Monday, May 22, 2006

Of Six Rockets Flying High

My cousin in the States has always been feeding me with the breathtaking pictures he collected from the beautiful places and sigths he visited there. I have always shared the awe and wonder and wishing I was there to experience the magic.

The latest picture he sent me was of this twin memorial lights, beaming up high proudly from the original foot of the WTC that was annhilated in total destruction over the 9/11 tragedy. You have gotta admit the way the Americans commemorate such tragedy is truly stylish. The lights stretch as far as 11-12 times taller than the original height of the fallen WTC itself.

Concurrently, Sarawak has just wrapped up the state election recently. The results of the election was, somehow, unexpectedly SHOCKING to say the least.


Yeah, that SHOCKING !!!! Stunningly SHOCKING !!


They must have somehow seen a total of SIX lights beaming up high instead of two. No kidding...

Taken from

The six DAP Sarawak Assembly members elected today are:

1.Bukit Assek – Wong Ho Leng – 10,380 votes – 4,751 majority
2.Kidurong – Chiew Chiu Sing- 8,517 votes – 1,664 majority
3.Kota Sentosa – Chong Chieng Jen – 6,579 votes- 531 majority
4.Batu Lintang – Voon Lee Shan – 8,806 votes – 3,407 majority
5.Pending – Violet Yong Wui Wui-11,632 votes – 4,372 majority
6.Meradong – Ting Tse Hui – 5,990 votes – 3,578 majority

Do not get me wrong. I am entirely neutral when it comes to politics. But you gotta admit, the expression on their faces was priceless. Freedom of speech finally creeps its way into the life of Sarawakians.


  1. My dad supported Violet. I say about time there's some change in the Kuching politics...

  2. hey mike,
    it is blardy time indeed. Change is good, we shall see where this takes us.

  3. good leh! i always go for the underdog!

  4. hey wuching,
    serious meh?? ahahhaaa... i shall never get involved in politics... just taking a look at them from a safe distance

  5. somehow, everytime someone says the name violet, i conjure up images of the very spoilt brat in willy wonka's choc factory. *happily* she turned purple!

    ehem. excuse me. breathtaking night view of the city.

  6. hey chloe,
    ahahaa.. is purple all u can think of?? LOL....

  7. Phew.... I thought another election entry that going to bored me to death!

  8. That picture speaks a thousand words .. priceless. Good one Robin.

  9. hey hijackqueen,
    hope u were not bored though.. ahahhaa

    hey jen...
    yeah.. that picture is simply priceless..

  10. "Barisan Nasional,Eat your heart out!" heh..

  11. hey arth,
    wow... agressive.. i like !!

  12. so clever this robin boy! ;)

  13. hey unker !!!
    did u see any rockets flying up in kuching sky lately?

  14. haha...nice nice..
    too bad REPOK rocket still cannot fly la.. = (

  15. hey dragon city,
    thanks thanks...
    who knows one day the rocket there will fly also..