Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Of creatures swimming in sunset

The photography devil in me has tempted me to toy with my very basic point and shoot camera and the tripod that I have purchased more than a year ago. Somehow, there did not seem to be anything interesting to photograph lately, but the voice in my head kept asking me to move my huge heavy ass out of the broody room and off I went to the waters of Matilda Bay, which is less than 10 minutes walk away from the place I am staying and situated directly next to the university itself. I went out at 5pm, and it was already starting to get dark. Winter is coming, when days are getting shorter, and sunset happening as early as 5.30pm.

I do not know why, it reminded me of Unker (click) when I saw the guy paddling in the river (shown on the photo above). Hehehehe..

And so I have got this idea of positioning my camera in a stationary position, and take multiple shots of the same scene repeatedly as the light in the sky fades away gradually. As sunset finally came, the environment around Matilda Bay was just awesome. Back in summer, there used to be so many people flocking around, partying, bbq, or even just for plain family outing/picnic. But now, since it is getting rather cold, the place seems a little deserted. Feeling the cold rush of wind, listening to the gentle waves washing to the shore, looking at the seagulls flying by, ducks swimming ... being all alone there just brought the whole picture of solitude to another perpective. It feels refreshing somehow.

Alright, here are the multiple shots.

I put so much concentration into photographing the landscape.... until I noticed something in the water. It was very near, probably only 10-20 meters away from where I was sitting (I sat on the grass while shooting the photos. yeah, the grasses here are THAT clean) On my first thought, it seemed like someone was swimming in the water, but it could not be, since that thing, whatever that was, kept emerging and submerging, humans would float all the time. And so I took a closer look.

It seemed like something that has FINS.


OMFG !!! No !!! Silly me, those were dolphins !!!


Alright, I know all the shots turned out crappy. But the huge mass/shadow/wave thingy indicated by the arrow suggested something huge moving underneath the water. It was a rather calm day, no wind.

Sorry about the vague shots. It was already sunset, and there was not sufficient lighting for fast shooting with my limited camera ability. Due to the darkness and the super fast moving dolphins, all my shots were unsuccessful ok ok lets not question my skills I fiddled around with my camera for a while trying to get the settings right and tried a few shots, then it hit me. The dolphins aint gonna do fashion show forever. They were just swimming by, I can choose to spend all my time trying hard to shoot a perfect shot, which was impossible due to the poor lighting and my very basic camera with restricted capabilities, or I can just toss my photography aside, and seize the moment. I went for the later option. I just stared at the wonders of nature (wonderful since this is my second time seeing dolphins live, not from TV) and let the beauty swept me off. It was magnificent, dolphins, swimming in the clear water at Perth sunset. Every second of it was truly magnificent.

I am not sure why I was so surprised to see the dolphins, since I already know the fact that dolphins do swim in Matilda Bay, and spotted by people from time to time. Heck, I myself have seen dolphins, real dolphins before here in Matilda Bay also, but previously in the river cruise where we were taken far deeper into the river away from the shore. Probably it was due to the fact that the dolphins actually swim this near to the bay !! And I have come to this place often, never have I spotted them this close before !!

Here are the photos during my river cruise when I first arrived here, taken with Chun Chow's (click) older camera, which does not have a zoom function. It was clearer since the shots were taken in bright daylight.

I was so enchanted by the dolphins that my subsequent photo taking was screwed up badly. Look, the buildings appear to be a bit senget...

I guess today my feelings served me right, it was me listening to the little voices in my head that directed me to the river. Little did I know dolphins would come to visit me. But hey, life sure is unpredictable and interesting, if we can just slow down, and take a real good look at the things around us, and trusting our instincts. I trusted mine, and I am glad I did. Same place, but things could happen differently, and they can sure surprise you in many ways.

Alright, I should stop now before Unker hits me with his paddle.


  1. Yeah! We had dolphins swam pass us when we did sailing there! it was awesome!!!!!

  2. hey cynthia,
    wow.. that must be superbly awesome !!! but u still go sailing nowadays meh?? not cold ah??

  3. feels nice rite spotting those lovely creatures? i told you so.

  4. hey ivan,
    yeah, i can see why my friends love fishing now... can spot dolphins !!!

  5. hello?

    did some one mention unker's name and did some one also mention DOLPHINS!!!!! ;)


    wow! that was amazing! and thanks for sharing! i always say we always see what we want to see and we attract what we think about all day long! :)

  6. hey unker..
    ahaha yeah i guess that saying is true..unker must bring me go kayaking when i return to kuching !!!

  7. dolphins! ah, creatures more with more intellect than moi. thumbs up on the new layout!

  8. hey chloe,
    yeah dolphins are cool creatures. and glad that you like my layout !!

  9. Hey, I also got go Kayaking.. how come neber think of me..

    Your shots of dolphins are worst then mine.. But I beleive u hor..

  10. hey another robin,
    hah.. i wil, remember u wne i see someone kayaking next time..
    heh.. try photopraphing dolphins after sunset, see how you do...
    given the poor lighting conditions..
    if in broad daylight, different lar

  11. robin - you're ON! Call me when you're next in Kuching and we'll go Dolphins hunting! it's quite an experience to see and HEAR them up close on the waters!

  12. hey unker !!!
    Thanks !!! Now i have something to look forward to in Kuching !!!
    but i am afraid i will not be returning anytime soon. but if i do, i will sure find you !

  13. oo...i remember them dolphins there. when i went fishing near Jojo's, there were dolphins swimming up to us

  14. hey kristine,
    im going fishing soon !! woo hooooo...