Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Of Bloggers and Lunch

I know I have been complaining about being super busy with school work and all. Heck I have a thesis to write, and examinations are drawing near. There are assignments and projects with deadlines on due soon.... Have not had enough sleep, have not have proper meals, have not have sufficient pornographic time rests and entertainment for a while.... All in hope to do my best and give my all for this final, final semester that I am in now.

All I can sum up is.. STRESSSSSSSSS

Yet, suddenly something happened..

Over the wonderous online chatting machine called the MSN....

Cynthia: How are you Robin?
Robin: Stress like hell, busy with work....
Cynthia: Anyway, u free tomolo? Got lunch with the bloggers....
Robin: Freeeeeeeee... who where when and what?
Cynthia: Eh? Thought U busy with school work?
Robin: F*** school work... lets go to the details of the bloggers' lunch meet..
Cynthia: !!!!!!
Robin: What??
Cynthia: Like that also can??
Robin: Like that SURELY can one !!!!

In the midst of all those insanely busy schedule and overloaded work that never seem to have sufficient time to be comepleted.... I chose to go to the lunch meet. Call me insane. Critisize my time management skills. Say whatever you want. I just WANTED to go to he lunch meet. And so I travelled all the way down to South Perth and meet up with the Bloggers gang. We went to this cool place for lunch, and had some really cool food. We had wonderful chat and share good dose of laughters with everyone. It was like mini-meet-the-blogger-session !! It was asbolutely awesome... And I am truly glad I made it there !!

Introducing new cool awesome interesting dudes I have had the opportunity to know better in the lunch meet...

JON from http://www.drearyheavens.com/

Sweet young innocent Jon Ling.. another cool blogger I know in Perth !! Woo hoooo... the striking part about this fellow blogger and friend: He is not into soccer/football, he is not a big fan of cars/automobile, he owns a decent normal mobile phone, and not that crazy about mobile phones!! Why striking? I find myself having the exact same traits !! Gosh, though we may not know each other before the meet, but we do have so much in common !! It is rare to find people with such appealing similarities with me... oh ya... not to mention we are born in the same month.. December guys rocks !!

JAY Errr... not a blogger.. JON's Friend...

Cool guy.. tags along Jon.. we shall start our evil master plan to convert him into out religion, Blogging !! Aahahaa.. alright.. that is utterly silly and ridiculous.. As young and as innocent looking if not more than Jon himself... super smart guy in school.. one of the very limited editions of Kedah guys who are studying in Perth !! Dude... start a blog soon.. come to the dark side !!

And the same old brand new faces from previous blogger meets here (click) and here (click)....

CYNTHIA, CHARMAINE and MARCUS (not in picture below)

Again, it was Cynthia who organised the entire meet !! Thanks for inviting me this time... like usual, Cynthia was the talkative one... yacking yacking yacking... ahaha no it was actually not as bad as it sounded, much better actually !! It was because of her that the entire atmosphere was so lively and light.. Also, nice seeing Charmaine and Marcus too !! Ahh this lunch was just the right opportunity to get to know everyone better !! We bloggers must stick together, stand strong !! Soon we shall be strong enough to conquer the cyber space, and beyond ..... world domination....

Muahhaha muahaha muahahhaahahahahhahaa !!!

Alright.. I wrote those things out of pure STREEESSsss.

Oh, and the food was simply delicious... I had duck rice for lunch... Syokness.. havent had one for a while...

Ta daaa.. the group photo...

Marcus. Cynthia, Jon, Cynthia, Me me me me !!!!

I gotta admit, though it was just a simple lunch, it was a total blast for me!! I so need to have a break.. and this was the right timing and opportunity. Everything was well, until something went terribly wrong. The girls decided to turn cheeky and imaginative.... Check out Charmaine's blog (click).... see it for yourself.. seriously.. you guys gotta see what happened after lunch... Oh goodness what have they done to me....

Oh dear.. and I thought I was the only one being stressed out... its good to know I am not alone !! Add oil people, burn the extra flame, go the extra mile !!


  1. Advertisement:
    Name: Robin Wong
    Status: SINGLE
    Comment: Mr Nice Guy and not as gay as he protrays himself to be.

    I said i'd help charmaine and cynthia to advertise robin so where better to do so than in robinwong.blospot.com

  2. is this blog not an advertisement for myself?? LOL...
    thanks dude.. excluding the gay part ...

  3. Robin not gay??!! aiyah! wasted! lol!

  4. jon looks like a samseng kia in the first pic! (joking only wor jon!)

  5. Jon looks cute..

    ..r than the heading in his blog.

  6. when are you coming over to KL? wanna have mini bloggers meet with you also. teehee. then can promo u also in my blog. muahahaha. plus, Malaysia's duck rice better leh. you don't miss Malaysian food ar?

  7. it was supposed to be 3ppl..end up 7 ppl!!!

    holy moly!!! Thanks for coming down. Chill man.. you look streesed.


  8. hey wingz..
    arrrghhh. me look gay meh???

    hey wuching,
    yeah, jon is indeed adorable !!

    hey skyler,
    lets stalk his blog together !!

    hey cheng sim,
    i am afraid I cant confirm when I am going to Kl yet.. so many things uncertain at this stage..
    but u can be darn sure that if I go to KL i will contact you first !!
    Eh. honestly the duck rice here quite good wor...

  9. hey Cynthia,
    ahahaa do i look that stressed? goodness..
    thanks for inviting !!

  10. Lol, jia you, jia you. Glad we all met up; it was very good destressing.

  11. hey charmaine,
    thanks !! Yeah, pretty good destressing session there...

  12. OMG!!! wuching called me a samseng kid :cries: I tell my mommy!!!

  13. hey jon..
    aahhaa yeah.. wuching always had the weirdest ideas !!

  14. Oh yeah, how was Margaret River :D?

  15. hey jon,
    margaret river was fine... thanks for ya concern...

  16. I know the feeling of doing a thesis...it sucks sucks and sucks...and its always done when yer in ur final year which yer more busy than ever...but the feeling of finishing the thesis is one of the greatest feeling in my uni life...got A too..hehe
    all the best man

  17. hey rudster wudster,
    thanks for the words of encouragement.. i appreciate it...
    wahh u got an A for it.. syokness !! Wish i have one too.. kekekekkeee

  18. looks like fun, got lengzhai summore leh! just got back from a blogmeet too. =)

    "not as gay as he protrays himself to be."

    what? u're not?? =P heh. kidding.

  19. hey puteri gunung redang !!!
    Wow... how was the meet??? hmmmm...
    me gay meh?? gosh.....
    ahahaa we should all make a meet... if only I am back in malaysia... ahahhaaa...