Monday, May 08, 2006

Meet the bloggers @ Brew-Ha

I was getting extremely excited about this second bloggers meet I was attending. The first one was awesome, and I just could not wait to dive in this one. I got my huge heavy ass out of the house real early on Sunday morning, well after a brief tennis session, and lunch down in the city (ohh we had Japanese food for lunch) with Jerall, a friend from uni, I decided to head down to Subiaco early. Yeah, the bloggers meet this time was at this really really really really (alright I should stop my "really-ness") COOOOOOL place I have never tried before somewhere in Subiaco.

It is called Brew-Ha... a local cafe with a sense of style, if you ask me.

The entrance

The outside

Since I did not know the exact location of the place, I jot down the address of the place and just went along Rockeby Road in Subiaco, which was a pretty long stretch and hunted the place down myself. Hmmmphh... it was much more convenient not having a car back then, unlike Charmaine who seemed to be pretty lost finding her ways to the cafe. Ahahaaa.. walking is better in terms of spotting locations of hidden places, such as Brew-Ha !!

The interior

After going around much and snapping all those photos for a little while, Marcus and Cynthia turned out, and we decided to have outdoor seats. Soon after, people start popping out from no where and filling up the place with noise pollution loud chats and goosebump raising laughters mostly from Cynthia... Everyone just chatted about plainly everything, there was no central theme of discussion, we just yacked yacked yacked away, getting to know each other better and discovering the ups and downs of life. It is always sweet and meaningful to share part of out lives with people, and doing so in common blogging ground, brought out to real life meets is truly an amazing move.

Chatting and gossiping.. (oops, did I say gossiping??) over a glass of ice-chocolate with cream and ice-cream...was just.. fantastic..

Here is everyone.... mostly from the previous Blogger's Meet (click)

The sexy beautiful shining chicks of Perth blogosphere.... ta da...

Cynthia, from, the organizer

As noisy friendly and talkative as usual, the person that gets the conversation going, though our conversations were already going on endlessly. Too bad she was a little tired from the crazy parties she had in the past few nights, we wished you could have stayed a little longer to enjoy the rest of the session !!! Arrghhh.. next time stay with us longer ya?

Nadia, from

Oh my goodness, this is one cute adorable specimen of something we call, "lady". She is so graceful in her speeches, and yeah, her winning smile is always flashing non-stop !!! Thanks for driving me back, I know everyone is super tired after going around Perth for the whole afternoon stretching to late night !!! But it was superbly fun and thanks again !!!

Charmaine, from

Here is another blogger from the land of cats !!! Yes, she came from the same place as me, Kuching. Apparently I know a lot of people from her high school, oh well, the world is getting smaller anyway. Glad to finally have a chance to talk to Charmaine, since the previous meet-up with her at the PM's visit to Perth (click) was rather brief. Glad you could make it this time, would certainly want you to join us again for future gatherings !!!

Clara (errmm.. anonymous blogger??)

This is one of the most interesting person I have met so far. Never have I met a girl who would talk so much (yes, we talked and talked and talked non-stop) to me in the first meet-up !! She is a chilli mussel lover... too bad we didnt have any eh? Though she came from Singapore, but she bears a strong Australian accent. Our conversation started up a bit unworldly though.. like frequencies not matching up...

Clara: So, Robin, tell me about yourself...
Robin: Harr?? Myself? hmmm.. What do you want to know about me??
Clara: !!!!!
Robin: What???
Clara: You are not supposed to say that !
Robin: !!!!!

And here are the drop-dead gorgeous hunky males of the blogospehere.. ehem... (including me lar.. paiseh eh..)

Marcus, from

An awesome dude, owns an awesome car, and yeah, thanks to him we went to the awesome place "Little Creatures" in Fremantle (which I have never known of before this), right after Brew-Ha !! Too bad he had to leave early with Cynthia and Charmaine, since he was exhausted from the late night activities with Cynthia and gang.

Bruce (Nadia's lovey)

A superbly cool guy, very sporting and charming in a way. Seldom have I found myself talking to Australians so openly and up-close before !! We talked as if we were all already friends. I love that feeling. Bruce is a computer-smart guy.. unlike me who hates computer generally... and he made such a nice couple with Nadia !!!

Cheers for both of you !!

How do I find the meet this time you ask me?

Thanks for this picture !! Courtesy of Charmaine of course.... Nice shot !!

It was a total blast !! Bloggers are such nice beings, I am starting to really love being one myself. I am starting to see myself as a part fo something new, fresh and interestingly-exciting !! No, I have not finished yet. I mentioned that right after Brew-Ha in Subiaco we had a round 2 in Little-Creatures in Fremantle.... a 30 minutes drive away. Huh.. crawling from place to place... I shall blog about the Little-Creatures seperately, right after this entry.

Stay tuned folks !!


  1. "The sexy beautiful shining chicks of Perth blogosphere.... ta da..."

    Penny drops!!


  2. "And here are the drop-dead gorgeous hunky males of the blogospehere.. ehem..."

    ---> Marcus from

    Penny drops



    See you next time. Should be around winter break, after exam. My place, mostly. unless you have better suggestion. =)

  3. hey Cynthia...
    hahahahaaa... cool description eh?? fit u guys so well.. aheeemm aheemm..

    looking forward to meeting u all again !!

  4. Wah lan eh. Cannot sleep liao. Hahaha!

  5. hey Mooiness..
    like that meh?? ahhahaha.. good compliments marrr...ROTFL...

  6. I never been to the bloggers-meet. Well, just looking forward to the Miri bloggers meet at tne end of this month. Haha...hope it won't be that boring. :p

  7. hey kenjj...
    dun think it will be boring though.. for me it is always fun to meet new people !! And bloggers are cool cool cool people !!!

  8. wah! beatuiful place with a bunch of beautiful people! Awesome! like this post, you are good in photography, yes?

    Hi Robin, this is carcar. I'm Cynthia's good friend! Oppps, did i said good? hahaha...ya lah, cynthia intro me to this post, if i was in australia, for sure i will be joining you guys! Wahahaha....just kidding! I'm in Singapore now :P

    So, i shall look forward for your coming winter blogger's meet again :)


  9. Aww I feel so loved!! *big big cheesy smile*

  10. hey carcar...
    glad to have you here !!! Cynthia's "good" friend eh?? ahahhaa.. must thank her for introducing this place to u.
    Me ah?? still new in photograhpy.. definitely need a better camera, but no $$$ for now.. so have to stick with what I have for the time being...

    hey nadia,
    we are all loved !! ahahhaa...