Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Of Sunset, Dinner and Games

I know people reading this blog must be bored and tired of my entries on the Bloggers' meet. The truth is, the remaining activities of the day dragged on all the way to late night !! the fun also stretched on and I was savouring every single minute of it !! I am sure everyone else there felt the same too, too bad worn out Marcus and Cynthia, and busy busy Charmaine could not stay on for the extra fun we all had !! Would have been even better with everyone around..

Right after Little Creatures, we (Nadia, Clara, Bruce and me me me !!) went to the seaside and sat on the rocks, overviewing the breathtaking Perth sunset on the horizon of the Fremantle Beach. The sky was clear, the waves were calm, and the wind was superbly cold. We stayed there for half an hour, deciding our next destination and how we were gonna spend the rest of the night. Hah.. sounds like I had sooo much time to kill. Well, if there is not enough time, make time !! I am so deprived of true fun and entertainment for a while, a looooong while, and I just did not want the day, especially such good day with all the good people to end yet !!

After being frozen by the ice-cold wind at the beach, we decided to head down to somewhere warm. Yeap, fire-place came to mind. we went to Fibber McGee's to to feast on our supper. I was not overly hungry since we had pizzas and fries earlier on, so I ordered soup.

Boy, this is one of the best tasting and definitely the most filling soup I have ever had in my life !! Perfect for cold weather. Syoook...

Right after dinner we went to Bruce's place. I thought the rest of the night would be spent on chats and sharing of life-experiences, but no no. Things just got more interesting when Bruce and his housemate (oooppsss.... forgot the name.. sssshhhh please people, do not tell him) suggested games for the night !! We played falling (I still could not get the game though.. and it was waaaay to fast for my slow brain !!) and spoon. Do not ask me what falling is about, I have no idea still. Spoon is something like "heart-attack". I think Malaysians and Singaporeans are more familiar with heart attack, the rules of the games are basically the same, the difference is the ending where the person who wins grabs the spoon, instead of slapping hand piling up each other.

Ohh such games bring back so much old memories, similar games and such fun only I had last since all the way back to secondary years !! That was like... ages ago... I have not laughed in a long time, and boy... everyone had such a blast from the game. There was definitely violence, and things would have been even more interesting if everyone was high and drunk on alcohol !!

Ok ok, enough of the entries on the bloggers meet. I know I have talked too much and I should blog on other things, but there is just too much left and I felt there is a need to tell everyone out there about such great time I had. And making them any shorter would simply blur out the beautiful details of the picture, missing out the significant vibrant colours. And Nadia complained earlier that I missed out in my entry about the remaining activities after Little Creatures. Hah !!

This picture was a little shaken, but it gives a cool effect on the overall layout, don't you think? heh...

Much fun I have had. Much time was spent, and every single nano-second was worth it. Now.. if only I can get back right on my feet again.... back to an ordinary miserable student's life in university. Symposium paper needs to be completed soon.... soon...

Back to work, I shall. Work Robin, Work !!!!


  1. it looks kinda small for a beach, ain't it? then again, your face looks really blurry! its like those scenes in those creepy Japanese or Korean horror movie. i don't know why. it just reminds me of it.

  2. hey cheng sim,
    yeah, it is a very small beach, no one surfs or swims there... thats just for show only.. ahahhaa..
    of course there are wider and better beaches around.. but that beach happned to be nearby, we stopped there to decide where to go next.. ehhehee
    me?? acting in korean or japanes movie.. sounds awesome !! Muahahhaaaa...

  3. the sky looks pretty! =)

    i dont understand why a single picture of soup makes me hungry. maybe coz it looks creamy. yum yum.

  4. hey wuching,
    errmm.. honestly i did not know what soup that was !! The name was quite mouthful.. but it was the soup of the day..

    hey chloe,
    i only had that sup for dinner.. it was very creamy and filling...

  5. Yes if I had the energy and could have stayed ... I would have. Nabeh. :P

  6. hey marcus,
    ahaha.. too bad too bad...

  7. Not such a big fan of soup..No idea why...
    But the beach looks rocky....not sandy,isn't it???

  8. lol, now wuching knows that it's "soup of the day", maybe he can go ask for "soup of the day" some place else... ha. ha. ok, lame.

  9. hey arth,
    i was not that hungry, so i ordered soup, but i gotta tell u... the soup was fantastic..
    There were a few parts of the beach, the one we were at was the rock embankment part...
    nicer there.. with waves splashing on the rocks.. the sand part of the beach there was quite small though.. ahahaa...

    hey chloe..
    ahahaa.. soup of the day indeed

  10. it look like mushroom soup..hehe

  11. hey dragon city,
    i am very sure it was not mushroom soup.. ahaha