Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Of Fishing in Sunset

There are many cheap and free activities (and clean also.. aheemm) that one could take up to kill time, or just simply for leisure and entertainment. On the last weekend, being overly immersed in school work with deadlines due in no time, I guess everyone needed time off and do something more relaxing for a while. Alright, by now I probably have a long list of "relaxing activities" but hey, I have also overworked myself pretty badly. I deserve to treat myself some time away.

What we did you ask? Right. Fishing. I have never fished before in my life, nor have I really seen and joined anyone fishing before. ironically, I do love fish. Let me rephrase this, I actually love EATING fish, and Cicerello Fish and Chips is simply heavenly. Coincidentally, I have friends who are overly excited about fishing, and I have even come to think that it is possible to achieve orgasm through fishing for them. We went to the beautiful Matilda Bay (alright, I lost count on how many times I blogged about this place) and yeah.. we fished, not for hot babes, but fished, literally. A few bottles of beer with the fishing trip, with the right company of people was just perfect.

Hah... Robin, this time I did think of you paddling besides Unker... Ohh the ripple effect on the water created was truly beautiful in this shot.

I guess I was there not to fish. I did not even touch the fishing rod. Seeing my friends fish was good enough for me, and believe me when they got so turned on excited catching fish after fish.. I myself automatically got excited too.. I do not why, but being there itself was a wonderful experience. Matilda Bay is always the good place to hang out with friends, especially during sunset. The view there is just simply spectacular. Clear blue waters, beautiful sunset sky, distant view of the city skyline.... and now.. with fishes swimming all around the river... gosh.. photography was a must !! I regretted not bringing along my tripod, or else I would have taken more pictures especially the post-sunset landscape.

My friends caught a variety of fishes from the river. Heck I could not even remember or spell the names correctly. Man, I do not even know how to differentiate the fishes that are safe to be consumed from the poisonous ones. From what I remember..

This is the edible one....

This is the poisonous one.... remember the fish that bloated up from Nemo? Yeah this is the one...

I had no idea how many fishes there are in Matilda bay !! It is like almost every few minutes there would surely be one catch !! We used prawns as baits, and those prawns were already dead, proving how stupid and desperately hungry the fishes here in Perth could be. Unfortunately most of the catch that day was undersized fish, which means that by the rule we were required to release the undersized fish back into the waters. It is not like there was anyone to spot our activity anyway, but if we did bring back the undersized fish, and got caught in the process, the consequence could be more serious and horrible than the fish dying from dehydration, being hooked off the water.

However, you gotta admit, looking at the fish gasping desperately for water.. flopping around shaking like mad... is kinda enjoyable. I know I am cruel. That makes me human too.

While everyone was so engrossed with fishing and cacthing trying to catch bigger ones, something unexpected came to visit us.

Something HUGE.
Something BLACK.
Something swimming in the waters, and came to us willingly, harmlessly...

And there were two of them.... I was surprised, and it was truly a magical sight for a sua ku like me...

I shall blog about that in another entry. Stay tuned people !!


  1. Okie ... awaiting your next sua-ku story! ;)

  2. hmm...i dun think its dolphin rite? :)

  3. hey unker,
    yeah.. i shll post that up soon..

    hey wuching,
    u gotta admit.. fish is delicious...

    hey ivan,
    ahhaa.. wait and see lar..

  4. There's a saying goes like this - Work is for people who doesn't know how to FISH! And that bloated fish is real???!!!! This is freaking cool.

  5. hey hijackqueen..
    ahhaa i guess fishing is not enough... we still need to work nowadays !
    yeah.. the bloated fish is REAL.. and there are so many of them !!

  6. as much as i hated animal torture, i still love having fish for dinner. then again, i thought fishing is boring? well, maybe thats because the only fish you can ever caught in Malaysia are ikan bilis.

  7. hey cheng sim,
    at first i thought fishing is boring, but then... it was rather exciting becaue there was a catch in almost every now and then !!
    ahahaa.. i love ikan bilis though.. love them fried till super crispy..

  8. aiyerrr... that blow fish super cute. u didnt kill it did u?

    lemme guess... dolphins?

  9. hey chloe,
    ahaha no we released most of the fishes back to the waters.. most...
    dolphins?? hmmmmm

  10. oooo...i remember fishing there last yr man. lolz. i wanna go fishing again!!!!

  11. hey kristine,
    u also love fishing?? hmmmmm.. interesting..