Saturday, May 13, 2006

Of Time and Money.

Time is forever precious for every one. Once gone, can never be replaced. To some, time may be more important than money itself, but to me, time is never enough. I guess one thing that the greedy animal human shall never come to possession and control is time. Time never waits for anyone, time just goes on and on, and man, I wish I just have the power to freeze time like Piper in Charmed just to catch my breath in this fast moving world I am living in. It is amazing how fast time can travel, it is so warm and bright in the day and suddenly it turns cold and dark.

We often remind ourselves how short our lives are, with the reasons why we should not waste it on petty things and that we may live it to the fullest possible. Heck, even clocks are everywhere here in Perth (click), and people get easy access to time wherever they are. We creatures known as humans live out our pathetic lives by the boundary of time. We define time by hours, stretching all the way to day, night and even years. We watch our time closely, and being accurately punctual in accordance to time makes out a discipline that portrays maturity and great sense of responsibility. Sadly, Malaysians have their time really screwed up casually, since their clocks will forever be late at any given instance. It has become a norm.

Since I had too much time to kill I went to the city earlier on today, and came across this shop selling watches, really expensive watches. Rolex. An incredibly expensive piece of junk.

In case you did not catch the price tag....

Man, even my tuition fees for one semester is not worth that much. To think that anyone would actually fork out such amount of money to obtain such luxury, it came to my sense that the world is indeed unfair. How I actually see it now, is just a watch, a watch that tells time, like every other watches do. What is the difference? I can drive a truck over it, and it will still be as crushed as my 20 bucks watch around my wrist now if I do the same to it.

Now think of the children in Africa, think Robin, think !!

And before you jump into the spending spree, give deep thought on how much your money can benefit the others who need it more in the wolrd screw the Africa kids like how a poor student with a tormented life that has the power to dream and change the world like me, but lacking the financial ability to obtain a decent university education (tuition fees cheaper than the Rolex, hint hint hint) Any donation is widely welcomed. Try not to look at it in terms of charity, rather, see it as a wiser investment.

Think twice before you throw your money away to those business blood suckers !!


  1. Money n power corrupts; and the flesh is weak.

    Hmmm .. n i suppose if u were a super millionaire, would u buy that watch?

    I think you would! heehee ;)

  2. speaking of time, my watch is always 15mins ealier. that's because i'm such a dawdler that i have to resort to messing with clocks.

    *gasps* nobody who has yet owned at least 3 houses, 3 CLKs should buy the watch.

  3. hey fh2o,
    ahaha... im not overly crazy on watches, but i believe i will invest my money somewhere esle, like audio visual/home entertainment stuff.. ehehhe

    hey chloe,
    thats interesting, coz my watch is always 15 minutes faster !! dun ask me how, it has been like that since primary school era.. it just, happened and become a habit..

  4. gotta agree - perth sure does have alot of clocks everywhere - love that clock in front of london court!

    am currently in adelaide!


  5. hey chrissie,
    ahhaaa.. u miss perth dun u?

  6. GREAT post man. AUD 10k for a watch? Its insane man...becos the world has set a culture where we must own many things, like eg, more than 1 watch, or multiple cars, then even when yer rich, you still want most of the money for yer self without thinking about others....the term sharing is caring means nothing anymore...
    and we dont have to look at africa for poverty, even within malaysia, theres so many poor ppl out there...
    and yet, there are ppl who not only purchase such expensive item but proudly doing so...and its only for them to feel superior than others...
    tsk tsk tsk

  7. hey rudster wudster,
    yeah, looking at the sad world today driven by the hunger and lusts for power and money.. nothing much we can do about it, it is fixed in the mentality.