Thursday, May 25, 2006

Of Swans Being Painted black

Ahh.. so were you guys curious of what the BLACK and HUGE creatures were, from the previous post??

I have received a number of interesting feedbacks. Dolphins, not surprising, since I purposely wanted to mislead you guys into believing that. However one of my intentions in joining the fishing trip was originally to watch dolphins !! Since I have spotted dolphins previously (click) at the same river and heard so countless sightings by my friends who successfully achieved multiple sexual climaxes through fishing activities. No kidding I tell you. No, not on the sexual climax part, but on the many sightings of dolphins.

And so I stayed patiently, waiting for the dolphins to suddenly come up and say hi to me. I kept staring at the water, left and right.. again and again.... for so long.. nothing came out... all I saw was this....

Celaka punya jellyfish...

However, something else, something rather unexpected showed up in the river !! Yeah, like I said, something HUGE and something BLACK....


Alright, for a boy who comes from a place where white swans might probably be extinct, this is truly something magical. The interesting part is... the swans swam all the way to the jetty, which means, towards us, cruel evil monstrous humans without fear !! They came to us directly.... I do not know why.. we did not have food with us.. but they still came to us. It was as close as french kissing distance can get.

The black swans were so gentle and soft, graceful in their swimming and navigation on the waters. When they flip their wings, you can literally feel the wind blowing on you, yeah that is how powerful their wings are. Their neck is long and slender, seems like I could just grab it with my bare hands and snap it into two. OK.. that does not sound right... but anyway.. check out the pictures and video clips to see it for yourself.

The moment I saw them swimming from a distance towards us, I powered up my camera and recorded the beautiful creatures in video clips.

Check out my friends playing snakes with the swans.. and the wicked laughter of someone evil that follows after that. Shhheeeesssssssshh...

How, who says the ugly duckling that is black from birth will turn into white swan when she grows up? Obviously, the author of that fairy tale did not know the existance of black swan, nor did he/she witness the beauty and splendour of those creatures with his/her own eyes !!


  1. hey wuching..
    hhehehhehee.. black and huge right?

  2. I trust that they didn't end up in your cooking pots!!!

    Tempting no doubt!!! ;)

  3. hey fh2o...
    nolar.. i am not that cruel.. ahhahahaaa... robin is a very kuai boy...

    why are the swans look so scary?
    i got my ear bitten by a wild duck before and i was little.
    thats why i swore never to go near them again!
    why isn't there any white ones?

  5. hey cheng sim,
    Scary mehh??? i have never seen white ones though.. maybe the black ones dominated and killed all the white ones..
    oh ya, we have so many ducks here also... weird ducks.. ahahaha not the white ones you find back in malaysia

  6. yea, the swans really looked scary..

  7. hey shina... scary meh???they are actually quite tame lor..

  8. Have you ever wondered why birds in Malaysia fear us so much it's painful to watch them fly away from you when you approach yet when you go to places like Paris, the pigeons there land by the thousands and literally eat corn out of your hands and in Australia, swans swim up to you boldly without fear? I've wondered that for the longest time already. Are Malaysians that sua-pa-lau and cruel until birdies are afraid of us?

  9. hey luxferi,
    those are different kinds of bird we have in malaysia anyway, i did try to feed the birds here in perth, goodness.. once they know u have food they ALL come to you.. scary.. but its a lovely sight...
    i guess it has something to do with their sizes.. u see the birds here... they are at least 3-4 times bigger than birds in malaysia...
    true !!

  10. ehh swans. i tot dolphins pulak. hmm, after that hitchcock movie and SARS scare... i'm not so sure about the avian species anymore... but it looks magnificent nonetheless.

  11. hey chloe,
    yeah they are lovely creatures indeed !!