Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yeah, it is Mother's Day. I am here in Perth. Most Beloved Mum is all the way back in Kuching. Honestly, I deeply miss my mum. I miss her cooking. I wish to be home, sitting on the sofa, chatting with her, accompanying her to do some shopping and having snacks at KFC, with her favourite potato wedges. I know inside me she misses me every single day, and it hurts me so damned much to just even bear the thought of that.

Mum has always been there for me. She listens, she talks to me. She is also one of the most patient, loving and kind person I have met so far in my 21 years of life. She has taught me to see the good in everything I do and in every person I meet. It is just too difficult living my life here without her presence.

I am now, a man (ok lar, maybe still a boy.. an ordinary boy that looks to the sky) shaped with unconditional love from a mother any child could ever asked for, and for that I feel truly fortunate and blessed. Through all those years, through the pain and suffering, through the good times, and sad moments, I am certain that the best gift I had so far in my life is my only one mother.

I learned this phrase somewhere..

the only thing that is stronger than the father's will is a mother's love...

I am not sure bout the rest of you, but if you do have a mother like mine, I can agree with that phrase for more than 100%. It just hurts me that I am unable to be there for her right now. I have a feeling I am needed. It just hurts so much when there is none I can do. I feel so powerless and helplessly hopeless.

All I can do now is pray.

I pray that God be with you always, mum.
I pray that you will always be in good health, and safe from any harm.
I pray that your love will continue to grow, and you will touch many other lives as you have touched mine so deeply.
I pray that you will not miss me so much, that God sends his spirit to guide you and fill your life with much joy and laughters.
I pray that you will always be strong, and wise no matter how difficult things can get.

Above all, I pray that I will become the man that you have always hoped to be, and I shall return to you as the person you will be proud of.

Now if you guys have too much time to kill, go to this link (click). It is the lyrics for the song "the saddest word" from Celine Dion. I do not know what, everytime the CD plays that song, I just skip it. It is a painful song, but truthful, and I just could not stop my tears listening to the powerful meaning of the words.


  1. dear bro, your prayer will come to pass...

    i'm so touch by your writting in this post, so touching, putting me in tears.. really..

    Happy Mother's Day to Robin's Mom

  2. hey carcar,
    thanks !! I really miss my mum.. ahaha.. guess anyone would after being away for so long..

  3. i saw a flash thingy where someone dedicated that celine dion song to mothers. it was just some stupid cartoon thingy, but it made me oh-so-sad.

  4. hey chloe,
    really? do you have the link to the flash website or something?? should be fun.. ahaha

  5. good to know that you are well...

    Moms are great, but you don't know how great until one becomes a parent!

    BUT, my mom is coming to town on Sunday! Hip, hip hooray....I don't have to be an ophan anymore...I can tell people I have a mom too! her off!

  6. hey chan gang,
    thats great !!! i guess u must miss your mum a lot, ahahaa...