Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of a Monster Walking the Uni

Well, if you do not know much or have not even heard of the university I am studying at, the University of Western Australia (UWA), this is the chance for you to discover some eerie truths lurking around the uni. UWA is one of the Group of Eight Universities, which ultimately means the uni I am at now is ranked pretty prestigiously in this Land Down Under. Having been here for a couple of years, I gotta say that one thing extraordinarily outstanding about the uni itself, would be... the extensive researches performed in every disciplines and fileds. Heck, the Medicine Department even came up with the first cure for the ulser.. and just because of that it has earned UWA two nobel prizes (click) last year. Yes, Nobel Prizes... imagine how serious the university is about the researches.

Do not let the beautiful scenery fool you !! It is much less peaceful and innocent as it portrays... pictures can be deceitful....

You see, the university can perform researches in any forms, to anything, at any costs. God knows what they have been experiementing on, and created in the closed doors of the suspiciously evil and menacing looking laboratories.

Heck, they even do testing on Children !!! Poor innocent kids... what have they become...

Quarantine area.... probably that would be the place whjere all the failed experiemental subjects would be thrown into and disposed off in top isolation and secrecy.

WTF !!??!! Radioactive somemore. Maybe the radioactive-infected spider that bites spiderman originated from this laboratory.

Biological Hazard. Goodness..

You see, like other students that unfortunately fell to the traps of this miserably thirst-for-research university, I have become one of the experimental subjects. Ohh please do not ask me what have they done to me, it is of more importance to know of what I have turned into. You see, I have changed. I have changed a lot. Somehow, my body feels that the days are endless and nightless. My body loses appetite for food, and fails to crave or hunger for food during meal times. My body refuses to shut down into sleep mode, regardless of what time in the day would be. I feel like... a walking zombie, obeying commands set out from the direct orders in the university.

Assignments, projects, exams, assignment, projects, exams... thesis... reports.. assignment.. projects... exam... AARRRRRGGGHHHHH..... Not only we have eating disorder, sleep disoerder, deprivation of entertainment, I believe we have come to develop other more severe symptoms like psychological madness, uncharacteristic depression and God Knows what other diseases.

In short, I have become...


Fug UWA. Fug Stress. Give me back my freedom !! Give me back my pride....

Alright, obviously I look very stressed out. But guys.. seriously I am fine. It will all be over soon... they can take my life away, they can even take my freedom away... but they can never touch my sanity !!!!

Or have I lost my sanity?? Oh well.. whatever....


  1. yeap. the "pond" looks better in pictures only. lol.

    relax..the biohazardous stuff wouldn't kill as long as you stay out. hee hee

  2. A monster says meow???? gosh... insane! insane!

  3. hey ivan...
    meow meow !!!

    hey kachuaz,
    ekkekee.. true.. the pond is in fact filled with duck shit.. urrrghhh...

    hey hijackqueen,
    its one of the cute monster mar.. meow?

  4. hey wuching...
    not all monsters are evil !!! I am one of the good ones...

  5. hey kitty kitty...

    wah. UWA breeds tame monsters...

  6. hey chloe,
    this tame monster still can scratch and bite !! meow !!

  7. *LOL* Obviously you've gone loony if you read into signs TOO MUCH. *laughs and sputters*

    *scratches Robin's chin* Good kitty!

  8. hey luxferi,
    yeah, these signs are everywhere !!! anooyingly everywhere !! as if the entire place will explode or something...