Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kangaroo meat for dinner

I am not good in cooking, I do not really like cooking. Just because mummy is not here, and unlike certain kids who inherit so much wealth from the family that they can have shark fin soup for every dinner, I on the other hand, am at a very financially broken state. This means, cooking for myself is an inevitable option for obvious economical reasons. I do not hate the cooking part as much as I hate the cleaning up part after cooking though.

Earlier on I went down to the city, to Woolworths to be exact. I went there with one thing in mind. To buy the Kangaroo Meat. I planned to cook something unusual for dinner tonight. We have had enough shares of chicken, pork, beef and fish in our cookings. Why not try something uniquely Australia, like Kangaroo? Besides I have just recently found out that it is available in this supermarket that I usually go to, Woolworths, and the meat is selling at very reasonable price, ranging not too far from chicken or pork. This, certainly is something exotic and rare if not found in Malaysia.

This shall be my first attempt in blogging my own cooking and share aheeeemmm own created recipe. Inspired by Chin Kian (click) of course, who used to blog about the food he cooked himself. I am nowhere near that pro yet, just beginnning to have a hang of it, and of course, for something as special (special to me since my first time eating !) as Kangaroo meat.

Here goes my original... ahemmm recipe for my Kangaroo dish. I shall name this, Pan Fry Kangaroo meat with Onion. For those of you who hate onion, find a whole Big Onion, and shove it down your throat as quickly as you can, and I hope you choke to death.

The ingredients:
Kangaroo Meat
Half of a big onion

Sweet Soy Sauce,
Light Soy Suace (I use this in most of my cooking anyway)
Chicken stock, (so that the meat will taste like chicken)
White Pepper,
As much salt and ajimonoto as you want (so you can have hair loss as soon as possible)

and the secret (ok, not so secret lar) ... Chinese Cooking Wine.

Please do not come to me and ask the exact amount and proportions of the ingredients, I just add bit by bit, until it "feels" enough and right. I trusted my guts. It worked so far. How do I know it worked? Because no one complained bout my cooking up till now, it may not be finger licking good, but it is home-cooked with much love and tender care of an ordinary boy. Ok, that does not sound right, but lets go to the cooking part.

1) Dice the onions, and set aside. I like to have huge chunks of onions. Its just my preference.

2) Slice the meat into small pieces. How small? How big? Up to you. I prefer to slice them smaller, so I can stir fry easier in the small pan I have.

3) Add all the seasoning ingredients into the meat and stir them well. I usually spend time stirring the meat, so that the seasoning will be even. Leave the seasoned meat for some time, the longer the better, but I left it for only half an hour.

4) Heat the pan and add cooking oil. Pan fry the seasoned meat until the colors turned light brown. Considering that I sliced the meat thinly, I only fried the meat for less than two minutes in medium heat. Do not ask me how long it should take, it all depends on the quantity of the meat and the size of the thickness. Use common sense people, God gave you that for many reasons.

5) Remove the meat from the pan. Add more oil to the pan if necessary. Throw in the diced onioins and stir in low heat until light brown. (I washed the pan after removing the meat, and reheated it again with oil for the second frying session)

6) Pour in the cooked meat from earlier, and stir them well with the onions. Add more cooking wine if you want too.

7) Well, the dish is ready to be served. You may used girlish garnishing like cucumbers or carrots, which I think having another two boy housemates eating it would be entirely unnecessary. Of course, if girls are coming over to dine, I would make it more presentable.

Ta da.....

How does it look??

The reasons why I fry the meat twice:

While frying the meat from raw, I turned the heat to medium high, and have it a slighty near burned (not burned yet, just NEAR) to achieve the special bbq-ed/roasted taste in the meat. This is extremely dangerous and requires contant stirring, if you do not want you meat to turn into charcoal.

If I added the onion too early, not only will they get seriously burned in the end, but the crunch would be lost. I love my onions to be crunchy, so in the second frying session, the meat is already cooked, and once added to the onion, the stirring does not take long. Nothing will be burned, and onion is as crunchy as ever.

It may seem like a lot of work, but for me, it is necessary.

Of course, the Kangaroo meat is served with other dishes like Ommelette with crispy anchovies and Vegie soup to make the meal complete, simple dishes that everyone knows how to make.

This is my first time having Kangaroo meat, though I have been here in Australia for nearly 2 years now. It is still considered as an exotic and rare meal, though the reason why selling the meat is legal is mainly due to the over-population of kangaroos in this land. If we cant get rid of them, why don't we eat them? We are on top of the food chain after all. I have never really noticed the meat on sale bafore... and it beats chicken and beef anytime.

So, how did it taste like you ask me?

It is red meat, with less than 2% fat in it, so the meat is quite lean. I have sliced them thin enough, and it was tender enough since I did not overfry the meat. I would say, it tasted somehere in between of beef and pork, but much better !!! There is something unique in the taste that I could not describe, but yeah, basically one would think that it is beef, if not told that was Kangaroo meat.

I have come to the land of Kangaroos

I have seen Kangaroos with my own eyes.

I have touched the Kangaroos (no, nothing to do with beastiality)

And today, I have COOKED and EATEN Kangaroos...



  1. Oh dear...I never eat Kangaroo meat before. And you! Don't you leave Perth before I come. I must try your cookings! Gosh, those pics are making me starving right now...darn!

  2. hey kenjj.
    my cooking nothing special lar.. ahahahaa.... but sure waiting for u to come here !!

  3. OK. Next u can blog about Koala meat! That would be SOMETHING!!! ;)

    Bring some kangaroo meat when you come back or else NO KAYAKING!!! U hear??? heehee ;)

  4. wahahhaa got koala meat one mehhh???
    ahaahaa unker no worries, will bring back kangaroo meat for ya... but then remind me bout it worr when i do go back kuching..

  5. LOL... I had just posted a post saying that I hate onions and then I came here and saw that you love onions eheheh... wish me choke to death? ;p

  6. u sure put heaps of onions wif ur skippy! i don't like too much onions.

  7. hey irene,
    how can u hate onions?? arrghh

    hey wuching,
    too much meh? quite standard for me leh.. ahahahaa

  8. i still like them BBQed =P

    I haven't eaten them in ages....arghhh...and this whole week I'm going to be cooking, so tht'll be an interesting thing :)

  9. hey kristine,
    yeah, bbq would be much better.. thats why i pan fry with medium high heat, until it is near/slighty burned for the roasted taste..