Friday, May 19, 2006

HIllsongs United Live Conference in Perth !!

You have heard that title right, Hillsongs United Live (click) was performing live in Perth tonight, and I had the priviledege to attend the public conference at the Metro Church. For those of you who are non Christians, or Christians who do not know what or who those Hillsongs people are, well, honestly I do not know much about them as well. All I know is they all started as a Church called Hillsong in Australia and over the years they have expanded and became so huge that even a poor and lost boy like me from Kuching has heard of them. In fact, they have become so huge and successful that many people from Kuching, and from all over the places in the world has come to know Hillsongs, their work and mission, and of course, above all, their great worship songs.

Hillsongs and Hillsongs United Live have produced numerous albums, with hit singles that have topped the charts of radio hits across Australia. Their albums are made avaliable at local Christian Bookstores in Kuching, and I know of many friends who are overly obsessed with their music that they can listen to them repeatedly for 1000 times a day. I myself own some of their CDs in pirated format of course and have fallen in love with a few of their tracks. I am not overly crazy over them, heck I do not even know the names of the people in the group. But here they were in Perth, and performing live. So why not go and have a look-see?

Thanks to Ruthie (click) who drove me all the way to the Metro Church. This is my first time coming to Metro Church. We arrived at the place an hour earlier than the start time, and though the entrance was still shut, people from God Knows where were already lining up miles away. Just look at the line, scary I tell you !! Imagine all the people, standing there doing nothing, probably talking cock with their buddies for over a dreadful long hour, just in hope to get better seats !!

Once the door was opened, people rushed in like there was free cash giveaways in the hall. Stepping inside, most of the good spots were already taken, leaving far rear seats, and I sat at the second row from the back of the hall. Pathetic position for photography and video shooting if you ask me, but we just had to make do with what was best at the given situation, complain less and rather enjoy the moment as we could. In no time, the whole place was fully jammed. There were 4 seperate halls for the audience, the balcony above our level, the lower level below us, a small chappel room adjacent to our floor and of course, our own ground level. Yet, we were told that there were not less than 150 people waiting outside since all the seats in the house were fully taken. Poor souls... you cant possibly expect to even compete with people like us who stood for over one hour waiting !!!! Ohh no..

Sorry bout the poor qualities of the pictures. I was standing at the very poor position.

Once the band and groups of performers have taken their respective postitions, the concert was started with a very upbeat track: Salvation Is Here, followed by my long time favourite: One Way !! Check out the short video clip below:

One Way

Truthfully, I am not a big fan of the idea of praise and worship in church. But hey, this is a night of performance, a public worship session, a concert of world-famous aclaimed artists, Hillsongs !! the entire night was devoted to only worship session, hardcore worship and prayers, with no preachings and boring talks whatsoever. Purely heavy worship, from beginning to the end.

Having heard their songs from CDs and cassettes over the years, this was my first time watching the performance live. I gotta admit, the experience was truly awesome and absolutely out-of-the-ordinary. What you felt and sensed from the worship songs in the CD, are portrayed in an even more realistic and true to the heart feelings in this live worship session !!! I do not know how to descirbe this fully, but if you want an analogy, lets just say listening to the CDs of Linkin Park or Mariah Carey would not be as enjoyable as watching their performance live !!!

The songs and words were already familiar to many, and the way the performers bring out the meaning and power in the music was really praise-worthy. Everyone seemed to be really immersed deeply into the worship, and surely the vocal and music touched every soul. It was a live worship experience.

Here I am to Worship

This song, "Here I am to worhip" has been my favourite song for so many many many years !!! Having the chance to hear it performed live, ohh Gosh... this was just truly amazing.

Somewhere after 5-6 songs, the concert took a pause and the speaker of the night took over the stage. He brainwashed the audience by showing pictures of poor kids suffering in God knows what forbidden land, and people dying in those places. I could not recall excatly what the entire thing was, but it has something to do with Genocide and scary things like poeple dying every minute. Alright, I admit I was not paying attention, since I had a very long day, waking up early for lectures and doing my school work for the entire day. The interesting part was, the brainwashing session was so successful that the speaker managed to enter and control many minds present, and made them willingly sacrificed their own money for the charity thingy. The total collection of donations for the night was approximately near AUD40000. Ouch... Hah, this shows how filthy and stinking rich generous and kind hearted people in Western Australia can be.

After the brainwashing session, the worship continued. The final song performed was rather upbeat and full of life. Take it all, a song that raises the urge to jump up and down wildly in everyone, and giving a sense of much hope and inspiring reasons to live our lives. Bad choice as an end song. Once the song ended, as the lead performers were giving their closing words, the crowd kept chanting ONE MORE !! ONE MORE !! ONE MORE !!!

King Of Majesty

And United-Live stayed a while longer, accepting the request of the audience !!!! I could not believe how generous they were, and the bonus performace track was none other than "King Of Majesty". Another up-beat super lively song, which was even extended to satisfy the ever hungry for worship Christians there !!! I believed every one was fully satisfied with the overall performance, well, what more can one ask for, we have got one extra song already !!

And the best part of all, the concert was absolutely FREE !! You got that right, Hillsongs-United Live conference in Perth was freee.. and I was there !! Woo hoooooo....

Side note: Happy Birthday Chun Chow (click) !! Yeap, thats the guy who took the awesome picture of me looking to the sky with the sea landscape background. That picture was truly awesome, all thanks to Chun Chow. Dude, wish I was there celebrating your birthday !! Arrghhh.... I am so far away..


  1. You are lucky man! How I wish I was there.. hum..

    Here I Am To Worship and King of Majesty are my fav ones too.

    I love Hillsongs :)

  2. hey she's jess,
    ahahhaa, yeah, its not everyday hillsongs would come here and perform for free !! It waa totally awesome !!

  3. Eh, I thought it was for some Rwanda charity thing, coz that's what I heard on the radio. :p Haha, wish I wasn't too tired to go.

  4. hey cynical-idealist,
    yeah it is the Rwanda thingy.. ahahhaaa..
    ahh u should have come !! i was super tired too but i went anyway, its worth it !!

  5. i love it i love it! i love hillsong! i love this post!

    muacks muacks hug hug!!


    thanks for the beautiful photo, and video clip. but it kept on jerking, not so smooth in playing leh.... make me so kan chiong! hahaha..

    how nice to listen to them live ya! you are blessed leh :P

    *God bless*

  6. hey carcar !!
    Thanks thanks so much !! Im glad you love it !!! Hillsongs were super awesome that night !!!
    the videos not smooth isit?? you tubes fault leh... sigh...