yesterday. I was terpaksa invited to give a brief presentation on my research/thesis on Project Based Learning Approach in Engineering Education ***yaaawwwwnnn*** for the teaching and learning forum in the university. And guess who were the people attending the seminar? All lecturers from ALL SCHOOLS in the university were invited to attend the presentation. ***shrivers***

Views of The Engineering Lecture Theatre 1, before the seminar...

From the front

From the back

I was not the only one presenting. My other friends from the same course who also did their research for their final year project/thesis on topics related to engineering education were also participating in the seminar.

I never did any huge presentations before. I have never done much public speaking before. The only times when I practiced my oral skills were back in those old secondary school days. I was active in both BM and English debates, and I went as far as inter-school level without winning anything prominent. Gosh, those were the glorious days... How I wish I could relive those moments... debates were by far one of my best memories from those years.

Ok, back to the Teaching and Learning Seminar. We were only informed about the seminar one week in advanced. In this ever-busy period of university life, I just find it very difficult to devote much time on this presentation. Yes, my preparation was insufficient, I little rehearsals have I done, and somehow I knew things would turn out ugly. I believe everyone else doing the presentation besides me would feel pretty much the same. We just have to deal with primarily university work first, or else we would get our asses into burning fire !! The presentation seems to come second...

Nevertheless, much effort and definitely a huge amount of time were dedicated for this seminar.

Group discussion after the presentations...

And I was shot with most questions... man...

How did I do? I have uploaded the video clip of my own presentation. Sorry for the poor quality, I have compressed the videos for easy upload, and the picture and sound are severely deteriorised. I swear I sounded much clearer than that. My full presentation was 15 minutes long. The video clips each has 3-4 minutes, so they all only cover approximately half of my total presentation. If you have nothing better to do and trying hard to find ways to kill time, do play the videos and get back to me with honest feedback.

Part 1:

Part 2:

How do I feel about my own presentation?

Considering the fact that:

I was so not very prepared..

I have not done anything in regard to public speaking since God-knows-when...

I have not completed my research yet, it is still running and the results are not conclusive, limiting my content for the presentation..

My audience was MUCH MUCH MUCH wiser and more knowledgeable, not to mention experienced than I am in the topic I was presenting...

All in all, I think I did ok. I was nervous ok, and I did a few mistakes there and here. I missed out a few points. I did some silly gramatical mistakes. I panicked when I saw one of the lecturers yawning out loud. Celaka, was I that boring meh? I started to get worried when I saw some really confused stares from the audience, and worse, some disagreeing/disapproving look on the faces. Kanasai, I did my own reseach ok? Inspite of that, I believe my presentation was fine. I did fine. Or so I think.

Here is the group photo of all the presenters.

The guys at the back: Kwan Chi, Yan, Gan, Me ME Me !!!
The sexy gorgeous ladies at the front: Ivy, Sarah, Ruthie

I have to say, I enjoyed the presentation. There is just something about public speaking that gets my blood rushing. I guess my sub-counscious self misses the thrill and excitement of such activities which I frequently had back in the old school days. I may not do very well for my part, but I sure did find it rather self-fulfilling.


  1. Doesn't it gives you the satisfaction after the presentation? :)

  2. Hey pelf,
    I think it was more of a relief than satisfaction that I really felt...

  3. i think u did quite good coz u were calm & collective..well done!

  4. dun think u were bad. Give urself a pat on the back buddy

  5. hey wuching,
    thanks !! but honestly... i was superbly nervous !!!

    hey ivan,
    thanks... just hope my graded presentation coming up in 2 weeks time would be improved

  6. hey hijakqueen..
    errmm.. errrm... should i wear one?? arrrghhhh... ok ok.. my mistake